Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: New Opportunities

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Hence, after thinking about it, Lin Bai decided not to talk about it for the time being.

Once he has made some achievements, he would tell them about it bit by bit.

To know that his son was successful and able to continue making big money would be more gratifying than a sudden windfall.

It would also be more reassuring.

Lin Bai found an opportunity and tentatively said, “Dad, Mom, I want to try to start a business.”

His father immediately objected.

“You’re still a student now. Studying hard and getting good grades is more important than anything else.”

“Learn all the knowledge in your major first. When you graduate in the future, whether you want to start your own business or go to work in the company, it’s up to you.”

“But now is definitely not the time. Your mother and I won’t support it.”

“Don’t let your imagination run wild. Dad isn’t old yet, I can still provide for you and the family.”

“Just focus on your studies. You don’t have to worry about money.”

After saying that, his father switched the TV channel and continued to watch the news with great interest.

In fact, he used this method to directly end the topic and not give Lin Bai the chance to continue.

He had switched to the international news channel. The host was reporting news about cryptocurrency.

His mother watched it for a while and could not wrap her head around it.

“What’s cryptocurrency? It can’t be seen or touched. How can something intangible be so expensive?”

“What if your computer gets infected by a virus one day? Wouldn’t all the cryptocurrency be gone?”

His father said, “They all have encryption technology. How can they allow hackers to steal the cryptocurrency so easily?”

“Besides, so many rich people are buying it. Even the richest man in S city has bought it. Are they all idiots?”

“If it’s really risky, it wouldn’t be so popular.”

“Since this thing is popular, it must be profitable. Otherwise, why is everyone wasting their time?”

His mother saw that his father seemed a little tempted and quickly said, “Don’t touch this thing! With our financial situation, we can’t afford such a high-risk thing!”

Lin Bai was about to express his opinion when he suddenly heard his phone ring.

It was the news notification sound unique to the Future News app.

He quickly took out his phone to check the news.

The app displayed two pieces of news at once.

[The richest person in S city has encountered a malicious blockchain dealer RadarCoin currency trading scam. His paper capital has shrunk by 500 million yuan, and someone else is probably going to replace him as the richest person!]

[Elon Musk has posted on Twitter that he has forcefully pulled up the Dogecoin. The market value of Dogecoin is ranked fourth in the cryptocurrency. Its price has increased by 100 times!]

Lin Bai could not help but frown.

‘Isn’t the richest man in S City mentioned in the first news article Yu Jinmo’s father, Yu Jianhao?’

‘His funds had suddenly shrunk by so much. It would definitely cause a chain reaction.’

‘Seems like I should find an opportunity to remind him.’

As for whether Yu Jianhao believed him or not, that was his business.

However, he had to at least remind him. After all, he was Yu Jingmo’s father, and he couldn’t just stand by and watch him suffer.

As for the second piece of news…

It was a good opportunity to raise his status.

Lin Bai recalled that Luo Yang seemed to be hyping up this cryptocurrency.

And according to him, he was especially good at mingling in groups. Basically, he added almost everything that was related to cryptocurrencies, whether it was their chat group or the Weibo groups.

Moreover, he was doing quite well in the group.

He seemed to have started betting on this since high school. One of the most profitable types was called RadarCoin.

Although the increase couldn’t be compared to those in the news, it still earned him a small amount of money.

That amount of money might not be considered much in the eyes of the public, but in the student community, it was enough to make him a somewhat famous “God of Cryptocurrency”.

There were even people who wanted to pay him to be his apprentice. Some even begged him to teach them investment techniques!

However, given his friendship with Luo Yang, he definitely didn’t need to pay to be his disciple. At most, he would only be rewarded with a cup of milk tea.

In the blink of an eye, it was Sunday. Lin Bai accompanied his parents to have dinner together and then set off to return to school.

On his way back, he bought two cups of milk tea at the school gate, carried them back to the dormitory, and gave one of the cups to Luo Yang.

“How exactly did you invest in that Cryptocurrency? Can you teach me?” Lin Bai said.

Luo Yang sucked on the milk tea and said without thinking, “Sure! Come, come, join the group first. I’ll take you to greater heights!”

As he said that, he added Lin Bai to all kinds of cryptocurrency exchange groups.

Lin Bai looked at the list on the chat app and was almost dumbfounded.

‘Damn it, more than 50 groups!’

‘This guy really knows how to mingle!’

Luo Yang said, “There are quite a lot of experts hidden in these groups, but they are all mysterious and rarely show up.”

“You should first greet everyone and get familiar with them.”

“Also, the information in the group documents are all related to cryptocurrencies. Remember to download and read more.”

“There are too many and too many related knowledge. If I were to tell you all of them, it would take a long time, and it wouldn’t be systematic.”

“You should read it on your own first. If there’s anything you don’t understand anything, come and ask me. I’ll tell you more.”

Lin Bai didn’t expect Luo Yang to teach him everything down to the finest detail. It was already good enough that he could point out the direction for him so that he wouldn’t take the wrong path.

Learning was something that ultimately depended on oneself.

“Okay, I’ll socialize and learn alongside everyone first. I’ll ask you if I encounter anything that I don’t understand.”

Luo Yang was very high-profile in a group called the “chat group of cryptocurrency lovers” All the members of the QQ Group sent a message.

“The one who just joined is my close friend, please take care of him.”

Hence, the chat group instantly flooded with messages.

“Welcome, rookie!”

“Welcome, Welcome!”

“Rookie, post some photos of yourself!”

All sorts of welcome messages flooded in.

Lin Bai quickly greeted everyone, “Hello Everyone, I’m still a noob, I don’t know anything, please give me some pointers.”

Immediately, someone said, “You and God Luo are good brothers, why do you need us to advise you? With him personally teaching you, in a few days, we will be begging you to teach us the tricks!”

“That’s right, with God Luo around, there’s no need for us.

“God Luo, do you still need a buddy!?!”

“God Luo, I’m begging for guidance, I’ll get on my knees!”

“God Luo, what do you think of the future trend of the radar currency? Will it continue to rise?”

“God Luo, I listened to you and invested all my money into RadarCoin. As expected, I earned quite a lot. Should I continue to hold it or close my position?”

The “God Luo” that everyone was referring to was naturally Luo Yang, who had been conferred the title of “God of cryptocurrency investments.”.

Their enthusiasm for Luo Yang was far greater than Lin Bai’s.

Apart from a small number of young people, the members of this group were basically all middle-aged men and women who used to dabble in the stock market.

In the past, when the stock market was booming, they chased after the rising and falling of the stock market. Now that cryptocurrencies have been famous for a while, they all flocked in.

However, among them, there were not many who actually earned money.

Therefore, in their eyes, Luo Yang’s level was already that of a god.

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