God Emperor

Chapter 1969 - Killing With No Mercy

Chapter 1969: Killing With No Mercy

The leg’s power scorched the land for a thousand miles. It cracked the earth and nearly vaporized all of the water.

Zhang Ruochen saw Cang Long flee, but he did not pursue him.

It was not that he did not want to kill Cang Long; he just did not have the means anymore.

After removing the first seal of Yanshen’s Leg and unleashing a full-power strike, he had nearly exhausted all of his Saint Qi.

Not to mention, Cang Long was wearing his Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light and moving at a thousand times the speed of sound. Even if Zhang Ruochen immediately put on his own Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light now and gave chase, it was simply too late.

He had taken off the Meritorious Armor of Flowing Light earlier because he had been worried that the violent power from Yanshen’s Leg might damage it.

I have to be careful about using Yanshen’s Leg next time. At least, I should try not to use my full strength. Zhang Ruochen thought to himself.

He figured that he should only use his entire strength in a desperate situation, or else he would be in trouble before he could finish off his enemy.

Cang Long was also suffering from severe injuries. He did not know about Zhang Ruochen’s situation. Coupled with the fact that Ling Feiyu and the Evil Spirit were lurking around, he was focusing on nothing but fleeing as quickly as possible.

Ling Feiyu approached Zhang Ruochen to hold him up at once.

“Are you all right?” Ling Feiyu asked with concern.

Zhang Ruochen fought back the sense of frailty and shook his head. “I’m all right. I’m just exhausted but I’ll quickly recover.”

While he spoke, he engaged Empyrean Emperor Ming’s Scripture. The Radiant Sun suspended within his Divine Light Sea of Qi rapidly spun and released pure vital qi, which then turned into Saint Qi that circulated throughout his body.

The Radiant Sun inside his Divine Light Sea of Qi was formed by the Sunleaf of the Sacred Seven-star Lingzhi. It contained a massive amount of sacred herbal essence that could convert an enormous amount of Saint Qi.

As his Saint Qi slowly recovered, Zhang Ruochen extended his hand to perform a dimensional technique. He did so by remotely grabbing the corpses of those fighters who had been killed by the powerful shock waves.

Instead of checking what treasures were on those bodies, he kept them all at once and would only check them out when he had time.

“Let us get out of here.”

Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyu returned to the head of the Evil Spirit.

Right then, Ruan Ling was slumped over behind the Evil Spirit, her eyes glazing over as what happened had completely stunned her.

A few top fighters from the Fane of Youshen and the Zifeng Saint King had died. Even Cang Long ended up injured and fleeing with his tail tucked between his legs.

It meant that she could only remain as Zhang Ruochen’s prisoner because she had lost all hope of getting free.

Zhang Ruochen sat down with his legs crossed on the Evil Spirit’s head as he continued to utilize Empyrean Emperor Ming’s Scripture. He wanted to regain his strength as quickly as he could. He did not like that sense of frailty one bit.

The Evil Spirit swirled its massive divine body as it rose into the air, flying toward the actual Peakless Mountain.

Since Ruan Ling had been captured, the Peakless Mountain formed by her illusion technique had crumpled and no longer existed.

If news of this battle spread, Zhang Ruochen’s reputation would only grow even higher.

Of course, Zhang Ruochen would not seek self-publicity. Neither would Cang Long, who considered the outcome of this battle a humiliation.

Zhang Ruochen was not worried that the Emissaries Vigilant would learn about this incident. Cang Long and Ruan Ling must have given the Emissaries Vigilant a heads-up before they targeted the Demonic Sect of the Moon. The Emissaries Vigilant would not give a hoot about things that happened in the Bronze Furnace Plains.

Ling Feiyu was standing on one side, quietly looking on. Zhang Ruochen had given her too many surprises; she felt as if she was in a dream.

