Fury Towards The Burning Heaven

Chapter 1098 - If I’m not a Crazy Fiend, I would not Live

Chapter 1098: If I’m not a Crazy Fiend, I would not Live

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This was a group of bat-like monsters. However, they were huge and almost the size of dragons and elephants. Their auras were like that of the lowest-grade Demon Sovereign, extremely terrifying. The terrorizing aura that emanated from them could scare to death the weak-hearted. Their red eyes were like two cycles of the moon, menacing and sinister just like ferocious ghosts.

“These are illusionary beasts or real monsters?”

Jiang Yi’s heart skipped a beat, but he still managed to retreat furiously. At the same time, he used one hand to release the astral winds, forming ten astral wind blades that chopped forward towards the monsters.

Tsk! Tsk!

The near-hundred bat-like monsters that were flying to him attacked simultaneously. From their mouths shot out black small arrows. The attack was like a shower of rain, with the speed too fast for Jiang Yi to try and hide.

Bang, bang, bang!

The astral wind blades roared forth as one by one the bat-like monsters’ bodies exploded, becoming blood mist floating in the air. The monsters’ cries rang out in all directions, with the echo unrelenting. One of the monsters had its wings sliced and had crashed heavily onto the ground, triggering a tremor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Many black small arrows fell on Jiang Yi’s Astral Winds Divine Shield, releasing crisp sounds as they landed. Jiang Yi’s body was sent flying. He felt that the energy of his Astral Winds Divine Shield was dissipating quickly; the black small arrows’ power was actually as strong as a three-star martial expert’s attack.

“They are real demonic beasts.”

Jiang Yi’s face became very serious. If they were illusions, he could ignore them and head straight for the stone door. However, if they were real, things would become troublesome. At this time, the stone door was still spewing more of the bat-like monsters; there seemed to be no end to them.

Only close to a hundred demonic beasts had attacked him just now. If it were a thousand demonic beasts, his Astral Winds Divine Shield would definitely not be able to hold. His body would also be pierced like a hornet’s nest.

What made Jiang Yi relax a little was that now that he had retreated a few thousand feet, the demonic beasts that flew out did not pursue him. They were just circling the stone door as if prepared to die defending the entrance. If Jiang Yi dashed into the entrance, he would definitely be torn into pieces.

Tsk! Tsk!

There were thirty-odd bat-like monsters that were pursuing him. Jiang Yi could only retreat as he killed them. He looked at the ground filled with carcasses and stained with black blood. He could smell the stench in the air as he looked at the mass of monsters in front of him. Jiang Yi’s face grew darker and darker.

That should be the entrance. However, it was obvious that at least tens of thousands of demonic beasts were in front of him. If he tried to force his way in, he would not be able to survive. However, if he didn’t try that, he would not be able to enter the Mystic Divine Palace at all. If so, Jiang Yi wouldn’t be able to retrieve the sacred treasure of the Heaven Hidden Sect, the Glazed Pagoda—much less obtain the Mystic Divine Palace.

“Let’s try and see if they could be lured over and killed slowly!”

Jiang Yi hesitated for a second and then decided to give it a try. He slowly neared the entrance, watching the sky that was covered by the monsters, silently panic-stricken. He also slowed down his footsteps. When he neared a few thousand feet, two hundred over bat-like demonic beasts were lured by him. They became black streaks of lightning and shot towards him.

“That’s good!”

Jiang Yi was overjoyed. So long as the rest of the demonic beasts did not come altogether, he could divide and conquer, killing them slowly. No matter how many there were, he could kill all of them, right?

The ten astral wind blades that he had already prepared flew by as two hundred over black, sharp arrows were shot towards him. Many sharp arrows were locked on to Jiang Yi; their speed was so fast that he didn’t even have the time to hide.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


The black and sharp arrows rang out as they hit Jiang Yi’s Astral Winds Divine Shield the same time the monsters started to cry out in pain. Though these monsters’ attacks were deadly, their defenses were only normal. As the ten astral wind blades flew by, they easily wiped the monsters out. Jiang Yi’s body was also knocked back a few hundred feet while his Astral Winds Divine Shield’s energy had been reduced by half.


