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Chapter 28: Just Buy (Part 2)

Chapter 28: Just Buy (Part 2)

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“That’s fine. Let me help to put the mobile phone at the counter first. Later we’ll come back and pay for that together with the computer,” The sister with big eyes said with a smile.

“No problem,” Yuan Zhou nodded his head and waited there for the sister to come back.

Yuan Zhou felt slightly bored and couldn’t help murmuring before he saw the sister return.

“I thought that something weird would happen, like being despised by the salesperson. It’s not so easy to act like a pig but eat the tiger instead. I don’t deserve the fate of a leading role.”

“Sorry for keeping you waiting. This way, let’s go upstairs.” The big eye sister moved quite fast, hence came back to Yuan Zhou’s side within 3 minutes.

“Never mind.”

Yuan Zhou followed the sister leading the way and went into the elevator.


It was not a high building, so the elevator arrived at the floor soon. Yuan Zhou walked out of the elevator and found that there were not many people here. But all this entire floor had were Apple brand computers, with various models brilliantly displayed on the table for visitors to see and try.

At the edge of the hall, there were also sofas and tea water served. It looked fairly high-end.

Although Yuan Zhou was a man, he actually knew little about computers. He only knew how to turn it on and off. As for other operations, it was a little difficult for him. Therefore, Yuan Zhou just silently listened to the sister beside him making detailed introductions.

The most expensive laptop on the market currently was gaming laptop with high configurations. Yuan Zhou seldom played online games, but he wanted to at least have a look. Thus he said directly, “Let’s have a look at the gaming laptop first.”

“No problem. Please take a seat here on the sofa. Let me bring the laptop for you at once.” The big-eyed sister readily agreed. Then she led Yuan Zhou to the sofa area.

“Please have some tea. I’ll bring that over for you right away.” While saying that, the big-eyed sister prepared a glass of warm water and put it aside Yuan Zhou’s hand.

Such service attitude and consideration for customers were far better compared to Yuan Zhou’s restaurant. The Master Chef restaurant served superb delicacy and thus Yuan Zhou could be capricious towards his guests. His guests didn’t care about his arrogant attitude at all due to his excellent culinary skills which could not be found anywhere else.

“Hello, Sir. These three computers are the gaming models with top configurations. There come in black, white and bright red. Which color do you like?” The big eye girl took three laptops in her arms and came up to Yuan Zhou, with a “choose as you like” manner.

While looking at the color, Yuan Zhou made the decision. Considering that his computer was black before and now that he was buying a white mobile phone, “This white one is good.”

“Ok. Let me turn on the computer for you.” The big eye girl took the white laptop in front of Yuan Zhou.

While turning on the computer, the big eye girl introduced the laptop in details, “One of the characteristics of this model is the very quick startup speed, only 20 seconds. Look, the computer has been turned on by now. Moreover, it is very light in the weight, only 1.9 kilograms. You saw I could easily carry 3 sets just now, right?”

While saying that, the big eye girl picked up the laptop and showed it to Yuan Zhou.

“Hum, it’s indeed fairly thin.” Looking up and down, left to right, he opened a website and played some games for a while on the computer, realizing that the speed was indeed several times faster than his old one.

The big-eyed girl introduced various functions and advantages as well as the distinctive characteristics of the laptop in due time. All introductions were quite detailed. During the introduction, she tried to explain various configurations of the laptop to Yuan Zhou in plain language when she found that Yuan Zhou didn’t understand the technical details. She was fairly considerate and careful in doing all that.

After finishing a game, he was determined to buy this one, “Ok, I want this one. But it must be a new one.”

“Don’t worry, all products here are new. But for this sample machine, we obviously won’t sell it to you.” The big-eyed girl revealed a sincere smile and explained to him patiently.

“Hold on a moment. Let me go and pack it for you. Have a rest, please.” The big eye girl took a bow to Yuan Zhou, smiling. Then she put the three sets of sample machines away and then started to pack up the white laptop bought by Yuan Zhou.

The professional big-eyed girl quickly carried a modest box and came up to Yuan Zhou.

“Sir, the counter is on the 1st floor. Let me lead you there.”

The two people went downstairs to the cashier, who was a girl with short hair. One could see the dimple on her cheek when she smiled. She said with a sweet voice, “Sir, the total price of your mobile phone and computer is 35,677 RMB. The mobile phone is 8877 while the computer 26,800. Do you want to pay by cash or by the debit card?”

“Debit card.” Yuan Zhou took out his wallet from the pocket of his jeans lavishly and drew out his brand-new Construction Bank debit card.

“Ok. Please wait a moment.” Having received the debit card from Yuan Zhou with the hands, she started to operate. During the process, the big-eyed girl slowly explained the steps for maintaining the laptop and mobile phone with an enthusiastic and meticulous manner.

“Please check the bill and sign your name at this blank space if there’s no problem.” The cashier girl handed over the receipt and pen.

After taking a slight glance at the total amount, Yuan Zhou then signed his name. The lavish boss Yuan Zhou signed his name like a flying dragon.

As Yuan Zhou walked out of the entrance, the big-eyed girl said “Please do visit again,” from behind.

While carrying the new laptop and mobile phone in one hand, he glanced at the bill in his other hand. He felt pretty satisfied.

If it were the him from before, how came he spent so much money on a laptop and mobile phone?

He picked up the new mobile phone and looked at the clock. It was then 11:30 in the afternoon and it was time for lunch. This was the time for Yuan Zhou to fulfill his other purpose.

At the beginning, after he graduated, Yuan Zhou hadn’t looked for an apparel-designing related job as per his major. Instead, he went to the kitchen of a 3-Star hotel and started to work as a kitchen hand, hoping to learn good culinary skills. However, his culinary talent turned out to be only average. Furthermore, he didn’t have any social connections to learn excellent culinary skills from a teacher, so he was still a novice after two years.

Nevertheless, there was no one who could cook Egg Fried Rice and The Soup Dumplings as well as him at present. Yuan Zhou was quite satisfied and proud of that.

Anyhow, he had been working in a 3-Star hotel before. During that period, he could only cook for the customers every day while he himself had never tasted those dishes. Even though currently he knew that the culinary skills of those chefs were not so good as his, he still felt it was a regret of his.

Now that he had a chance, he would definitely go there for a taste, to this 3-Star hotel rather than a 5-Star one.

He called a taxi and went directly to the “Ming Ren Hotel” where he had worked previously. After a while, the driver stopped at the specially-designated parking spot for taxis at the entrance of the hotel.

He raised his head and looked at the golden splendid entrance. The gilding characters of “Ming Ren Hotel” hung at the top of the entrance. The bright red carpet stretched from the inside of the entrance and stopped at the end of the stairs.

The clean and transparent glass gate was widely open. Cool air from the air-conditioner could be felt even outside the entrance. The stone lions at both sides of the entrance looked mighty and domineering. The four doormen standing at the entrance were all of the same height, dressed in red uniforms for doormen. When they saw Yuan Zhou get off the taxi, they came up to him quickly.

“Hello, Sir. This way, please.”

“Shall I carry the belongings for you, sir?” A doorman said with a standard smile.

“No, thanks. I can manage it myself.”

Following the doorman, Yuan Zhou entered the hotel from the main entrance.

When he had worked in the kitchen of this hotel before, there was a special entrance for the staffs. This is the first time Yuan Zhou entered the hotel from the main entrance in the past two years.

Money is truly a bastard, but this bastard is good stuff.

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