Genius Daddy in the City

Chapter 1000 - A Hundred Tombstones!

Chapter 1000: A Hundred Tombstones!

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Fengdu was also called Ghost City.

Since ancient times, this place had been regarded as the final resting place for people after death, and the facilities in Fengdu were based on the people’s imagination of the netherworld.

For example, the Gate of Hell, the Yellow Springs, the city of undeserved death, the Yama Temple, the village viewing platform, the river of forgetfulness, the three lives stone, the eighteen levels of hell, the bridge of helplessness, the six paths of reincarnation, and so on.

It was a cultural heritage that had been rooted in China for thousands of years, even though it was denied by the current scientific view.

However, it still satisfied everyone’s curiosity.

Due to this, Fengdu, which was located in the land of Bayu, became a tourist attraction. Every year, countless tourists would come over to see the feudal mentality that they were most unwilling to accept but unable to suppress.

On the Yellow Springs, when Ye Chen and the rest arrived at the scene, they realized that the two people who were running away had suddenly disappeared.

Luo Tianya frowned, “That’s strange. We were catching up to the two of them. How did they suddenly disappear?”

“If I’m not mistaken, this is the Yellow Springs. It’s known as the place where ghosts come from,” Ye Chen said slowly.

Everyone could not help but look around. What they saw was a quiet path. From afar, it looked like a human tongue.

There were no bright flowers on either side of the path, nor were there any lush trees.

Replacing them were tombstones. The end of the tombstones could not be seen. There were no weeds around them, only white flowers and burning candles.

As the cold wind blew, the candlelight flickered nonstop. Petals floated in the air like white joss paper for the dead beneath the tombstone.


The cold wind sounded like weeping, as if it was crying, as if it was telling the people who arrived here everything that had happened in the past.

Low, sad, resentful…

People gradually followed behind him, but without exception, they were stunned by the countless tombstones before them.

There were actually so many tombstones in Fengdu!

“How could this be, how could this be?!”

Someone suddenly muttered to himself, “I’ve been to Fengdu before. Back then, there were only artificial higan flowers around the Yellow Springs. Why are there so many tombstones?”

Everyone was shocked.

As Fengdu was merely a tourist attraction, everything was built according to the legends of Fengdu.

A powerhouse sucked in a cold breath and said, “I feel like we’re approaching a secret that no one knows about…”

At that moment, the old man with a sword stepped on the sword gleam and landed before a tombstone. He was stunned.

“Saint Kunwu died in 370 BC. Before he died, he killed his way into the nine heavens and killed three immortals…”

His body trembled, and an extremely hoarse voice slowly came from his mouth.

Following his words, there was silence!

Countless people were shocked.


It was actually the tomb of a saint!

The old man’s gaze landed on the tombstone in front of him. There was a short sword embedded in the tomb.

However, the short sword had rotted long ago. Clearly, the weapon spirit within had died along with it.


Another powerhouse landed in front of a tombstone and said, “Saint Cang Xuan died in 370 BC. Before he died, he self-destructed and killed five immortals, severely injuring eight people!”

“Saint Chi Yang died in 370 BC. He single-handedly intercepted a sect from the outer world on the Kunlun Mountains and ultimately fought to his death!”

“Saint Tianyuan died in 371 BC, surrounded and attacked by seven immortals…”

“The Great Archmage Brian died in 375 BC. He sacrificed his lifespan and used the Sacred Light Technique to defend a city and fought to the last person…”

“Sword Saint Miyata died in 390 BC. At the cost of reincarnation, he used his final move against the heavens…”

“Emperor Amor Wolf…”


As the words on the tombstones were read one by one, everyone’s expressions turned more and more horrible. In the end, waves of shock rose in their hearts.

Dead silence, dead silence!

No one said anything. Everyone was digesting the information on the tombstone manically, and their minds were ringing with thunder.

A hundred tombstones!

There were a hundred tombstones here!

The owners of the tombstones were all saints when they were alive!

In other words, there were a hundred saints buried here!

Even though spiritual energy had recovered, there were almost no saints around the world. Quasi-saint was already the highest stage!

However, a hundred saints were buried here!

How could this not be shocking?!


A maniacal laughter broke the silence. A man with disheveled hair laughed crazily, “Fake, it must be fake. I don’t believe it, hahaha…”

He laughed as he kicked down a tombstone.



This person’s rude behavior immediately angered most of the people present. The old man with the sword charged with his sword, “This is the place where the saints of the human race rest. How dare you blaspheme it?!”

After the man’s arm was chopped off, he was sent flying. Only then did he wake up, and he began to cry.

“The hundred saints have fallen, the hundred saints have fallen!”

Someone also shed tears, “What exactly did our human race experience? Why did a hundred saints die here?!”

Despair, utter despair!

Saints were already legendary existences and were considered to be the most powerful. However, they still died, and there were over a hundred of them.

How could they not feel despair?

Ye Chen took a step forward and scanned every tombstone. His expression turned grim.

“Tombs of saints, tombs of saints!”

Luo Tianya was on the verge of a mental breakdown. This extremely confident prodigy was also filled with sorrow, “Among the hundred tombstones here, more than 50 of them belong to China!”

“I understand, I finally understand!”

Ripples arose in Ye Chen’s heart, “No wonder the saints of the Kunlun Ruins have disappeared. No wonder the path of the saint of Kunlun Ruins is broken…

“I-It turns out most of them died and were buried here!”

He clenched his fists and looked at the words on the gravestone with sadness, “The time difference between these people’s life and death is between 370 BC and 470 BC. That was a hundred years. They must’ve experienced a great calamity during these hundred years!”

The Patriarch of Hell walked over at that moment. His gaze landed on a tombstone that had the words written on it.

“Saint Chi Yang died in 370 BC. He single-handedly intercepted a sect from the outer world on Kunlun Mountains and ultimately fought to his death!”

He could not help but take a deep breath and say, “Fellow Ye, I suspect the great calamity you’re talking about should be related to the outer world powerhouses!”

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