Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Skyscraper Will Fall

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The people with Lin Bai were in high spirits while his future father-in-law, Yu Jianhao, was in a different situation.

Yu Jianhao had a highly regarded investment manager under him, called Feng Jinyuan.

Feng Jinyuan listened to his old classmate’s recommendation and participated in a blockchain project. He invested a lot of money into it.

However, he didn’t expect that the project to be a scam.

In just three minutes, he had lost more than 500 million yuan!

By the time Feng Jinyuan realized that something was wrong, it was already too late for him to retreat.

He looked at the deficit in the fund that he couldn’t make up for in several lifetimes and was so frustrated that he wanted to jump off the building!

However, when he really sat by the window and looked at the traffic below, he really couldn’t muster up his courage.

It was easy to die, but it was too difficult to take that step.

In the end, he didn’t jump. Instead, he slapped himself twice and silently walked into Yu Jianhao’s office to confess his mistake.

Feng Jinyuan told Yu Jianhao the whole story.

“Chairman, I’m really sorry. I trusted the wrong person. I was tricked and brought losses to the company.”

“I’m willing to do my best to make up for my mistakes. Please give me another chance and don’t sue me…”

If Yu Jianhao insisted on pursuing this matter through legal means, then Feng Jinyuan would probably go to jail.

Yu Jianhao looked at the records on the books, and his heart was bleeding.

“500 million! That’s 500 million!!”

“Why can’t you use your brain more? Why did you just invest one lump sum after another? Where’s your brain?”

Yu Jianhao roared angrily.

Feng Jinyuan lowered his head, wishing he could just crawl into the ground.

“I was muddled up.”

“Due to your confusion, the company’s capital chain is going to break!”

Yu Jianhao really wanted to tear Feng Jinyuan apart alive.

But the problem was, even if he tore Feng Jinyuan apart, what was the use?

The money that had been scammed away would definitely not be recovered. The most important thing now was to think of a way to protect the company’s capital chain.

Although Yu Jianhao was the richest person in S City, a large portion of his wealth was real estate and could not be monetized in a short period of time.

There were also many investments in various projects that could not be withdrawn just like that.

Therefore, the amount of money that the company could actually have on its books wasn’t much.

The 500 million yuan that Feng Jinyuan lost was almost all of it.

But now, all of the liquid funds were gone, and there were still a large number of ongoing projects waiting to be invested.

If the projects were to be terminated now, not only would they lose everything, they would also face a sky-high penalty for breaching the contract..

Yu Jianhao did not dare to think about the consequences.

“No matter what, we have to keep the capital chain and maintain the normal operation of the company!”

“Feng Jinyuan, I don’t care what method you use, you have to fill this hole as soon as possible!”

Feng Jinyuan nodded with a bitter face, “Yes, yes, yes, chairman, I will do my best.”

But in reality, they all knew that a deficit of more than 500 million was not something a small project manager like Feng Jinyuan could fill.

Even if they sold him, it would not be enough.

This deficit still had to be filled by Yu Jianhao.

There was no other way. Yu Jianhao could only swallow his pride and call his family and friends one by one, begging them to fork out money to stop the traveling.

But in this world, it was rare for people to be kind in snow.

When Yu Jianhao asked for 500 million yuan, his family and friends knew immediately that his company must have a big problem with the capital turnover.

Thus, they all found all sorts of excuses to avoid it and were not willing to lend money to help.

They were all afraid that if Yu Jianhao’s company could not survive and completely collapsed, wouldn’t the money they invested go down the drain?

Therefore, even if Yu Jianhao wracked his lips, all he got was a bunch of useless verbal consolation.

As for the actual funds?

Not a single cent!

For the first time in his life, Yu Jianhao experienced what it meant to be unable to defeat a hero with a single cent.

Seeing that the normal operations of the company could not be maintained, his heart was filled with despair.

However, there was something that made him feel even more hopeless.

The Wang family found out about his broken funding chain.

Previously, when Yu Jianhao canceled the engagement with the Wang family, the two families had already fallen out.

Now that the Yu Corporation was in a crisis, the Wang family began to take advantage of the situation.

They secretly contacted the supplier that was working with Yu Jianhao and leaked the information to them.

When the suppliers heard that the Yu Corporation’s capital chain was in trouble, they were all afraid that they wouldn’t be able to receive the payment, so they hurriedly urged the YU Corporation to settle the payment.

As a result, the Yu Corporation’s situation became even worse.

What was worse was that the Wang family also used their own connections to secretly spread the news, hinting that anyone who helped the Yu Corporation would be going against the Wang family.

The Wang family had a big business, and they also had connections in the capital. No one dared to offend them.

There were even many people who directly blocked Yu Jianhao’s cell phone number.

When Yu Jianhao called, all he heard was a busy tone that could not be connected. After a few times, he understood that he had been blocked.

Yu Jianhao became more and more desperate.

He even stopped fantasizing about getting through the crisis. He only wanted to leave a little bit of dignity for himself and his daughter before the company completely collapsed.

Yu Jianhao sent people to bring his daughter home and told her everything about the crisis the company was facing. Yu Jinmo was very anxious after listening to it.

“Dad, what should we do now?

“How can we make up for the 500 million yuan…”

Yu Jianhao shook his head dejectedly and said, “We can’t make up for it. The Yu Corporation is going to close down.” This was the first time Yu Jinmo had seen her father in such a dejected state.

Only then did she realize that his father’s hair had already grown white.

He looked like he had aged by more than ten years and looked extremely haggard. Yu Jinmo’s heart ached terribly.

She stood up and hugged Yu Jianhao.

She said gently, “Father, it’s alright. I believe that you can make a comeback.”

“You could have started from scratch back then. Now, its not a problem!”

“Moreover, you still have me. We father and daughter can start over again. Our days will be better soon!”

She tried her best to make her father regain confidence, but in reality, she didn’t even have the confidence to say these words.

In the past few years, her father had protected her very well. She had never come into contact with the open and hidden battles in the business world, and she didn’t understand it at all.

Now, it was easier said than done if she wanted to make a comeback in a situation that was destined to bankrupt her?

Yu Jianhao shook his head dejectedly and sighed. “Times are different now. I’m already old…”

Back then, the young him could rely on his zeal and hard work to start from scratch, but now that he was old, he couldn’t do it anymore.

Yu Jianhao sighed and said, “Since the company hasn’t gone bankrupt and is still in liquidation, you can take the last bit of money in your account and go abroad.”

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