God Emperor

Chapter 1971 - The Sect's Two Treasured Artifacts

Chapter 1971: The Sect’s Two Treasured Artifacts

Standing in front of the Chillfrost Dungeon, Ling Feiyu’s eyes were full of shock because she could not believe what the middle-aged man had said.

On the contrary, Zhang Ruochen looked calm and cheerful. “With the Demonic Sect of the Moon’s history, the existence of a Re-Awakener from the ancient period is expected. But, since you have awakened, why didn’t you stop the traitors from colluding with the enemies, Sir?”

The Spirit-Devouring King stroked his beard as his eyes gleamed. “You are quite knowledgeable for being aware of the Re-Awakeners’ existence. It’s not that I didn’t want to take care of the matter. I have just been hibernating in the Chillfrost Dungeon. It wasn’t until recently when I sensed extremely strong energy fluctuations that I woke up.”

Hearing this, Zhang Ruochen’s heart skipped a beat. The powerful fluctuations in energy mentioned by the Spirit- Devouring King had to be his unreserved release of the power of Yanshen’s Leg.

Even though he was far away, he had still alarmed the Spirit-Devouring King, waking him up from his deep sleep.

Speaking of which, the Chillfrost Dungeon’s environment was indeed very suitable for hibernation.

Zhang Ruochen turned to look at the cave in the dungeon. It was obvious that the cave was only dug out recently, which showed what the Spirit-Devouring King said was true, and that it had indeed just come out of the ground.

“You have woken up at the right time, Sir. With you at the helm of the Demonic Sect of the Moon, I believe no one can pose a threat to the sect again.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

Normally, a Re-Awakener would be extremely powerful, a Saint King who could be regarded as a supremo of an era.

The Spirit-Devouring King looked proud. “It is true. I won’t allow anyone from sticking the sect up. But unless it is absolutely necessary, I will not act or appear in public. The fewer people know about my existence, the better.”

Sure enough, like Jiang Yunchong and Hong Tianji, the Spirit-Devouring King was also very low-key. He did not want to go into the open for the time being.

Re-Awakeners like him were the inner strength of the Kunlun Realm.

With the wave of a hand, Ling Feiyu had opened the dungeon door.

“Rest assured, Sir, we will not speak about you to anyone else,” Ling Feiyu promised solemnly.

The Spirit-Devouring King nodded. “Very well, release the other sect fighters first. Don’t worry about me.”

Hearing this, Ling Feiyu could not help but bow to the Spirit-Devouring King. Then, she turned around to free the other Saint fighters imprisoned there.

As soon as Ling Feiyu left, the Head Rat approached Zhang Ruochen. “Master Zhang, why did you come to the sect? I thought you would have gone to Lake Phoenix to look for the little Saintess?”

“I did plan to see Lingxi, but I heard that Cang Long wanted to attack the Demonic Sect of the Moon. So I rushed over first. Have you seen Lingxi recently?” Zhang Ruochen asked.

The Head Rat chuckled. “Of course, I have seen her. I just returned from Lake Phoenix, where major changes have occurred. Most people will not find it. If you would like to see the little Saintess, I can lead the way, Master Zhang.”

“Very well, take me there once we settle things here,” said Zhang Ruochen.

If it were not for Cang Long and Ruan Ling’s plan to set him up, he would have originally gone to Lake Phoenix to reunite with Mu Lingxi and Concubine Lin. Only then would he come to Peakless Mountain to see Ling Feiyu.

Although his plan was disrupted, it mattered little to him.

Not long after, Ling Feiyu freed all the prisoners and left the Chillfrost Dungeon with Zhang Ruochen.

As for the Head Rat and the Spirit-Devouring King, they chose to stay in the Chillfrost Dungeon. The father and son had just met again after 100,000 years; they surely had a lot to say to each other. The Chillfrost Dungeon was extremely quiet, and no one was going to disturb them. So, it was the most suitable place for the father and son to talk.

There was a bamboo forest on Saint Water Peak, and it was quiet, as well as calming, to walk on its paths.

Zhang Ruochen and Ling Feiyu were walking side by side. After a long while, still, no one said a word. Things became a little uncomfortably silent.

Just then, Saint Light shone from the sky and into Zhang Ruochen’s hands—it was a communication talisman.

After reading the contents of the talisman, Zhang Ruochen could not help but smile. “It seems that Cang Long really cares about Ruan Ling.”

“What is it about?” asked Ling Feiyu.

Zhang Ruochen handed over the communication talisman. “Cang Long wants Ruan Ling back. He is asking me to make an offer. I am going to make good use of this opportunity.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Ling Feiyu after reading the content on the communication talisman.

“I will agree with him. Since he wants Ruan Ling back, the Fane of Youshen will have to let go of something valuable. It so happens that I need something from them. Maybe this is the opportunity for me.” Zhang Ruochen smiled.

It made no sense to kill Ruan Ling just like that. It was better to use her to exchange with something valuable.

After thinking about it, Zhang Ruochen engraved a communication talisman and cast it out.

Next, he took out twenty bottles of Meritorious Sword-cleansing Essence. “This is for you. It was my mistake to give it to Ruan Ling before this.”

Ling Feiyu glanced at Zhang Ruochen. She did not refuse but reached out to take the twenty bottles of Meritorious Sword-cleansing Essence.

