Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 1311 - 1311: Leaving a Way

Chapter 1311: Leaving a Way

Those who can stay by the emperor’s side to serve him were naturally not sloppy at all. After reading the documents, Eunuch Fu questioned him a lot. Seeing that his answers were fluent, he was literate, and he could come out with good sentences, he thought he was indeed smart.

The little eunuch followed Eunuch Fu into the imperial study room, and as soon as he came in, he graciously helped to make tea, without any sign of fear.

Eunuch Fu was surprised when he saw it. This little fellow was very courageous. It was the first time he entered the imperial study to serve the emperor.

Under Eunuch Fu’s watchful eyes, the little eunuch brought the newly brewed tea to the emperor’s court case.

Chu Yan was reading the memorials, and the teacup was put down on his right arm. The position was just right, he could reach it with his hand, and it couldn’t get in his way.

He thought it was Eunuch Fu, so he didn’t look sideways, his eyes were still on the memorials. However, when the little eunuch turned around, a faint fragrance penetrated his nostrils.

This scent was very familiar. The faint lily scent was mixed with the light scent of water orchids. It was a very special scent. He has only smelled it on one person.

Imperial Concubine Meng!

During the days when his Imperial Father was in a coma, Imperial Concubine Meng stayed by his Imperial Father’s bed all the time. Her body smelled like this.

He had never smelled this kind of fragrance on anyone else.

A eunuch, how could he smell like this?

It was not to the extent that you can get infected if they meet on the road.

A person can be affected by the scent after being together for a long time!

He looked up, stared at the skinny little eunuch, and asked, “Are you new here?”

The little eunuch hurriedly bowed and answered: “Answering back the emperor, this little slave is newly assigned in the Imperial Study Room, and just arrived today.”

Chu Yan then swept his eyes to look at Eunuch Fu: “Which palace did you transfer from?”

Eunuch Fu said: “Your Majesty, Li Dao used to be a member of the Department of Internal Affairs. He can write well, understand poetry, and is smart. This old slave thought that someone who can serve the Emperor should be like this.”

Chu Yan put down the memorial in his hand, and his clear and cold gaze fell directly on Li Dao’s body. He saw his eyes lowered and his face calm.

Surprisingly calm.

Ordinarily, shouldn’t he be nervous at this time?

Where there was an anomaly, there was a ghost, this was true.

Chu Yan got up and walked to Li Dao’s side, the faint fragrance became more and more clear.

“Did you meet Imperial Concubine Meng just now?” Chu Yan asked.

Li Dao’s calm face suddenly changed when he heard the words Imperial Concubine Meng, but it was only for a moment, and soon returned to normal, still calmly shaking his head in denial.

Although it was only a momentary change, Chu Yan saw it.

If he admits it and tells the reason openly, he may not believe it, but if he does not admit it, there must be a ghost in the process.

At this moment, he realized many things.

His Imperial Father was suddenly poisoned and fell into a coma. Every time they acted, they were caught first. After the ambush happened last night, she suddenly came to inquire. 𝒃𝒆𝒅𝙣𝒐𝒗𝙚𝒍.𝒄𝒐𝒎

Every coincidence, when pieces together, unexpectedly have traces of her.

Things that had never been thought of before, those truths that were like fog, now appeared so clearly in front of my eyes.

Chu Yan’s face was as cold as ice. He looked back at the teacup placed on the imperial table, and said to the little eunuch: “This tea is for you.”

Li Dao’s calm expression could no longer be calm, he suddenly raised his head, and seeing the Emperor’s piercing cold gaze, his heart beat wildly.

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