Ghost Marriage, the Abandoned Wife Has Three Treasures

Chapter 4 - She really crossed

Chapter 4: She really crossed

After wearing her clothes, Su Zimo calmly jumped out of the coffin and tried to endure the discomfort in her body.

Mu Yunxuan looked at Su Zimo, who didn’t cry or cause trouble. This reaction was really unexpected. If it was ordinary women who encountered such a thing, they have long been crying to death. As Mu Yunxuan looked at her calm expression, his heart couldn’t help but get curious. He opened his mouth and said: “You…”

However, Su Zimo suddenly interrupted his words. Su Zimo looked back and sneered, then said with full of mockery: “I thought you will be several times better! Who would have thought you’re only like this?”

The disgust and disdain expression on her face, made Mu Yunxuan instantly irritated to the extreme. The curiosity that had risen to his heart disappeared instantly. She actually said that he wasn’t good?

A gloomy voice spread throughout the tomb.

“Woman, if you have the courage say it again.”

“Ha ha ha!”

The brisk laughter, that sounded like silver bells, echoed in the tomb as if it was a sneer.

”I never said the same thing twice to people with Alzheimer’s disease.”

After she finished, she watched Mu Yunxuan’s expression that changed instantly. His cold eyes were filled with deep hatred.

“Today’s events, if there is a chance, I, Su Zimo vowed, that I will come back one day and make the Su Family and your Mu Family pay all these accounts one by one with interest. Ghost marriage, marrying the dead daughter? Hahaha! It’s all thanks to your wild imagination.”

Su Zimo said every single word extremely seriously. Her eyes were filled with deep hatred. She doesn’t know if this hatred was from the owner of the body or herself. But one thing was certain, she really crossed.

For a moment, Mu Yunxuan was startled.

Su Zimo turned around, she dragged her aching body and walked step by step to go outside.

Mu Yunxuan’s gritted his teeth, he clenched his fist and held back his urged to kill. He doesn’t know the meaning of Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s not difficult to guess what she means.

“You damn woman, do you think I will just let you go?”

The man’s angry roar passed through Su Zimo’s ears.

Su Zimo stopped for a moment and pretended to be calm. When she took a step forward again, she thought of the difference between her and Mu Yunxuan. The information inside her mind told her that this world was dominated by people with spiritual power. And she happened to be a waste that everyone in this world disdain. Her body has no spiritual energy. She was no different from an ordinary person. In the Su Family, the owner of the body suffered countless of humiliation. Although her sister and brother were protecting her, there was still some exception event. Just like today, when the third prince breaks off the engagement with her in the street. She became the laughing stock in the whole Yun City. Su Zimo couldn’t help but think where she will go now.

As soon as she reached the corner of the stone steps, Su Zimo’s heartbeat became more and more violent. She turned to the corner and ran outside desperately after lifting her skirt.

“This damn woman.” Mu Yunxuan could not help but scold. Thinking of the steep terrain outside, if no one leads the way, she might fall into the cliff.

Mu Yunxuan didn’t think too much, he hurriedly put on his robe and chased after her.

Outside, there was still lightning and thunder, Su Zimo looked at it and smiled brilliantly. Maybe if she was struck by lightning, she will be able to come back in the 21st century.

However, suddenly, there was a sound coming from behind her. Su Zimo’s heartbeat accelerated instantly. She didn’t think too much, she just ran towards the highest place where there was lightning.

“Don’t go there.”

Mu Yunxuan shouted, but his voice was overwhelmed by thunder.

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