Jiang Yi acted as if he had seen the light. His body once again bolted forward as he continued to attract the bat-like monsters to come and kill him.

Once, twice, ten times, a hundred times!

Jiang Yi attacked incessantly as if not knowing what tiredness was. His surroundings were soon littered with the carcasses of the bat-like monsters while their black blood had dyed tens of thousands of feet of ground a dark red. The stench enveloped the surroundings and made one want to puke. The sky lit the place up in an eerie manner; if the current scene was witnessed by any ordinary civilians, they would definitely be scared to death.

One day, two days… three days!

Jiang Yi killed for consecutively five days; he didn’t even remember how many bat-like monsters he had killed. Both his body and his soul spirit were extremely tired. However, as he saw that the number of bat-like monsters had decreased, that gave him some motivation. As long as he entered the entrance, he would be in the Mystic Divine Palace.

“He! He!”

After killing yet another batch of bat-like monsters, Jiang Yi stopped to rest. He was huffing and puffing, looking at the monsters that were circling the entrance. He cracked open a smile. There were no more than two thousand monsters left; he should be able to finish them off in half a day.


After Jiang Yi had rested for five minutes, he once again dashed forward. However, after merely a thousand feet, he quickly stopped. His eyes were filled with astonishment and fear as he retreated rapidly as fast as he could. He shouted, “Bastard, can one really pass A Golden Millet Dream?”

The entrance had flashed again, and countless bats flew out; it seemed as if there was no end to them. There were at least tens of thousands of them. That was not the main point. The point was that—within the mass of bats, there were three who were huge. They were bat princes with terrifying auras.

The auras of the three bat princes made Jiang Yi feel that they were at least as strong as the Black Deity; in other words, the three were as strong as seven- or eight-star Demigod martial experts.

However many bats there were, there would be a day when they could all be killed. However, facing bat princes that rivaled seven-star—eight-star Demigod martial experts were not something that Jiang Yi could do. He could not kill them as he knew that as soon as he got close, he would instantly be killed.

“Damn, damn, damn!”

Jiang Yi retreated tens of thousands of feet, made sure that there were no bats following him, waved both his hands, and shouted out loud three times. A Golden Millet Dream was too perverse. No one could go past this stage. Even if She Fei and Zhan Tianlei were here, they could only stare and do nothing, right?

“If I wasn’t a human, could I pass through? Wait that’s not right—”

Jiang Yi suddenly whacked his head and felt that something was not right. If humans could not pass by A Golden Millet Dream, why did Yin Ruobing say that the last time, more than a hundred people had passed this third stage?

“A Golden Millet Dream should not be dangerous. Even if one was trapped in an illusion zone, that person would be teleported down the mountain once things were over!”

Thinking about what Yin Ruobing had said, Jiang Yi suddenly thought of something. Could it be that everything he was seeing was fake? This was actually an illusion zone? However… the bat-like demonic beasts were so realistic while their attacks could also knock him backward. Even the stench coming from the dark red bloodstains on the ground were still wafting by. How could all these be fake?

“For this stage, you must remember one word. Then, your chances of passing this stage will be very high. That word is—illusion!”

Yi Chan’s words resounded in Jiang Yi’s mind. Those words were from the Buddha Thearch himself. Jiang Yi ruminated on this for a second and finally gritted his teeth and decided to risk it all. The Nine Thearch Clans would not have false records, and Yin Ruobing and Yi Chan wouldn’t lie to him!

“Risk it!”

Jiang Yi’s body rushed forward like a sharp sword while he withdrew his Astral Winds Divine Shield. He did not care about anything as he closed his eyes and ran straight for the entrance. Even if he was killed by these bat-like monsters, he was resigned to his fate.

If he didn’t clear this A Golden Millet Dream stage, he would not be able to enter the Mystic Divine Palace. He would not be able to obtain the Glazed Pagoda, much less the Mystic Divine Palace. Jiang Yi was never a person who feared death. Once he had set his mind on something, he would not think of the consequences. He was going to risk it this time.

If I’m not a crazy fiend, I would not live!

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