Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can’t Afford to Offend!

Chapter 901 - Kidnapped

Chapter 901: Kidnapped

I thank you for your kindness, this book is a gift to you as thanks.

Did he recognize her? Did he recognize her even with a single glance?

Did he give her this book in exchange for saving his life? Or did he want her hand to heal Princess Qianfang?

This Song Lang is really an inexplicable person.

After Bai Zhi got the theory of strange pulse, she has no intention to stay to watch the auction. She immediately pulled Dongfang Mu to return home.

Dongfang Mu just took a fancy to one of the items. He didn’t want to go back, so he asked the guard to send her back to the house.

Bai Zhi sat in the carriage and read the book. This book was different from the Wrong theory of acupuncture points. The book was mostly based on cases. It was not a single person who this book, but a famous doctor and his apprentices’ hundreds of years ago.

The famous doctor asked the apprentices to write down the doubts they had encountered in their lives, from the initiation of the symptoms to the gradual progress of the symptoms, and the effectiveness of the medicine after taking it, and finally, the best treatment plan found until the end. Everything was very detailed.

It can be said that with such a book in hand, all the intractable diseases recorded in it will always be effective as long as you follow the steps in it. Not to mention the patients were cured after completing it.

Bai Zhi was staring at the medical book in her hand when the carriage that was running smoothly suddenly ran wildly. Bai Zhi almost fell over.

Bai Zhi has always been sensitive. It was no accident that the carriage suddenly became like this. She quickly wrapped the book in parchment and stuffed it into the cloth bag she carried.

“What happened?” She shouted to the coachman outside.

The coachman didn’t answer, she only heard strange voices.

Oops, the coachman was not the one she was familiar with, she was kidnapped?

Who is it? Chu Feng? The Empress? Or Song Lang?

She couldn’t figure out things for a while. She quickly took out a small scalpel from the cloth bag and pinched it in her hand.

The sound of fighting came from outside. She held the window and look out of the gap. Outside, her guards and shadow guards were fighting with several masked men in black. Her shadow guards had high martial arts, but the opponents were not vegetarian. The number of the masked men in black was much larger. Because of this, her guards and shadow guards were at a disadvantage.

The carriage suddenly turned a corner and galloped into a narrow alley. The guards and shadow guards struggled to follow the carriage, but they could only watch Bai Zhi disappear in front of them.

The uneven road in the narrow alley, coupled with the fast running, made Bai Zhi almost vomit.

Not long after exiting the narrow alley, the carriage stopped suddenly. She was dizzy. Before she could react, a man in black jumped in, stretched out his hand and trapped her in a black cloth bag then carried her away.

She felt like she was thrown into a large wooden box, and then she was carried away.

Bai Zhi felt that she was getting dizzier and dizzier. She thought she was stunned in the carriage before, but after thinking about it, it seems things were not that simple.

When she was in the firm, she didn’t drink a sip of water, nor did she eat anything. She had been focusing on the book. When she got in the carriage, she smelled a faint fragrance. Her thoughts at the time were all on the book. Plus, because the fragrance was not something special, she didn’t care too much. Now that she thought of it, the fragrance was very problematic.

There was some kind of scent that requires two different medicines to be mixed before it works.

For example, last time at Qingan Palace, the empress put medicine in her tea and snacks. Those two kinds of medicine needed to be mixed before they work. It was useless to simply use one of them.

Obviously, what happening to her right was the same as what happened in Qingan Palace that day.

Is it Chu Feng? How bold is he?

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