At a time when she desperately needed help, Zhang Ruochen appeared out of nowhere, coming to her and the Demonic Sect of the Moon’s rescue. Only then she knew that Zhang Ruochen cared so much about her.

However, she was still not too happy. Zhang Ruochen had apparently known that Ruan Ling was impersonating her, yet he had still treated Ruan Ling so well.

The intimate scene between Zhang Ruochen and Ruan Ling then came to mind; she could not help but feel angry. Ruan Ling had impersonated her, and it felt as if something had actually happened between her and Zhang Ruochen.

The Evil Spirit moved speedily and arrived at the Peakless Mountain in less than two hours.

Zhang Ruochen stopped his self-cultivation and got to his feet. He had recovered half of his Saint Qi. Given more time, the rest of his Saint Qi would be replenished too.

Zhang Ruochen kept the Evil Spirit and Ruan Ling inside the Qiankun Realm before he landed with Ling Feiyu at the foot of Peakless Mountain.

Ruan Ling might be useful to him in the future, given her special identity.

“Lady Ling!”

The face of a Saint-level cultivator changed when he saw Ling Feiyu at the entrance.

He immediately turned around to go back inside the Demonic Sect of the Moon.

Unfortunately for him, Ling Feiyu moved in a flash and blocked the cultivator from the front.

“Why did you run when you saw me?” Ling Feiyu demanded harshly.

That Saint cultivator shivered. “N-No reason.”

“Tell me, what happened?” Ling Feiyu looked stern.

The cultivator dropped to his knees in front of her, his voice quivering. “Spare my life, Lady Ling. It wasn’t me but Master Hong and the others!”

Zhang Ruochen went up to them. “People of the Fane of Youshen have entered Peakless Mountain. But they are just small fries, nothing to worry about.”

Ling Feiyu immediately knew what it was about upon hearing that.

“I can tolerate disagreement, but not those who sell us out!” There was a horrible murderous look in Ling Feiyu’s eyes.

After Ruan Ling had lured her out recently, people from the Fane of Youshen immediately appeared inside the Demonic Sect of the Moon. There was only one explanation for this: there had been traitors in the sect letting people from the Fane of Youshen in.

Perhaps they thought she could not come back again, and that was the reason for their impunity.

Luckily for her, Zhang Ruochen had come just in time, and those people from the Fane of Youshen did not have more time for preparation. Otherwise, the Demonic Sect of the Moon would have fallen into their hands. After all, no one else in the Demonic Sect of the Moon could counter Cang Long.

“Spread my words: seal off the entire sect. No one gets in and out of the sect without my permission,” instructed Ling Feiyu.

“Aye!” A few disciples guarding the entrance quickly responded.

They all could see that Ling Feiyu was furious. No one dared to disobey her.

Ignoring the Saint cultivator, who kneeled on the ground, Ling Feiyu lifted off and flew straight into the Sanctuary of the Demon Emperor.

Zhang Ruochen smiled. He stepped out, performing a Dimensional Shift and disappearing into thin air.

That cultivator was still kneeling on the ground, too afraid to get up, let alone flee.

The Sanctuary of the Demon Emperor stood on the Holy Golden Peak. Whoever entered the Sanctuary of the Demon Emperor would get to control the Demonic Sect of the Moon.

In the past, Zhang Ruochen had brought his men to storm Peakless Mountain, turning the Demonic Sect of the Moon upside down. Not even Shi Qianjue had been able to stop him.

It was also during that time that Ling Xiu, Ling Feiyu’s father, had walked out.

Many disciples were not happy with Shi Qianjue, so they followed Ling Xiu, and the sect had split in half since then.

However, after the Infernal Court invaded the Kunlun Realm, Ling Feiyu had returned to Peakless Mountain. With her powerful ability, she had reunited the two factions, and the sect had finally become whole again.

Some descendants of Shi Qianjue remained in the sect. These people were not very satisfied with Ling Feiyu and wanted to replace her.

