Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Surfaced

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It only took more than half an hour for the other party to send a message.

All of Chen Yang’s basic information was consistent with Yu Jianhao’s previous understanding. There was no discrepancy.

There was only one thing that seemed out of the ordinary.

Three years ago, Chen Yang suddenly received a transfer of over a million yuan to his bank.

The account that transferred the money to him was confirmed after investigation. It was done by a person who had fraudulently misappropriated another person’s account.

In other words, the other party was intentionally concealing his identity to avoid investigation.

At that time three years ago, Chen Yang happened to gain Yu Jianhao’s trust. He was promoted from an ordinary driver in the company to become the chairman’s personal driver and bodyguard.

At such a crucial time, he had received a huge sum of money from an unknown source. Even a three-year-old child would not believe that there was no fishy secret behind it.

Yu Jianhao had to admit that Lin Bai was right. There was indeed something wrong with Chen Yang.

There was a big problem.

“Continue to investigate!”

“Not only Chen Yang himself, but also all his relatives and friends. Investigate everyone who has dealings with him!”

Yu Jianhao made up his mind to investigate to the end.

He absolutely could not leave a threat by his side.

This time, Yu Jianhao’s confidant spent an entire week to investigate all the people close to Chen Yang.

The results were shocking.

Although Chen Yang himself did not have any dealings with the Wang family on the surface, he had a cousin who was very close to him and worked in the Wang family’s financial corporation.

What was interesting was that his cousin had worked in the Wang Group for seven to eight years and had always been a little invisible.

It wasn’t until three years ago that he started to be valued for no reason. He was promoted all the way to a position with a higher salary and his promotion speed was comparable to a rocket.

Not long ago, his cousin had spent a lot of money in the bar and got a beautiful woman.

And the woman he was pursuing was Yu Jinmo’s best friend, Zhang Li.

She was also the mastermind behind the trap that led Yu Jinmo into danger.

Not only that, he had also gotten to know the three kidnappers who kidnapped Yu Jinmo through various means.

He had also transferred huge amounts of money to them.

The amount of money transferred was a huge sum.

It was not an amount that he could afford.

The answer was obvious.

Just as Lin Bai said, the Wang family had always treated the Yu family as an enemy.

They had no intention of forming an alliance. They only wanted to find a chance to completely destroy the Yu family.

In the past two years, the Yu family had suffered a series of setbacks in their business. It was probably related to Chen Yang’s tip-off.

As for Yu Jinmo’s almost kidnapping, the Wang family was also behind it.

Looking at the mountain of iron evidence in front of him, Yu Jianhao’s expression was terrifyingly dark.

His confidant asked carefully.

“Chairman, should we call the police?”

Chen Yang’s actions were enough to constitute espionage.

In addition, it was highly likely that he had participated in the planning of Yu Jinmo’s kidnapping. These crimes combined were enough to make him spend the rest of his life in prison.

Yu Jianhao pondered for a long time before saying, “Let’s not alert the enemy yet.”

A mere Chen Yang was not worth mentioning.

However, if they were to touch him now, it would be the same as telling the Wang family that he already knew all of their methods.

Then, it would be inevitable for them to shed all pretenses of cordiality and compete directly.

Yu Jianhao was not afraid of them. It was just that this matter involved too much. If they were to act rashly, it would not be beneficial to him or the company.

He had to consider for the long-term.

Yu Jianhao temporarily put Chen Yang’s incriminating evidence aside.

“Have you looked into that Lin Bai I asked you to look into?” He asked.

His confidant replied, “I have. He and Miss Yu are classmates. His reputation in school is quite good.”

“His parents are ordinary employees. Their family background is average. Their immediate blood relatives within three generations have no criminal records, and they don’t have any bad habits.”

“He himself has always been focused on his studies. He doesn’t have any bad behavioral records, nor does he have any messy romantic relationships.”

“This is his detailed information. Chairman, please take a look.”

Yu Jianhao took the information and read it carefully.

It was indeed as his confidant had said. Lin Bai himself and his parents and relatives were all innocent and honest people. There was nothing wrong with them.

Even Lin Bai’s friends were mostly people with good grades.

A few of them were just average students. At most, they played games and didn’t even go to nightclubs.

As for their personal relationships, these friends were like Lin Bai. They didn’t have any ambiguous relationships.

Yu Jianhao was very satisfied with this.

“Birds of a feather flock together. His family and friends are all so honest. I think he won’t turn bad in the future.”

Based on Lin Bai’s current social situation, he didn’t have any channels to get in touch with those scheming men who would set up traps for rich girls.

Given Lin Bai’s personality, even if he did get in touch with them, he wouldn’t have a deep relationship with them, nor would he collude with them.

After making this judgment, Yu Jianhao took the initiative to look for Lin Bai.

“Lin Bai, do you have time?

Let’s have a cup of coffee and chat.”

Yu Jianhao took the initiative to invite him.

Lin Bai thought that since Yu Jianhao could come to the school and wait for him to finish class, he must have investigated and knew that what he said before was right.

Moreover, Yu Jianhao’s attitude was very amiable and was no longer as hostile as before.

In that case, Lin Bai had no reason to refuse to communicate.

After all, the other party was Yu Jinmo’s father. It was better not to make the relationship too strained.

Thinking of this, Lin Bai immediately put on a smile and said, “Sure, Uncle, you can decide on the location.”

The two of them went to a high-end coffee shop near the school.

The interior of the shop was beautifully decorated, and it was extremely private.

Yu Jianhao went straight to the point.

“I’ve sent people to investigate. Chen Yang is indeed colluding with the Wang family, and he has secretly ruined several big business deals of the Yu Corporation. Moreover, Jinmo’s kidnapping is also related to him.”

Lin Bai listened calmly. All of this was within his expectations.

There was no way that the system’s God-level Human Detection Skill could be wrong.

Yu Jianhao asked, “I’m very curious. How did you find out that there was something wrong with Chen Yang?”

Chen Yang had been by his side for several years, but he had never noticed anything unusual before.

Lin Bai had only met Chen Yang once, and he was already certain that there was something wrong with Chen Yang. This made Yu Jianhao very curious.

Lin Bai smiled and said, “I guessed. Do you believe me?”


Yu Jianhao was speechless.

Even a three-year-old wouldn’t believe such a reason, right?

“Did Jinmo tell you something?”

He could only use his own method to make a reasonable guess.

Lin Bai shook his head and said, “Before the accident, Jinmo never told me about her identity. Of course, she didn’t tell me anything about your company.”

“Besides, Jinmo is still in school. She probably doesn’t know about the internal affairs of the company, so how could she have told me?”

Yu Jianhao thought about it and felt that it made sense.

Therefore, he was even more curious.

“Then how did you find out that there’s something wrong with Chen Yang?”

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