Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 277 - getting married

Chapter 277: 277 getting married

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277 getting married Lin and Lin were not pedantic people. Ever since they knew that their son had started a company and developed many products that shocked the world, they felt that they could not drag their son down. So they began to cram in relevant knowledge and found a company that trained them in etiquette to learn some social etiquette of the upper class. Their temperaments improved rapidly after learning. Looking at it now, who would have thought that they used to live in an ordinary family in a commoner’s community? Since they had decided to live with Yu Jinmo, they still had to have some sense of etiquette. On a sunny day, Lin Bai made Yu Jinmo’s favorite surprise proposal. He asked Yu Jinmo affectionately, “Are you willing to marry me?” Yu Jinmo smiled and nodded without any hesitation. “I’m willing.” The rest of the matter went smoothly. Lin and Lin were sitting together, discussing the details of the engagement. According to the local custom, they gave Yu Jinmo the best betrothal gift. Yu Jianhao was very satisfied with how much the Lin family valued his daughter. At the same time, Lin and Lin said, “Although it’s not nice to say this, we should say it in advance to let the in-laws feel at ease.” “All the assets of the Yu family should be inherited by Little Mo in the future, but these are the Yu family’s things, we won’t be greedy.” “Lin Bai has his hands and feet, he can fight for a future on his own. Of course, sometimes he may borrow the power of the Yu family, but when the two of them are fated, other than being in love with each other, aren’t they also connected by benefits?” Yu Jianhao was very satisfied with Lin and Lin’s Frank and Frank explanation, he nodded and said, “Lin Bai is a genius. He is already very powerful now. In the future, the Yu family may even borrow him to advance to a higher level. This is a matter of mutual benefit.” Lin and LIN continued, “In the future, if the children can have more children, they will follow the order. The eldest is surnamed Lin, the second is surnamed Yu, and so on. However, these will all depend on the children’s wishes.” When Yu Jianhao heard this, he was even happier. He smiled and nodded. “I’m very happy.” Then, the two sides began to discuss in detail the various details. The parents of both sides were busy with the marriage of their children. They did not have any fake hands. After the parents of both sides agreed on the details, Lin Bai and Yu Jingmo received their marriage certificates under the witness of the parents of both sides. From then on, the two of them would become one, and they would be in each other’s arms in the future. Time went back to Lin Bai’s graduation. Before the proposal. Lin Bai suddenly received a notification from the future news release. Lin Bai opened it and took a look. He gritted his teeth fiercely. [ a massive earthquake occurred on planet blue, and the number of casualties gradually increased. After investigation, it was discovered that there was a man-made explosion at the epicenter of the earthquake. ] After the news described the location of the earthquake, Lin Bai’s mind spun rapidly. In the end, he discovered that the pattern of the earthquake was actually like a magic array! Lin Bai thought of the evil god summoning array that he had first tested. Wasn’t it a miniature version of this huge array? Lin Bai looked at the time of the news release. It was December this year. Lin Bai looked at the time and memorized the time in his mind. Then, he heard the system’s voice in his mind. After a few years of upgrading, the system was able to communicate with him normally. However, the system rarely spoke. It was just like a bystander. It would only occasionally give an answer when Lin Bai raised a question. The system did not speak to Lin Bai very often. The last time was when it met the negative system’s spokesperson. It did not have enough energy to speak on its own. The system said, “This should be the last attack of the negative system. As long as I draw it out, I can destroy it.” Lin Bai asked, “Did the negative system control the humans to make the earthquake?” The system said, “Yes.” Lin Bai frowned and said, “If I want to stop it, with so many places happening at the same time, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough time.” The system said, “You can create space teleportation ahead of time. In addition, the soldiers that you have trained to create mechas also have the ability to fight. Their willpower is very strong, and they won’t be easily lured by negative emotions.” Lin Bai’s eyes lit up slightly, and he asked, “Space teleportation? isn’t this structure very difficult? In the next 100 years, the black technology hasn’t been able to develop this.” The system was silent for a moment before saying, “I can give you this skill in advance, but after I solve the negative system, I will leave.” “Leave?”Lin Bai repeated it and asked, “Will it affect me?” The system said, “I am a product of high-dimensional technology. In fact, my appearance has already exposed this planet that is currently developing. In the next few hundred years, it is very likely that there will be lifeforms from other galaxies warping over. You guys have to be careful.”. ”…” Lin Bai’s expression tensed up as he asked again, “After you leave, can I reveal your existence? If the Blue Planet wants to develop rapidly, there are some things that have to be revealed.” The system said, “If that’s the case, it will make you the target of public criticism. You have to understand that my existence is something that everyone covets.” The system said again, “I have simulated your future. If you reveal my existence before you die, your descendants will be forced to chase after by various forces. They will not believe that I will disappear and will only think that you have inherited the system to your descendants.”. “ “If you tell them about my existence immediately after I leave, you will be imprisoned. After the knowledge in your mind is squeezed dry, you will be dissected and searched for traces of me.” After Lin Bai heard this, he realized that no matter what the result was, it was unacceptable. After thinking for a long time, Lin Bai had no choice but to say in distress, “Then what should I do? Create a code that others can not crack and wait for one or two hundred years to be cracked?” The system said, “After the mission is over, I will hand over the higher level black technology to you. After you completely accept this information, I will leave.” Lin Bai’s eyes lit up. “Higher level black technology? You mean like the spaceship?” The system said, “You will understand when the time comes.” Seeing that the system was unwilling to say more, Lin Bai could only give up. However, the system said again, “Even though there are human factors in the earthquake, there are indeed a few natural disasters. However, under the influence of human factors, they have increased by several times.” “Therefore, before you solve the negative system, you have to be prepared for other aspects of the rescue.” Lin Bai nodded and said, “I understand.” Since he knew that there would be an earthquake, Lin Bai naturally had to make some complete preparations. When he had just entered primary school, he had also heard of an earthquake that had caused countless deaths in a certain place. His memory could still remember the regretful expressions of the rescuers. “If we dig faster and probe deeper with the life detector, these lives can still survive!” The researchers also had a pained expression. “This is already the highest technology that can be developed. If we dig deeper…” “But the breakthrough of the technology is too difficult… we have failed countless experiments…”

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