Gamers of the Underworld

Chapter 289 - Eggface’s Mission

Chapter 289: Eggface’s Mission

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Sherlock stood in a large Hall.

It was lavishly furnished. On a platform with ten flights of stairs was a throne, and 72 tall figures stood on the passageway beside the throne.

Sherlock surveyed the figures, but he was unable to see their faces.

The throne was empty, and there was no master.

A black figure walked out from the 72 servants and knelt on one leg as he said, “Welcome back, Devil Master.”

Sherlock was missing, but the gamers didn’t panic.

The gamers continued their Daily Missions, and they were able to obtain their rewards. They could do without Sherlie, but he was the main character for developing the Plots. Without Sherlie, they felt terrible.

They wondered if there was a main Plot without Sherlie.

The gamers didn’t care if there were any Plots as long as they were able to play the game. It was an online game and not a single-player game. There were only a handful of gamers who were free enough to watch the Plot Animations anyway.

But not everyone was a gamer. For example, Eggface.

He wasn’t even worried about Sherlock’s safety! In fact, he was overjoyed.

In the Dungeon Lord Main Hall of Eternal Kingdom, after Sherlock had left for ten days.

“Ha? Treat you like a princess?”

Eggface was accessing a QQ software and was chatting with a female, BunHead, who said in a post—”I hope that you can treat me like a princess.”

Eggface was deeply troubled.

“What shall I do? Marry her off to Winterfell Dungeon Lord Andrew so as to build an alliance between Winterfell and Eternal Kingdom? Or should I find a King to marry the princess before I’m conferred as the Baron Glamorgan? Then I can attack Winterfell and assassinate the King to usurp the throne?”

Eggface went into deep thought.

It was too complex for Eggface. He preferred to play Crusaders King 2 and start in the year 1066 as the French Capetian Baron!

Eggface shut down QQ and initiated Crusaders King 2. A window popped up.

[Do you wish to play computer gamers forever?]


Eggface wanted to close the pop-up window, but he was unable to do so.

He intended to restart the computer. Eggface thought that it must be the age-restriction software at work.

[Wait, don’t shut off the computer. Lord Sherlock needs you!]

New words appeared on the computer:

[If you help Lord Sherlock, you will have unlimited bloody chrysanthemum tea and computer game playing time. I guarantee that.]

The eyes of Eggface glimmered.

After communicating with Bru, Eggface understood what happened.

According to Bru, Sherlock lost contact due to some reasons. Bru intended to help Sherlock manage the Dungeon until his return, but he discovered he was unable to do it alone. Without Sherlock, he was unable to control the gamers.

No. 1: Bru was unable to have the gamers enter the Plot Animation mode.

No. 2: Bru was unable to get Mufasa and Simba to create equipment.

No. 3: Without Sherlock’s help, the gamers wouldn’t take Bru’s mission notices seriously.

Without the Plot missions, how could they prepare for war? Or perform training? The gamers would hurry to Winterfell to discover other Strange Encounter Missions from NPCs. They would accept missions from the Adventurer’s Guild and challenge the Instance Dungeon. They would never prepare for war!

There were many things that impeded Bru’s great plan, such as the fact that he was unable to create a stable Revival Point.

Bru was unable to communicate with other creatures aside from Sherlock. He could only use the game system to communicate with the gamers.

Besides Sherlock, only Brainiac could install the Revival Rune Mana Formation. However, Bru wasn’t able to order Brainiac to do things.

Brainiac would only listen to Lord Sherlock. Though the gamers helped to relay orders, it was a direct order from Sherlock.

Sherlock had vanished in front of Brainiac. To order Brainiac to do things was impossible.

After some considerations, Bru discovered that Sherlock was the soul of Eternal Kingdom. Without him, it was impossible to carry out any battle plan.

The only thing he could do was find Lord Sherlock!

Bru couldn’t depend on Brainiac, as he was still looking dazed at the location where Sherlock vanished.

Who could he depend on? Mana Engineer? Senior Beast? Evelynn? Skills Trainer Moroes? The Little Fairy? Senior Beast? Or the Mana Engineer Yoda, who had the title of the Jedi Warrior?

Or the retired Great White Goose, Blackhand, who had left Eternal Kingdom?

No, no, no. He couldn’t depend on any of them because he wasn’t able to communicate with them. The only hope was Eggface!

So Bru tempted Eggface with many rewards and informed him of Lord Sherlock’s disappearance. Then he gave the mission to Eggface.

To let Eggface find the lost Lord Sherlock?

No, no, no. It would be strange if he could find Lord Sherlock. He was only a two-year-old Black Dragon. So the mission to Eggface was—to find help. At this critical juncture, only the Fallen Angel Lilo could help Lord Sherlock.

Bloody chrysanthemum tea, Dragon’s Nest Bed, shiny metals, and Black Dragon toenail clippers…

Eggface placed each item into his backpack and then pulled the zipper and carried it on his back. Behind Eggface was a weak and fearful Evelynn and a large group of gamers.

The gamers chattered excitedly.

“Gosh, I’m so lucky to have a Strange Encounter Mission while mining ore in the Dungeon!”

“I received it just after I revived in Eternal Kingdom.”

“Shh, stop talking. Be immersive, you little Satans.”

“Uh, ah, ah, ah, ah! We have to save Lord Sherlock! Is that it?”

“That’s cracking me up. Are you performing a sketch?”

Compared to the merry-making gamers, Evelynn was looking tense. She got to know that Sherlock had disappeared. To find Sherlock, she was willing to risk returning to Winterfell without any disguise.

Besides the gamers, only Evelynn was able to recognize the Fallen Angel, Lilo. Moreover, Evelynn was very familiar with Winterfell.

“Are you ready?”

Eggface carried his backpack and shouted to the gamers behind him, “My dark servants, follow me closely. In the darkness, follow behind the Flaming Devil Dragon. I’ll bring you to a whole new world! Let’s go!”

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