Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 2615 - 1 vs 1,000 (4)

Chapter 2615: 1 vs 1,000 (4)

Things moved much faster now that they were fighting in groups of 20 students.

Before long, there were only 50 students left, including Wu Lingyue.

At the same time…

All the students in both classes were astonished.

Feng Wu…

How could she be so capable?

There were fewer than a hundred students left, and no one could even touch her.

Was she even human?

The students of Class E were the most excited ones.

They had joined the fight on the spur of the moment, but once they could think straight again, they were shocked by their own choice.

They were going to confront the students of Class D. It could get them killed! However, they had already said that they would stand alongside Feng Wu; it would be too embarrassing to back out, so they decided to wait and see.

Then, they watched as Feng Wu annihilated Class D.

It was one-on-one battles at first, and it soon became one-on-two, one-on-four, and all the way to one-on-twenty.

Feng Wu kept winning.

She finished every battle with a single kick.

Was she even human?!

In Class E.

Sun Jingyu clapped until her palms were all red, but she went on clapping.

She knew she had underestimated Feng Wu, but she realized that “underestimated” was an understatement.

Pei Si was so astonished that she didn’t know what to say. The thought of her previous attempt to assassinate Feng Wu made her want to look for a hole to crawl into.

Countless people capered and clapped, but many people were displeased as well.

Lu Qi was one of the displeased ones.

The students who didn’t join the fight sat slightly further away.

“Damn it!”

Lu Qi was furious. She couldn’t understand how Feng Wu could be so capable.

“Lu Qi, do you think Feng Wu will defeat all of them?” one of Lu Qi’s friends asked timidly.

“Nonsense!” Lu Qi shouted. “That’s not going to happen! They still have 50 students to go. Although the top five students are out on a mission, what they have here is enough to crush Feng Wu!”

“But what if…”

Lu Qi smacked her forehead. “You’re right. Go find Huo Shan and the others! Now!”

Huo Shan was the top student of Class D.

Feng Wu looked at Wu Lingyue while Wu Lingyue stared back at her.

Feng Wu sighed. “How many people do you have left?”

Wu Lingyue ground her teeth. “50.”

Feng Wu casually suggested, “How about you send them all in one big group?”

Wu Lingyue asked, “Do you think we’re that weak?”

Feng Wu snapped, “I don’t want to think that way, but can you persuade me otherwise?”

“Shut up!”

“You’ve crossed the line!”

“She’s humiliating us, and I won’t have it!”

All the Class D students reacted strongly and demanded, “Let us fight her!”

They all wanted to be the next to fight Feng Wu.

Wu Lingyue felt conflicted.

Having observed Feng Wu for this long, she knew perfectly well that none of her classmates could beat Feng Wu in a one-on-one battle.

“Fine. All 50, then!” Wu Lingyue made up her mind.

“Wu Lingyue, what’s that supposed to mean? All 50? That’s not fair!” one of the Class D students questioned her decision.

Wu Lingyue ground her teeth.

Of course she wanted one-on-one battles, but Feng Wu wasn’t that kind of an opponent! She wasn’t even sure if 50 people would be enough to take Feng Wu down.

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