Gamers of the Underworld

Chapter 26 - Merchant Leader Nicholas

Chapter 26: Merchant Leader Nicholas

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Sherlock looked towards Winterfell and observed the group using Mana. About half an hour’s journey away, a long group advanced towards the Dungeon. He was not worried that the Merchant Band would meet with the gamers as the gamers could only access the Spiders’ Lair tunnel. The path that the Merchant Band was taking was closed.

Sherlock asked Bru to manage the Dungeon while he walked towards a huge door.

The gamers were busy with their missions, but some were paying attention to Sherlock when he walked out of the Dungeon Core Main Hall. More and more gamers paid attention to Sherlock when he walked by the Blacksmith Shop and passed the Training Ground that had twenty to thirty trainees.

“Where’s Sherlie going?”

“Don’t know. I haven’t seen Sherlie going in that direction before.”

“Could it be…? The Winterfell Merchant Band plot is starting?”

“Possibly. Sherlie has seldom ventured out of the Main Hall.”

“Don’t miss the plot, don’t miss the plot.”

The gamers chatted loudly and didn’t care if Sherlock could hear them. Moroes, who was training the gamers, was puzzled. Moroes was already used to their incessant chattering all the time, but the gamers were casually chatting in front of Sherlock. And, Sherlock didn’t seem to care. It seemed to Moroes that the Goblins were important to Sherlock! Otherwise, Sherlock would not have revived the Goblins and put up with their insolent behavior. Moroes was determined to win Sherlock’s favor!

Sherlock was used to their chattering. The Goblins were much better now since they only watched him. Initially, when the Goblins had come to the Dungeon, they had followed him everywhere and chattered non-stop.

Sherlock’s behavior was attracting attention because the Goblins were aware that the Winterfell Merchant Band was coming.

Sherlock ignored the gamers who were following him and chattering, but that did not indicate he would allow them to follow him. Sherlock walked through the Magical Barrier of the exit doorway, but the gamers were unable to do so. They were barred behind the doorway and were disappointed.

Sherlocked walked in the tunnel for twenty minutes before encountering the Merchant Band.

There were about fifty members in the Merchant Band, which consisted mainly of Orcs. There were some Goblins and Gnomes in charge of hard labor.

The Merchant Band had thirty large carts that were pulled by large Beetlemons. When the group moved in the tunnel, smoke and dust could be seen from far away.

The Merchant Band noticed Sherlock and came to a halt. A tall and pale Vampire came forward and shouted, “We are the Merchant Band from Winterfell! We are under the protection of the Merchant Alliance.”

Sherlock was stunned. Then, he remembered he was a Devil appearing in front of the Merchant Band. They must have thought that he was going to rob them.

“Don’t be mistaken. I’m the Eternal Kingdom’s Dungeon Lord Sherlock. I’m here to welcome you. Welcome to my Dungeon.”

Sherlock smiled as the Vampire heaved a sigh of relief and bowed.

“I’m the leader of the Merchant Band, Baron Nicholas. My utmost respect to the Dungeon Lord. I’ve heard of your fame. We’re definitely honored to be welcomed by you.”

Sherlock did not have good impressions of these polite Vampires. Though they looked gentlemanly, they only had two things in mind. One was to suck your blood, and second was to suck again.

“I’m flattered. I have things to discuss with you.”

Sherlock laughed casually and took out his proposal [Beta Testing Activity: Winterfell Merchant Band]. The content was written using the Underworld’s norms.

Baron Nicholas was puzzled as he took the proposal and browsed through. The contents were about the trading rules.

“First: During the Merchant Band stay at the Eternal Kingdom Dungeon, Magic Stones transactions will take place only with Sherlock and the merchants.

Second: The merchants may only barter items allowed by Sherlock with his servants. The merchants are not allowed to barter other items with his servants. If Magic Stones are involved, the first point should be considered.

Third: Do not have too much interaction with the Dungeon’s servants. The Eternal Kingdom has provided sufficient space for the Merchant Band to rest. Please do not wander around.

Fourth: If the servants ask strange questions or harass you, please do not be bothered. They mean no harm and are not trying to trick you. They are just curious. Please do not beat them up. It may lead to violent conflict and a dismissal from the Eternal Kingdom. Please ignore them. Most of them will be tired of asking questions after three days. Their curiosity will wane.

Fifth: You may have lots of questions about Eternal Kingdom and have a deep curiosity, but please do not ask or approach the servants for answers. Please restrain yourselves.

Sixth: The Eternal Kingdom will provide sumptuous meals for the Merchant Band during your stay. You may also choose your own meals. The following are the list of food items and their prices.

Spider Leg on clay set meal: one Magic Stone for three days (Twenty persons’ share)

Meat with ground organs: one Magic Stone for three days (Twenty persons’ share)

Lord Sherlock reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the rules.”

Nicholas had joined the Merchant Alliance for many years and visited many Dungeons. He was also good friends with many Devil Lords. They regularly went out to drink some blood or beat up some creatures. They were that close. Nicholas was a professional merchant.

Signing trading agreements between Dungeons and merchants was not a big deal, but it was the first time Nicholas had seen such strange trading terms.

The first condition was not a problem as most trades were like that.

The second condition was understandable. Some generous Dungeon Lords allowed their servants to trade with the Merchant Band. Nicholas welcomed it since he could get good prices for exquisite items from the servants. But, it was the first time he had to barter.

The third condition was understandable as Sherlock was perhaps a wealthy Dungeon Lord. According to news from Don’t Have the Most Expensive Stuff Blacksmith Shop, though Sherlock did not have many Magic Stones, there were lots of servants in the Dungeon. Nicholas thought that this term was to prevent the merchants from tempting the servants to revolt.

The fourth condition was strange but understandable as it was similar to the third term. It was written in a solemn manner, but Nicholas did not think that the servants would harass him. He was a Baron Vampire. Though he was not as noble as the First Vampire and was inferior to Devil Sherlock, normally, Underworld creatures did not dare to go near him, ask him strange questions or harass him. When he showed his dominance, they normally kneeled on the ground and trembled.

Nicholas found the fifth condition funny. The Devil Lord looked young, and Nicholas thought that Sherlock was hiding his age. Upon scrutiny, Sherlock was really young. All the merchants who had joined the Merchant Alliance were capable and experienced merchants. Though Nicholas did not have the means for his own Dungeon, he had seen lots of Dungeons. He has seen poor Dungeons, bustling Dungeons and even Winterfell-like Dungeons. How could he be curious about Eternal Kingdom? He had seen his own share of weird Dungeons. However, he could not afford to offend Sherlock so he did not show his true thoughts.

Questions about Eternal Kingdom? Strong curiosity? Fat hope!

Nicholas stopped looking at the sixth term halfway. That food was Goblins’ food, which was both expensive and not tasty. Lord Sherlock was trying to rip off his Merchant Band.

There weren’t any issues with the rest of the conditions. Nicholas signed his name on the agreement and shook hands with Sherlock. The contract was in effect.

Nicholas showed his professional smile.

“I can’t wait to visit your Dungeon and form deep friendships with you and your servants, Dungeon Lord.”

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