Hence, when the people from the Fane of Youshen came, those who opposed Ling Feiyu turned against the sect by opening the door and inviting the Fane of Youshen inside.

In the Sanctuary of the Demon Emperor, Hong Yuantong and a few other Shi Qianjue’s direct descendants were talking and laughing with the fighters from the Fane of Youshen.

They learned from the mouths of these fighters that Ling Feiyu had been trapped, that she could no longer come back. So they were extremely happy now, thinking that they could finally control the sect.

“Ling Feiyu is an idiot trying to go against the Fane of Youshen. She deserves to die.”

“That’s right. If the Fane of Youshen wants anything from the Demonic Sect of the Moon, it is because we have something valuable to offer. We will work with all of you as best as we can.”

“Don’t worry. When Cang Long arrives, I will bring him to collect the treasure that Yueshen had left behind.”

Four Saint Kings, led by Hong Yuantong, were bending backward trying to please the three fighters from the Fane of Youshen.

A Precept Domain fighter from the Fane of Youshen nodded with a smile. “Very well. Smart people do the right things at the right time. As long as you all serve the Fane of Youshen, you will be rewarded handsomely. When—”

Before he could finish, a light sword cut him in half, splattering his blood in the sanctuary.

Everyone turned to look at the sanctuary entrance.

“L-Ling Feiyu!”

The faces of Hong Yuantong and his mates collapsed as fear filled their eyes.

Ling Feiyu stood at the doorway, holding the Heaven’s Fall Blade with a murderous look in her eyes.

“All of you have gone so low as to become running dogs for the Fane of Youshen, handing over everything in the sect to them! Is this what Shi Qianjue has taught you?” Ling Feiyu’s face looked frosty, her voice bitter.


Hong Yuantong and his mates were shivering involuntarily, too afraid to look at Ling Feiyu’s eyes.

“How dare you kill our man, Ling Feiyu! Don’t you fear that this will bring disaster to the Demonic Sect of the Moon?” a fighter of the Fane of Youshen shouted.

Ling Feiyu had effortlessly killed one of them with the strike of a sword. The remaining two Fane of Youshen fighters knew that they were no match for her. If a fight were to break out, they would not even survive one round.

So they could only make a verbal threat, hoping to scare off Ling Feiyu.

They were very uneasy. As far as they knew, Ruan Ling had dealt with Ling Feiyu. So why did Ling Feiyu still appear here? Had an accident happened?

“Do you need help, Feiyu?” Zhang Ruochen appeared beside Ling Feiyu out of nowhere with a smile on his face.

“Do you think that I can’t even kill those few people?” asked Ling Feiyu.

“Zhang Ruochen?”

Seeing Zhang Ruochen, the faces of the two fighters of the Fane of Youshen changed.

Cang Long and Ruan Ling’s plan was to deal with Zhang Ruochen. Now Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyu had appeared on Peakless Mountain while Cang Long and Ruan Ling had gone missing. How could they not be afraid?


The two Fane of Youshen fighters were trying to flee at once.

“Thinking of fleeing? What do you think Peakless Mountain is?” Ling Feiyu shouted.

The two Fane of Youshen fighters went all out, performing powerful Saint techniques as two beams of black Saint Light to strike at Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyue respectively, hoping that they could kill their way out.

Zhang Ruochen waved his hand and the dimension in front of him distorted at once, deflecting the black Saint Light attack in the direction from where it came.


The two Fane of Youshen fighters did not see this coming, and both were hit by their own black Saint Lights. They were sent flying backward before crashing into the wall of the sanctuary.

At the same time, Ling Feiyu had cut off the black Saint Light with her sword and appeared beside another Fane of Youshen fighter, severing his head with the strike of her sword.

She then followed with a Sword of Ultimacy, remotely decapitating the heads of the two Fane of Youshen fighters who had crashed into the wall earlier. Her movement was swift and clean without hesitation.

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