Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 27.2 - Giving away pills (Part 2)

Chapter 27: Giving away pills (Part 2)

“Brother, you don’t need to feel guilty, isn’t it good now? We are now united, and this Mingyue Mountain Villa will be our home in the future.”

Su Zimo’s eyes were full of smile. She looked at Su Qingjue and Su Zinian with full of affection.


The young master of Mingyue Mountain Villa’s cultivation has reached the 6th stage of Jinxuan Period spread all over the capital of Haoyue Country overnight.

However, the hot topic was the Su Family. Today, there is a festive wedding day. General Wang Yicheng went to the Su Family early in the morning, but the bride is gone.

At noon, Su Zimo’s ordered the servants to gather in the courtyard.

In the courtyard of Mingyue Mountain Villa, Su Zimo let Qing He put the medicine boxes on the table in front of her.

He Yunting was respectfully standing beside her.

More than a hundred people standing still. They looked at each other because they don’t know why Su Zimo had summoned them.

Su Zimo took a sip of her tea and slowly spoke.

“Everyone, we will be staying here in Mingyue Mountain Villa now and in the future. There are 50 people among you who can cultivate and who has no talent to cultivate. However, you must also learn some martial art or self-defense. Today, I let you all come to give you a mysterious pill. As long as you decide to practice, I will provide you the needed medicine and mysterious pill, so that your strength can continue to grow.”

Su Zimo’s voice not only sounds very sincere but also very convincing.

“Huh! Mysterious pill, it’s really a mysterious pill.”

When everyone heard of it, they were so excited that they couldn’t help but look at Su Zimo. She looked calm and arrogant, but also looked fascinating.

In the mainland of Haoyue Country, if you can’t cultivate or can’t become an alchemist, you’re equal as a waste. It’s alright for ordinary people, but what if you came from a big family? You’ll be regarded as a shame. Some big family will even drive you out.

Qing He looked at the dozen medicine box in front with a painful look on the face. This mysterious pill was not something that any ordinary people can buy. Especially, this product of 7th grade of Xuan Class, it cost thousands of gold and very difficult to find. Even if their master wanted to win everyone’s heart, she doesn’t need to spend such a high price!

“Thank you, master!”

More than one hundred people kowtowed and respectfully said.

Su Zimo’s move undoubtedly bought everyone’s heart.

“Get up!”

Su Zimo nodded her head toward Qing He. Qing He looked at her reluctantly, but then opened the box and prepared.

“These pills are all product of 7th grade Xuan Class. Among you, the highest cultivation level is only at the 5th stage of Zhongxuan Period. This 7th grade medicinal pill can help you break through up to the 2nd stage of Gaoxuan Period, which is equivalent to 2 years cultivation time. After breaking through to the 2nd stage of Gaoxuan Period, it’s just a matter of time to reach Dexuan Period.”

Su Zimo’s cold voice sounded, as she gave an explanation and taking out so many mysterious pills, without batting an eye.

“We swear to be loyal and die for master. We will do our best to protect Mingyue Mountain Villa.”

The loud shout cannot conceal the sincere heart of the servants. At this moment, they were totally convinced by Su Zimo’s sincerity.

Cultivation period: Chuxuan period, Zhongxuan period, Gaoxuan period, Dexuan period, Tianxuan period, Jinxuan period, Shenxuan period, Shengxuan, period and Dianfeng period. Each period was divided into nine stages

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