Future News: My Phone Mutated

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Definitely A Traitor

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The moment he entered the interrogation room, Yu Jianhao rushed forward impatiently and grabbed Yu Jinmo’s arm to look around.

“Good baby, quick, let Daddy take a look. Are you hurt?”

Yu Jinmo smiled and said, “No, no.”

“Fortunately, Lin Bai acted in time and I wasn’t hurt.”

Yu Jianhao followed his daughter’s gaze and saw a fair and refined young man.

He assumed that when his daughter said “acted in time,”she meant calling the police.

After all, the young man in front of him didn’t look like he knew how to fight.

Yu Jianhao smiled and said, “Lin Bai, thank you for calling the police to save my daughter. If you have time, how about we have a meal together?”

Before Lin Bai could answer, Yu Jinmo corrected him.

“Dad, you misunderstood. Lin Bai didn’t just call the police.”

“He beat up three kidnappers by himself! That’s amazing!”

“I didn’t even get a good look before he knocked them down.”

Yu Jianhao was shocked.

He used his gaze to scan Lin Bai from head to toe.

He still couldn’t believe that this young man who didn’t even have huge muscles could fight three people at once?

How was this possible!?!

Even though he knew that his daughter, Yu Jinmo, had never lied to him since she was young, Yu Jianhao still couldn’t help but suspect that his daughter was lying to him.

“Is what Jinmo said true? Did you really defeat three kidnappers by yourself?”

Yu Jianhao asked in disbelief, wanting to hear Lin Bai’s answer.

Lin Bai nodded calmly.


“I was afraid that they would run away, so I knocked them all down.”

Yu Jianhao was speechless.

Chen Yang, the driver, suddenly spoke in a strange tone.

“Miss, you said yourself that you didn’t see clearly, so how can you be sure that he was the one who took them down?”

“Even if he was the one who hit them, it doesn’t mean anything.”

“Nowadays, some people like to use all kinds of crooked ways to hook up with rich people or their children.”

“Sometimes, it may look like a hero saving a damsel in distress, but in fact, it may be all an act.”

The moment these words were said, the atmosphere immediately became awkward.

Lin Bai questioned sulkily, “What do you mean? Are you trying to say that I deliberately found someone to kidnap her and then pretended to be a hero saving the damsel in distress to gain a good impression?”

Chen Yang continued to be sarcastic.

“I didn’t say that. I just thought of a phenomenon and casually mentioned it.”

“Why are you in such a hurry to jump to conclusions and assume that I was referring to you?”

Just as Lin Bai was about to flare up, Yu Jinmo beat him to it and scolded him angrily.

“Chen Yang! What nonsense are you spouting!”

“How could Lin Bai be that kind of person!”

Chen Yang immediately put on an innocent expression.

“Miss, I didn’t say that Mr. Lin is definitely the same as the people on the Internet. Why are you assuming things too?”

“Although he may have saved you, you don’t have to protect him like this…”

In other words, he was obviously implying that Yu Jinmo was being so protective of Lin Bai because she had been brainwashed by him.

Yu Jinmo was furious. “You!”

When Yu Jianhao saw that his precious daughter being so angry, he immediately reprimanded Chen Yang.

“How can you talk to Jinmo in such a manner? Quickly apologize!”

Chen Yang knew that his boss was known to be a doign father. He secretly regretted his decision to undermine Yu Jianhao’s daughter in front of him.

Therefore, he immediately apologized and asked Yu Jinmo to forgive him.

“Miss, I was wrong. I didn’t think before I spoke. Please don’t lower yourself to my level.”

Yu Jinmo turned her head away with a sullen expression on her face. She didn’t even bother to say another word.

She didn’t have any intention of forgiving him.

She might not care about other things, but she definitely couldn’t forgive him for slandering Lin Bai without any basis.

Yu Jianhao spoke up and put an end to this argument.

“Alright, Chen Yang, be careful in the future. Don’t be rude to Jinmo again.”

“Jinmo, don’t be angry. Daddy will bring you to a meal.”

After saying that, he invited Lin Bai again.

“Lin Bai, would you do me the honor of having a meal together and give me a chance to express my gratitude?”

He had placed himself in such a low position. If Lin Bai were to reject him again, it would seem a little unreasonable.

Thus, Lin Bai nodded and agreed.

“Sure. I just don’t know if we’re done with having our statements taken yet.”

The policeman at the side had a good self-awareness and immediately said, “It’s done. Miss Yu, Mr. Lin, you can leave now. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Yu Jianhao smiled and said, “That’s good. It’s almost time for dinner. Let’s go.”

Chen Yang glared fiercely at Lin Bai, as if he wanted to poke two holes in Lin Bai’s body with his eyes.

Lin Bai was really baffled by his hostility.

He had clearly never offended this guy, so why did he target him the moment he saw him?

With this thought in mind, the God-level Human Detection Technique was automatically activated.

Lin Bai’s subconsciously focused his gaze on the back of Chen Yang’s head.

Lin Bai hadn’t noticed it before, but now that he had his attention pulled over by the God-level human identification technique, he immediately noticed that the occipital bone at the back of Chen Yang’s head was abnormally prominent.

At the same time, a translucent label appeared next to the occipital bone.

There were eight small black words written on it.

“Those with a protruding bone at the back of the head must be crafty.”

Lin Bai raised his eyebrows and knew what was going on.

It seemed that this Chen Yang was not targeting him for no reason, but there was something else going on.

Thinking of this, a cold smile slowly appeared on Lin Bai’s lips.

He had been targeted for so long, now it was his turn to retaliate.

He wanted to see how this traitor would explain himself to Yu Jianhao after he was exposed.

Yu Jianhao specially chose the most upscale hotel in the city as a place to hold the banquet.

There was a revolving restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. One could overlook the entire S city while eating.

It was already late at night. The lights outside the window were brilliant and bustling.

Fine wine and delicacies were served.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

Yu Jianhao was indeed a veteran entrepreneur who had been in the business world for a long time. His words and actions were flawless.

It seemed like he was expressing his gratitude in every sentence, but in fact, there was a hidden meaning behind every word.

In the time it took for a meal, he had already probed several times without leaving a trace.

Lin Bai had always responded calmly. Even when he sensed that Yu Jianhao was intentionally testing him, he did not deliberately show anything. He always behaved genuinely.

This frankness earned him quite a good impression.

Yu Jianhao finally began to believe that Lin Bai wasn’t the kind of scheming man who deliberately set up a trap to get close to rich girls.

After confirming this, he took out the check that he had prepared beforehand.

“Lin Bai, you saved Jinmo, which means you saved the entire Yu family.”

“Jinmo is my only daughter. If anything happens to her, I won’t be able to live on.”

“So, your actions today have helped our family a lot.. Please accept this five million as a token of gratitude.”

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