Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 35

Chapter 35: That Person Is Insane

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When they reached the top floor, the feeling was even more obvious.

All kinds of feng shui items such as the eight trigrams mirror, the Peach Wood Sword, the fortune-seeking tree, and so on were placed in a very exquisite position.

Lin Bai did not know much about feng shui, but with his superficial knowledge, only two items among the furniture on the entire top floor stood out.

Warding off evil and attracting wealth.

It was understandable that he wanted to use those objects to improve his luck. All businessmen liked to attract wealth and get lucky.

Even if they weren’t superstitious, they would usually be willing to display one or two ornaments for auspiciousness.

However, it was a little strange for him to want to ward off evil.

At least, as far as Lin Bai knew, he had never heard of any company’s CEO purposely putting a bunch of items in his office to ward off evil.

‘Why would he need to avoid evil things if he didn’t do anything wrong?’

‘Is there something I don’t know about the Qingcheng Group?’

Lin Bai muttered in his head.

He secretly thought that if the negotiation didn’t work out today, he would ask Luo Yang to ask his relative to find out if anything terrible had happened to the Qingcheng Group recently.

Or if Shen Wanqing had done something immoral.

If he could find out, it might be helpful for the next negotiation.

As Lin Bai was thinking, he suddenly saw a crack opening up in the fire safety door at the side.

Through the crack, he could vaguely see a figure hiding behind the door, sneakily looking out.

“What’s going on?”

Lin Bai began to suspect something.

The person behind the door noticed that Lin Bai was looking at him, and he dashed out immediately with a ferocious gaze in his eyes!

Lin Bai only saw a cold light flash in that person’s hand, and in the next second, the bright blade was already pressed against his stomach.

“Don’t shout! or I’ll stab you to death!”

That person suppressed his voice and threatened.

Lin Bai was speechless.

‘What the hell is this!?! I just want to talk to you abuot business, why is my life in danger?’

“Don’t worry, I definitely won’t shout.”

Lin Bai spoke at a volume that only the two of them could hear to discuss with the man in a low voice.

“I didn’t see anything. Go do whatever you want and pretend you didn’t see me, okay?”

The man looked at Lin Bai with suspicion. Seeing that he wasn’t wearing his uniform or badge, he relaxed his guard a little.

“Aren’t you an employee of Qingcheng Group?” he asked softly.

Lin Bai shook his head decisively. “No.”

“That’s good.”

The man put away his knife and ignored Lin Bai. He went straight to Shen Wanqing’s office.

Lin Bai looked at the man’s back and was very curious.

The short encounter just now made Lin Bai feel that the man was not an extremely vicious person. On the contrary, he looked very honest.

What on earth could have happened? What could force an honest man to use a knife?

Seeing that the man had already entered Shen Wanqing’s office, Lin Bai slowly walked closer. At the same time, he pricked up his ears to listen for any movements inside.

“Motherf*cker, Shen Wanqing! Return my mother’s life!!”

The honest middle-aged man roared loudly.

It was followed by a series of clanging noises.

It was very obvious that the two people in the room were fighting.

In order to avoid trouble, Lin Bai did not get too close to the office, in case something that could not be explained clearly happened.

Before long, several elevators reached the top floor at the same time. Dozens of security guards rushed into Shen Wanqing’s office.

After a series of punches and kicks, the middle-aged man was dragged out by the security guards like a dead dog.

When he passed by Lin Bai, the middle-aged man glared at Lin Bai viciously.

“Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t call for help!?! Liar! You’re all liars!”

He thought that Lin Bai called for the security guards.

Lin Bai simply didn’t know what to say.

‘Is this fellow brainless? Qingcheng group is such a big company, how could there be no surveillance cameras in the office building?’

With the middle-aged man’s shout, the security guards also noticed Lin Bai.

The security captain snapped, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

From the looks of it, if Lin Bai did not explain clearly, he would probably be treated as the middle-aged man’s accomplice and get dragged down too.

Lin Bai could only tell the truth.

“I’m here to discuss business with CEO Shen.”

The security captain sized up Lin Bai with disbelief written all over his face.

“You little brat? You’re here to discuss business with CEO Shen?”

“Go, go, Go! Don’t force us to get physical with you!”

Lin Bai was completely speechless.

Seeing Shen Wanqing seemed like a Herculean task.

He was already almost about to reach the door, yet they could still pull such a stunt.

Lin Bai said helplessly, “Anyway, President Shen is in the office. If you really don’t believe me, just follow me in to see President Shen and see if he will chase me away.”

The security captain was a little hesitant.

Shen Wanqing had just been in danger. Although he was not injured, he was still quite frightened and was in a bit of a sorry state.

‘Would I anger president Shen if I rashly brought people in at this time?’

At this moment, Shen Wanqing heard the commotion outside and walked out.

When he saw Lin Bai’s appearance, he was obviously stunned.

“You’re Lin Bai?”

He asked in disbelief.

Although he had spoken on the phone earlier, and he could tell from his voice that Lin Bai was not old, he realized that Lin Bai was even younger than he had imagined after seeing Lin Bai in person. Moreover, he had a scholarly look on his face.

One look and he could tell that Lin Bai was a student who had yet to graduate.

‘How did such a person get the courage to say that he want to buy a project as big as Yunding Villa?’

Lin Bai smiled and nodded. He said politely, “Yes, I am Lin Bai.”

Shen Wanqing hesitated for a moment with a complicated expression. He thought that since Lin Bai was already here, it was better to have a talk.

What if the other party was secretly a scion, and could really take over the hot potato like Yunding Villa?

With this mentality, Shen Wanqing put on a smile and said to Lin Bai, “Come in and talk.”

Lin Bai followed Shen Wanqing into the office, closed the door, and sat down.

Shen Wanqing knew that Lin Bai must have heard the farce just now.

Hence, he took the initiative to explain.

“Sorry for the slip-up. That person just now was a psychopath. He insisted on saying that I killed his mother and wanted me to pay with my life.” “I’m just a businessman. I’ve never even killed a chicken before. How could I kill someone, right?”

“Besides, there’s no enmity between us. Why would I kill his mother?”

Lin Bai looked at the top of Shen Wanqing’s head and smiled without saying a word. He did not respond to this. Shen Wanqing only thought that Lin Bai was scared, so he continued to talk.

“You don’t know. That person has already come to cause trouble several times before. We could only call the police when we return.”

“But it’s useless to call the police He’s mentally ill. He doesn’t need to be responsible even if he really killed someone. Moreover, I’m lucky to have been unscathed.”

“So even if the police come, they can only criticize and educate hims, they can at most only send him to the mental hospital and have him be locked up for a period of time.”

“But they can’t keep him locked up all the time. When the time is up, he will still be released. Once he is released, he will come looking for trouble with me again…. Ah, how frustrating!”

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