Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: All In

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“Even if it’s not cryptocurrency but something else, there’s an unlimited supply of it everywhere. Can the price go up?”

“Ever since Dogecoin appeared, the price has been very stable and low. It has never risen.”

“It’s impossible for it to rise in the future. It will only fall lower and lower!”

“If you’re rich, don’t expect to earn money, and are just investing for fun, I won’t stop you from buying anything.”

“But you’re not! We’re just from an ordinary family, we don’t have that much money to squander. Think carefully before investing!”

“Don’t dabble in Dogecoin or you’ll lose all you have!”

After complaining, Luo Yang gave his suggestion.

“If you believe me, buy RadarCoin. Although the increase isn’t big, it’s steady.”

“And you know, I earned my first bucket of gold with RadarCoin.”

“Many of the group members also bought RadarCoin under my recommendation, and they all earned money.”

“So you should also buy radar coins! We’re friends, I won’t lie to you!”

The other people in the group also echoed.

“Exactly, even God Luo said that the price of Dogecoin can’t go up. That means it can’t go up.”

“Instead of investing money in trash like Dogecoin, it’s better to buy RadarCoin. Although it may not let you earn much, there’ll still be profit!”

“Young man, don’t be arrogant. There are so many of us, how can we all be wrong?”

“Listen to the advice of others and you can eat your fill. You should listen to God Luo and buy RadarCoin!”

Everyone spoke one after another. Many of the group members who usually did not speak much also spoke up to lecture Lin Bai.

Gradually, the main topic of discussion among the group members changed from persuading Lin Bai to give up Dogecoin to accusing him of being young and arrogant.

If it was just simple persuasion, then Lin Bai could still accept it.

That way, even if what everyone said was wrong, at least the motive was still good.

However, he couldn’t accept it if they were accusing him of being self-righteous.

Initially, he wanted to explain nicely and at the same time help everyone buy some, but now it seemed that there was no need at all. Lin Bai didn’t say a word.

He silently closed the group chat and directly logged into the trading platform to buy a large amount of Dogecoins.

After buying, he sent a screenshot to the group.

There was a sentence attached: “I just think that Dogecoin will rise. I’ll bet everything on it. If I lose, I’ll admit defeat.”

When Luo Yang saw the screenshot sent by Lin Bai, he could not help but shout, “F*ck! Is this kid crazy?!”

When he opened the screenshot and saw the amount on it clearly, he was shocked speechless.

At this moment, Luo Yang only had one sentence in his mind.

“Where did this kid get so much money?!”

He couldn’t even believe his eyes.

He had lived in the same dorm for a long time but he had never seen Lin Bai use anything expensive. All of his clothes, food, and accommodation were extremely ordinary.

That was why he thought that Lin Bai was like him, a child from an ordinary family.

However, Lin Bai had now suddenly spent a few million yuan on Dogecoin, which immediately made him doubt his previous judgment.

‘Could it be that I was wrong in the past and Lin Bai is not a child from an ordinary family, but a low-key rich second generation heir?’

Looking at the picture on his phone, Luo Yang’s mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts but he could not tell what it felt like.

The person that he had thought was similar to him actually suddenly became a rich man’s son. The difference between them was really hard to describe.

The other people in the group were also stunned by Lin Bai’s actions.

The entire group was silent for a full five minutes before someone started to send messages again.

The first person to speak up was actually the person who usually didn’t speak much to Lin Bai.

“Everyone has been trying to persuade you for so long, but you haven’t taken a single piece of advice.”

“Besides, it’s one thing to buy it, but to spend so much money all at once… Aren’t you going to let your parents down?”

“No matter how well-off your family is, the money was earned by your parents through hard work, not by a windfall. How can you waste it like this!”

“If my daughter was such a spendthrift, I would have broken her legs!”

It was obvious that “Prosperity” was really angry. That was why he rebuked Lin Bai with such a long speech.

The others followed suit.

“You child, this is not how you should squander money!”

“If your parents knew that you spent their hard-earned money on that kind of trash, they would definitely be angered to death by you!”

“If you were my child, I would definitely beat you to death!”

Other than these accusations, there were also some relatively gentle persuasions.

For example, “Rolling Clouds”, who often chatted with Lin Bai, spoke very gently.

He advised Lin Bai, “I know you’re just venting your anger, but you can’t waste your parents’ money like this. Hurry up and sell it before the price fluctuates!”

“Tranquil Goes A Long Way” also said, “Right, sell it now! If you sell it now, you’ll only lose a part of the service fee at most. You won’t lose everything.”

“Talk to your parents later. They probably won’t blame you too much.”

“Since you can afford so much money at one go, your family must be very well-off. Your family can also afford the loss of the service fee.”

“Hurry up and stop your losses! Don’t wait for the price to fall, or you’ll lose even more!”

The earnest persuasion of these few people made Lin Bai’s mood slightly better.

At least, these people truly cared about him, and did not stand high and mighty and blindly criticize him.

He made a special message to “Rolling Clouds” and “Tranquil Goes A Long Way” replied, “This money is mine. Even if I lose all of it, I can still bear it.”

“And I believe in my own judgment. Dogecoin will definitely rise.”

“Tranquil Goes A Long Way” said in disappointment, “You child, why are you so stubborn!”

Lin Bai smiled faintly and replied, “I made my own choice. I will bear the loss at my own expense. Thank you for your persuasion, but I will not sell.”

Rolling Clouds: “You!”

Tranquil Goes A Long Way: “If I can’t persuade you, then go ahead! If you lose, don’t be too upset!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Lin Bai only chatted with the two of them, ignoring everyone else in the group.

This made the others extremely unhappy.

They criticized even harder.

“You don’t know what investment is at all, it’s completely reckless!”

“How can you put all your eggs in one basket? You don’t even have the most basic sense of risk aversion, why are you still playing cryptocurrency? Go back and make up for it!”

“You can’t even stand getting scolded.. When you’re feeling it, you choose to go all in in the spur of the moment. A person like you is still thinking of making money through cryptocurrency?”

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