Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 106.2 - 6th stage of Jinxuan period (Part 2)

Chapter 106: 6th stage of Jinxuan period (Part 2)

In Mingyue Villa, Su Xin’s eyes were tightly closed. Her long and dense eyelashes fluttered gently. Her nose looked very lovely. Her delicate lips have a beautiful curve, but looked slightly pale, which could make people feel pity.

After Su Li finished his work, he brought Yue Tongzi over to see Su Xin.

When they pushed open the door, they saw this charming scene.

Yue Tongzi’s clear eyes became deep. He couldn’t stop staring at that charming and pinkish face.

“Shh!” Su Li turned his head and made a silent gesture.

Yue Tongzi nodded, they could see that Su Xin was about to be promoted.

When the two of them were quite nervous, they saw a golden light on Su Xin’s head.

Su Li and Yue Tongzi looked at Su Xin in shock.

The golden light slowly dissipated, and Su Xin blinked her long eyelashes and opened her beautiful eyes.

A smile appeared on the corners of her lips, she succeeded. She was successfully promoted to the 3rd stage of Chuxuan Period.

Ling’er was also promoted at the same time as her. The master and servant smiled at each other happily.

“Xin’er.” Su Li walked over anxiously.

He squatted and looked at Su Xin. Seeing her ruddy face, he felt relieved.

“Brother, I’ve been promoted to the 3rd stage of Chuxuan Period.” There were waves in smiling misty eyes, reflected a strange brilliance.

“Xin’er, brother sees it. Do you feel any physical discomfort?”

Compared with Su Xin’s promotion, Su Li was more worried about Su Xin’s body.

“No, brother. I’ve been taking the pills made by brother and Grandpa Li recently, so I feel much better. I also don’t cough very often.”

Su Xin was very excited. She really hoped that she could run and jump like a normal person, and go out to play happily. She didn’t want to be a daughter, who only made her mother worry, eating, and sleep all day long.

Su Li’s frowning eyebrows flatten. His warm smile seemed to illuminate the bottom of people’s hearts and spread warmth all over the body.

“As long as your health gets better, everything will be fine!”

Su Li gently lifted Su Xin.

Ling’er happily jumped into Su Xin’s arms.

Su Li took a look at it and smiled. The coldness between his eyebrows disappeared: “This little fellow has also been promoted with you.”

“Mmm! Brother, can I make a contract with the magic feather now?”

Su Xin couldn’t wait to ask. Her big charming eyes stared at Su Li expectantly.

“Yes, but you should let Qi’er come over and take a look at your body first. If there is no problem, I will help you make a contract with the magic feather.”

“Great, brother.” Su Xin was so excited that her eyes were covered with mist. No matter how painful or difficult it is, she must persist.

“Tongzi, you go and call Qi’er over.”

“Yes, Young Master.”

Yue Tongzi gave Su Xin a delighted look, then turned and left. He looked very young in a white robe.


At the same time, Su Qi, who was in the mountains of No Return, had just been promoted to the 6th stage of the Jinxuan Period.

In excitement, he instantly jumped out of the water.

He rushed straight into Mu Yunxuan’s arms naked.

“Dad, I’ve been promoted.”

Su Qi then quickly took over his dry clothes in Mu Yunxuan’s hands and put them on.

“Mmm! Dad saw it. Qi’er is so great to be an alchemist and cultivator master at the same time. In this world, only a few people have the same talent as my son.”

Mu Yunxuan didn’t hesitate to praise. He was full of gratitude to Su Zimo for coming back, allowing him to feel such unprecedented happiness.

“Dad, it’s getting late, my mother will wake up soon. It seems that I can’t find the phantom grass today, I can only come tomorrow.”

Su Qi watched as the sun was going down. If he won’t go back early, he would be miserable if his mother found out that he didn’t stand facing the wall this time.

“Well, let’s go back first. Dad will bring you here tomorrow.”


In Mingyue Villa, Yue Tongzi came in quickly.

“Young Master, the second young master is not in his room.”

“Not in the room?”

Su Li looked puzzled. Isn’t Su Qi studying?

“If he is not in the room, he must have sneaked out again to play. That stinky boy is getting more and more disobedient.”


“Mother, you’re awake.”

Su Li and Su Xin shouted in surprise.


Yue Tongzi took a step back automatically.

“Mmm!” A red glow flashed across Su Zimo’s eyes under the mask.

She fainted just like that, Murong Shaofeng’s hibiscus cake was made in vain this time.

Su Zimo gritted her teeth. What the hell was the heart-eating insect that it has actually an after effect.

“The three of you keep playing here. I will go and wait for Qi’er to come back.”

After Su Zimo finished saying those words, she turned and left.

Su Xin wanted to tell her mother about her situation, but her figure has disappeared.

“Dad, go back quickly! It’s terrible if we’ve been discovered by my mother.”

Su Qi urged as soon as he entered his room.

“Okay!” Mu Yunxuan turned around and reached out to pull the door.

“Where do you want to go?”

A voice that suppressed anger caused the father and son to be startled.

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