“Feiyu, I—”

Zhang Ruochen had wanted to say something, but before he could say it, Ling Feiyu cut in. “You don’t need to say anything more. I’ve heard what you want to say before. I’ve thought it through all these years. You and I are people who pursue the greater things in life and should not be bogged down by romantic relationships. Before attaining divinity, I will not consider going into a relationship.”

Looking at Ling Feiyu’s determined eyes, Zhang Ruochen knew that she had made up her mind and would not make any further changes. He could not help but nod. “Very well, let us only talk about this after we have attained divinity. Without attaining divinity, we will only be mortals.”

The two could not help but smile at each other.

After making things clear, they felt at ease facing each other. There would be no more indecision and worries.

“What is the thing that Cang Long after, Feiyu?” asked Zhang Ruochen curiously.

A strange light flashed in Ling Feiyu’s eyes. “The Moon Soul Pearl, left by Yueshen in the past. Legend has it that it was formed by the condensed essence of the Guanghan Realm. It can nourish the flesh, as well as the Saint Soul, and is usually in the sect leader’s custody. Only those who have made significant achievements are qualified to practice self-cultivation with the help of the Moon Soul Pearl.”

Outsiders only knew that the Demonic Sect of the Moon possessed a supreme sacred artifact, the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death. It was the most powerful artifact they had. However, few people knew that there was another artifact left behind by Yueshen; it was a divine artifact that was equally important to the Demonic Sect of the Moon.

The fact that the Demonic Sect of the Moon could stand until today with many powerful men born from generation to generation had a great deal to do with the Moon Soul Pearl.

“The Moon Soul Pearl is still on Peakless Mountain?” asked Zhang Ruochen.

Ling Feiyu nodded. “Yeah, the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death and the Moon Soul Pearl are the heirlooms of the Demonic Sect of the Moon. Unless the main shrine has fallen, no one must carry the pearl out of Peakless Mountain. Let’s go. Let me show you the thing.”

As she finished speaking, Ling Feiyu faded into a stream of light and flew out of the bamboo forest, heading straight to the Saint Golden Peak.

Zhang Ruochen followed with no hesitation.

He was really interested in the artifact left by Yueshen.

There was a hidden cave on Saint Golden Peak, guarded by layers of arrays on the outside. It was difficult for even the best Saint King to break in.

Few people in the entire Demonic Sect of the Moon had mastered the way to enter the hidden cave.

As they came to a cliff, Ling Feiyu performed a secret technique, opening a passage in the cliff, and then stepped in.

Zhang Ruochen was unworried as he followed closely from behind.

The moment the two of them entered, the passage opening disappeared without a trace.

The passage was narrow, but they did not go far before the space opened up in front of them.

At the end of the passage was an open space filled with strong Saint Qi of heaven and earth. It was so thick that it was on the verge of condensation.

A quaint and tall sacred furnace suddenly attracted Zhang Ruochen’s attention.

This sacred furnace was twenty yards high and over ten yards in diameter. Its body was blue and green with mysterious patterns, as records of mysterious Saint techniques had been engraved all over its surface.

No doubt this sacred furnace was the Demonic Sect of the Moon’s treasure—the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death, an extremely ancient supreme artifact.

On the surface of the sacred furnace were several dark red patches, which was rumored to be the divine bloodstain.

Like the Azuresky Pagoda, the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death contained no implement spirit.

Otherwise, with the presence of this Bronze Furnace of Life and Death, and unless the top fighters came personally, no one could ever attack Peakless Mountain.

“The Bronze Furnace of Life and Death is not just an offensive supreme artifact. For the sect, the greater value lies in the furnace’s internal time flow rate, which differs from the outside world and can reach a ratio of ten to one,” said Ling Feiyu.

Zhang Ruochen’s expression suddenly changed upon hearing this. He was very surprised. “The Bronze Furnace of Life and Death is a treasure that contains the power of time. No wonder the Demonic Sect of the Moon cultivators could improve so fast in their self-cultivation.”

Artifacts of time were extremely precious. Even the Fane of Time possessed few of them, especially those with a high time flow ratio.

As far as Zhang Ruochen knew, the most famous time artifact in the Kunlun Realm was the Seal of the Celestial Wheel, which was in Chi Yao’s hands. It had a time ratio of 30:1. It was followed by the Sword Pavilion, whose time ratio on each level was different. It was 7:1 on the seventh level.

With the help of time artifacts, one could take less time to do more things.

It had never crossed his mind that the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death was actually a time artifact with a 10:1 time ratio, which was already very rare. Ten months of self-cultivation practice inside was equivalent to one month outside.

It would be odd if the Demonic Sect of the Moon’s two artifacts—the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death and the Moon Soul Pearl—could not even produce some powerful fighters.

“Not only that, the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death can also release a strange flame that refines the physique. The results would be even more wonderful when it is used in combination with the Moon Soul Pearl, which is right inside the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death. You saved the sect this time. I can use my authority to allow you to practice for a period in the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death,” said Ling Feiyu.

Few people in the Demonic Sect of the Moon knew about the secrets of the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death and the Moon Soul Pearl, let alone outsiders.

With that in mind, allowing outsiders to use the Bronze Furnace of Life and Death and the Moon Soul Pearl was even more unthinkable. Since ancient times, there had been no precedents of the Demonic Sect of the Moon allowing this to happen.

This time, however, Zhang Ruochen had saved the Demonic Sect of the Moon from a catastrophe. That made him qualify for an exception from the sect.

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