Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Sucking Up

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“F * ck!”

Luo Yang was so shocked that he quickly checked the price of RadarCoin. He realized that it had indeed plunged terribly.

The price had directly dropped to zero. If he had not listened to Lin Bai and sold RadarCoin in advance, he would probably have lost everything by now.

“Oh my God! Lin Bai, you’re too amazing!”

Luo Yang looked at Lin Bai in shock and reverence. He simply did not know how to express his gratitude.

“Fortunately, you reminded me in time. Otherwise, I would have lost my life this time! Lin Bai, you are really a great friend. Thank you so much!”

Lin Bai said lightly, “It’s just a sentence. It’s also because you trust me that you could avoid this crash.”

Luo Yang said, “I won’t say anything else. If you need me in the future, just let me know!”

“I won’t refuse even if it’s a Herculean task!”

Lin Bai was amused by him.

“Don’t exaggerate. We’re best buddies.”

The collapse of the RadarCoin was within Lin Bai’s expectations.

This was because RadarCoin was pure MLM trash crypto. It was only a matter of time before it crashed.

Luo Yang went to the group again. As expected, the topic of discussion in the group had become the collapse of RadarCoin.

Many people who had bought RadarCoin were wailing in the group chat, saying how much they had lost.

There were also many people who asked Luo Yang what to do.

Reason being Luo Yang had the largest amount of RadarCoin in the group chat, he had also been recommending RadarCoin to everyone.

Luo Yang hesitated for a moment, but decided to tell the truth.

“All the RadarCoin in my hands was sold half an hour ago, so I didn’t lose money.”

“Lin Bai was the one who reminded me to sell them.”

When they saw this, the group members instantly wailed.

“Why didn’t God Lin remind us? We lost a lot of money.”

“Dogecoin. I wanted to quickly earn back the money, so I bought RadarCoin again. In the end, it crashed before I could even get my hands on it. Life is too difficult for me!”

“God Luo Yang, why didn’t you tell us when you received the news…”

Looking at the complaints of the group members, Luo Yang quickly said, “Didn’t great God Lin previously remind everyone to close their positions and withdraw from the market?”

“That’s why I didn’t emphasize again that you can’t hold RadarCoin. If you had listened to great God Lin and obediently closed your positions, you wouldn’t have suffered such a great loss.”

“Do you believe in Great God Lin now?”

Those complaining group members all regretted it.

“If I knew this would happen, I would have listened to Master Lin in the first place.”

“That’s right. If I had emptied my account earlier, I wouldn’t have lost so much money.”

“In the future, I’ll do whatever Master Lin says. I won’t go west if he tells me to go east!”

“Right, right, right. I’ll listen to Master Lin’s commands in the future!”

A few of the group members who had already listened to Lin Bai’s suggestion and had long since withdrawn their money couldn’t help but secretly rejoice that they had made a wise choice.

After this incident, no one in the group doubted Lin Bai’s judgment anymore.

Lin Bai’s other two roommates listened to the conversation between him and Luo Yang. Although they didn’t quite understand it, they had a rough guess.

“Lin Bai, are you really that amazing?”

Without waiting for Lin Bai to speak, Luo Yang rushed to answer, “Duh! I’ve been trading cryptocurrency for so many years, and he’s the person with the most accurate predictions I’ve ever seen!”

When the other two roommates heard what Luo Yang said, they instantly became energized.

They surrounded Lin Bai, massaging his shoulders and legs, trying their best to curry favor with Lin Bai.

“We also want to invest in crypto. Lin Bai, can you take us with you?”

“Yes, Lin Bai, can you help us keep an eye on things, what should we buy?”

Lin Bai said, “You keep the money, don’t buy anything for now. I’ve asked those people in the group to withdraw their funds.”

“When the time is right, I’ll tell you.” The roommates nodded their heads and believed it.

“Okay, okay, okay. Then we will listen to you. When you tell us to buy it, we will buy it again.”

The group members who had been stubborn before and now suffered a great loss were busy trying to stop their losses while desperately warning their relatives and friends.

They used their painful experience as a teaching example to warn the people around them to quickly empty their positions, withdraw money from the market and stop trading.

The group members who had obediently emptied their positions and luckily escaped the disaster could not help but spread the news of how they had avoided this massive loss.

Just like that, word spread like wildfire. Lin Bai’s divine prediction was soon completely spread throughout the crypto community.

Those who were also trading in crypto but were not in the chat group were all fighting to enter the group.

However, the group was soon full. The number of people had reached the limit and there was no way to add new members.

The middle-aged people who did not have the time to join the group could only organize themselves and create a new group.

Then, they sent a representative to invite Lin Bai.

“Master Lin, we have all heard about your deeds and came here to ask for your experience.”

“Unfortunately, the group you’re in is already full, so we’ve created a new group.”

“Can you spare some time from your busy schedule to come over and give us a lecture and share your experience?”

Lin Bai really felt that he had nothing to share. However, the other party sounded very deferential, so Lin Bai really couldn’t refute. Hence, he could only agree.

However, after he agreed to one, many other people came one after another.

All of them had similar reasons. They were all members of new chat groups and were begging him to teach them.

Lin Bai thought that if he were to teach them one by one, it would be quite time-consuming even if it was just a simple sharing session.

At this moment, his roommate “Monkey” could see Lin Bai’s worries, so he came over to recommend himself.

“Boss, there are so many people here to ask for your advice. Why don’t you just build a community?”

“I’m the best at community operation. Leave it to me. I’ll definitely help you clean it up. How about it?”

Lin Bai thought about it and felt that this suggestion was not bad, so he nodded and agreed.

“Alright then, I’ll leave the establishment and post-operation to you.”

“Alright! I’ll make sure boss is satisfied!”

“Monkey” stood at attention and saluted in an exaggerated manner, causing the few people in the dormitory to laugh loudly.

Monkey said again, “When the community is operated in the future, the scale will be bigger and bigger. Boss, you can start your classes then!”

“You can’t always share these experiences and judgments for free, right?”

“When the time comes, make them spend money to attend classes so that they can listen to your experiences. If they still want you to recommend them, they will have to pay extra. That would be truly a no-cost, endless-profit situation!”

“Hehehe, Boss, when the time comes, don’t forget about me!”

Lin Bai could not help but laugh. “Monkey, you really live up to your nickname. You are even more shrewd than a monkey.”

However, even though he laughed, the profitless profit model that Monkey came up with really made Lin Bai tempted.

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