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Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Do You Dare To Accept A Hot Potato?

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For some reason, the security guard was extremely vigilant, as if he was afraid that Lin Bai would cause trouble.

“What do you do? The project department doesn’t accept outsiders!” The security guard’s tone was unfriendly, and he was almost about to chase him away.

Lin Bai said, “I’m looking for your project manager. I have something urgent to see him for.”

He did not directly say that he wanted to acquire this project. After all, if he said so directly, there was a high probability that he would be ridiculed and chased out.

After all, no one would easily believe that a young man in his early 20s would have the money to take over an entire real estate project.

Therefore, if he wanted to talk about buying the project, he had to at least talk to the project manager and then let the other party pass it on to the boss of the developer.

As for why he didn’t go directly to the developer?

The reason was actually the same.

Lin Bai had no connections and he was still young. He looked like a student. No one would believe that he would be able to take out one billion in one go for the acquisition.

Therefore, if he rashly went to the CEO of the developer, there was a high probability that he wouldn’t even see the other party’s shadow, and he would be ridiculed for nothing.

Lin Bai did not want to be ridiculed by his underlings for nothing, so he chose a roundabout strategy.

No matter what, it would be easier to meet the project manager than the boss of the developer.

Unfortunately, Lin Bai had missed a point.

The matter of the administrative division was not something that the city government could change just like that. In the early stages, it had gone through a series of investigations and argumentation, as well as all sorts of tedious procedures, before it finally came to fruition.

Although the news had not yet been reported and the division of the administrative area had not been officially changed, the news had already spread.

Many people with connections had long known that the land of Yunding Villa had been classified into an industrial area.

Therefore, recently, many people had come to find trouble with the project department and the developer.

Most of them were already residents of Yunding Villa.

It turned out that the developer of Yunding Villa, Qingcheng Group, had started pre-selling the land and the project without even building the foundation in order to get back the funds as soon as possible.

Moreover, he had also hired a professional team using a lot of money to publicize and promote the project of Yunding Villa.

After the promotion by the professional team, many of the wealthy people in S City had taken a fancy to this project and spent a lot of money to buy it in advance.

Those who could afford high-end villas were naturally wealthy and well-informed.

Therefore, they were the first to know about the administrative change.

They were also the first to find trouble with the project department and the developer.

Their request was actually very simple, which was to ask for a refund.

Even if they deducted a portion of the liquidated damages, they would definitely not want the house in Yunding Villa.

If it was just one or two people, it might not cause too much of an impact on the developer.

At most, they would deduct the liquidated damages and refund the money, then sell it to someone else.

However, the problem was that almost all of the rich people who had pre-purchased the house asked for a refund together as if they had already discussed it beforehand.

This was a big headache for the developers.

After all, they had also taken up a bank loan to purchase the land and the development project!

Now that the value of the project had been greatly reduced and the development costs could not be recouped, it was unknown whether the bank loan could be repaid on time.

If they were to give the rich people a refund, there was no doubt that the capital chain would rupture.

At that time, not only would the development of the project come to a standstill, the entire Qingcheng Group might declare bankrupt and all the assets would have to be auctioned off to pay off their debt.

The boss of the developer, Qingcheng Group, naturally did not want to be caught in such a situation.

Therefore, for those rich people who asked for a refund, he would reject them one by one, vehemently refusing to give them a refund.

Even if the rich people were willing to deduct the liquidated damages, he wouldn’t give them a refund!

The rich people were not to be trifled with. Seeing that the boss of Qingcheng Group was acting shamelessly, they began to show off their skills.

They used all kinds of tricks, be it underhanded or not.

In addition, when the bank received the news that the value of the project of Yunding Villa had been greatly reduced, they began to put pressure on Qingcheng Group to pay off the loan in advance.

Under the pressure from all sides, the boss of the Qingcheng Group, Shen Wanqing, was in a terrible state.Even most of his hair had turned white.

Even his hair had turned a lot white. It was also because all the forces had come to cause trouble recently that both the Project Department and the Qingcheng Group’s headquarters were extremely wary of outsiders.

Lin Bai did not understand these inside information, so he was given the cold shoulder.

He patiently tried to persuade the security guard, but the other party just wouldn’t budge.

“The project manager isn’t here, the other leaders aren’t in either. All the higher-ups aren’t here! Leave, leave quickly!”

The security guard impatiently chased Lin Bai away.

Lin Bai had no choice but to pretend to leave and go to a faraway spot to take a look at the general environment of the construction site.

He soon discovered that the construction of the project had actually stopped, and there were almost no workers going in and out of the site.

Just as Lin Bai wanted to get a closer look and get more information, he was discovered by the security guard.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet? If you don’t leave now, I’ll call the police!”

The security guard shouted at Lin Bai fiercely.

Lin Bai didn’t want to have any meaningless conflicts, so he decided to leave and go directly to the headquarters of Qingcheng Group to try his luck.

On the way, he called his roommate, Luo Yang.

“Luo Yang, I remember you said before that you have a distant relative who works in construction, right?”

Luo Yang replied, “Yes, why?”

Lin Bai asked, “Can you help me ask if you have the contact information of the boss of Qingcheng Group, Shen Wanqing? I want to see him.”

“If you can’t contact him directly, you can give me the contact information of other senior executives of Qingcheng Group.”

Luo Yang exclaimed, “Holy shit! Boss, don’t tell me you want to enter the real estate market!?”

Lin Bai didn’t hide it from him.

“Yes, I do have that intention. But now I can’t contact the senior executives of Qingcheng Group, so it’s a bit troublesome.”

Luo Yang said straightforwardly, “Why do you have to look for them? The group is in a mess now. They might go bankrupt one day.”

“If you want to cooperate, you should find a better developer! For example, how about San Jin Group? My relative is their boss’s former classmate.”

Lin Bai said, “I don’t have a lot of money in my hands. I won’t cooperate with other groups for the time being.”

“As for Qingcheng Group, I want to take over the project of Yunding Villa because I see that they are in a bad situation now.”

Luo Yang shouted on the other end of the phone, “D*mn! How dare you take over the hot potato of Yunding Villa!”

“Boss, I’m not doubting your ability, but real estate is different from cryptocurrencies and stocks. There are many aspects involved.”

“We are all from ordinary families.. We don’t have the connections or experience to deal with those complicated connections. I suggest you reconsider and not invest in it rashly!”

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