Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 15: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part One)

Chapter 15: Fully Displaying His Talents (Part One)

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Having had the Egg Fried Rice, Yin Ya went back to her company in a good mood and admitted her mistakes to the inspector general on her own initiative.

This was actually the rule in their line of work. As a superior, he only cared about the results and didn’t care how the mistake was made. Seeing Yin Ya admit her mistakes on her own, however, the inspector general was fairly satisfied. Then he offered a few words of comfort and sent her away.

Yin Ya’s mood became even better when she found that things went smoothly. She felt that it was the Egg Fried Rice that brought about good luck. Therefore, she took out her phone and updated a status in her circle of friends on Wechat.

“I had this super delicious Egg Fried Rice at noontime today, for the first time in my life. How eager am I to eat it again!”

Usually, the recommendations by pretty girls would be well received. Under this status, hundreds of people gave likes. Furthermore, there were some men with mixed feelings looking at the updated status, lost in thought.

Yuan Zhou had just waken up and was holding his phone while thinking about a serious problem.

Currently, many store owners had started to publicize their stores through Weibo and Wechat, etc. He was considering to apply for one of them.

After ruminating for quite a while, Yuan Zhou decided to give up this idea. For an intelligent man like him who had great goals, it was demanding for him to use the Weibo since he had never even used QQ during normal times.

It was 4:00 p.m. While looking at the time, he put down the telephone and sprung up from the bed. After some tidying up, he went downstairs and opened the door.

As a cook, Yuan Zhou paid much attention to his personal cleanliness and physical health.

However, the system had an exclusive method for this. It scanned Yuan Zhou’s body everyday to maintain his health.

Even the slight short sightedness resulting from staying up reading novels was cured by the system, with the reason that he needed to carefully observe the ingredients. In his current state, it was not even a problem to donate sperm. Of course, he wouldn’t do that. After all, it would be sinful to simply spread his outstanding genes.

“Monkey, Ali. Here we are.” Two people were gazing around searching for others. Hearing the call, they turned and found four others standing at the opposite side of the square.

The call was from a short and stout man. His ID was I’m a Gormandizer while the true name was Qian Jianshe. While wearing a singlet and short pants, like an old grandpa wandering out for a walk, no one would have recognized him as a civil servant working in the office of State Grid. The man standing next to Qian Jianshe was the group host, Yi Yuan, who was dressed in a high-quality suit. He looked fairly cool in this attire, which he relied on for impressing others. Though he had a high salary, he was actually an insurance salesman. Thus he needed to go about to entertained his client during dinners, he created this group in the hope that someone could recommend nice restaurants to him. After all, it would be really embarrassing if the dinner wasn’t to the satisfaction of the clients. From then onwards, the group had developed into a gathering place for gourmets.

As for the man beside Sun Ming, he was the one named Mr. Rice Bucket, his real name was Zhang Daming.

This young man was the youngest member of the group. He described himself as a 23-year-old. Different from others whose jobs were known to all, this man called Zhang Daming was a mystery, except for his name and ages. However, he definitely wouldn’t be absent when delicious cuisines were recommended. As time passed, people stop caring about his origins. Originally, they gathered together to eat rather than make profound friendships.

Zhou Yan, with the network name Onlooker 1234, stood aside rigidly. He wore an ordinary white shirt and black suit pants, without any noticeable creases. At the beginning, everyone thought that he valued the get-togethers, hence paid such attention to his dressing. Nevertheless, it was not until when the group members familiarize themselves with each other did they find this man was originally conscientious and meticulous, like a victim of the obsessive compulsive disorder. Everything must be done to utmost perfection. Being so demanding, it was no wonder his occupation was a teacher.

“We were waiting for you two only. Since we are all driving cars, Sun and Monkey, you guys lead the way ahead. We will follow.”

“Sorry, we spent some extra time parking just now. So let’s go.” Monkey gave an explanation and then lead the way to the parking lot, preparing to head to Yuan Zhou’s restaurant.

“Yin Ya, are you free tonight? Let’s have a dinner together, shall we?” Zou Heng, her colleague from the sales department, came to her office table and asked her, just before they got off work.

While looking at Zou Heng’s earnest gaze, Yin Ya felt a little awkward.

Either inadvertently or by design, Zou Heng had revealed his intentions to woo her. But whenever she was about to refuse him, he would switch the topic to work related matters, making it seem like official business. It caused difficulty for her to decidedly refuse.

It was not to say he was problematic. Zou Heng was a sales expert in his department, with an enthusiasm personality and full of integrity

Although he was plain looking, looks were not a decisive factor when Yin Ya was looking for a boyfriend. However, Yin Ya had no feelings for him at all. While Yin Ya was thinking hard how to get through this problem, Zou Heng opened his mouth again.

“Yin Ya, it concerns the business case that Inspector General Wang proposed last time. It was handed over to you to communicate with the sales department, right? I’m the one in charge of it in the sales department.”

While saying that, he raised his hand and looked at the watch, “Now it’s time to leave. So we can chat while having a meal. Then the case can be carried out as soon as we finish our discussion.”

“You choose the place for lunch.” While saying that, Zou Heng looked at Yin Ya in earnest.

“Ok. We go to eat Egg Fried Rice. It’s simple, which gives us some time to talk about business affairs.” Yin Ya agreed with a helpless tone.

She just wanted to improve her mood, when she recalled the tasty Egg Fried Rice at noontime, and spoke those few words.

With his purpose achieved, Zou Heng revealed his smile and then left, preparing to wait for Yin Ya at the entrance of the company.

There were many situations that occur before one can prepare for them, for example, now.

After just opening his restaurant, Yuan Zhou received a guest, precisely, a curious guest.

“Boss, your Egg Fried Rice is 188 RMB per serving?” The curious guest had a mustache and was of 30 or so age. He looked like a man working in an artistic career.

“Yes, exactly. You want a taste?”

“I see guests coming out of your restaurant with a joyful expression. That means the food is fairly good. By the way, I live on the 2nd floor of the building facing your restaurant.” The mustache man explained to Yuan Zhou, to avoid being treated like a peeping Tom.

“You’ll know after you eat.” Yuan Zhou showed him a seat while saying.

“Boss, are you inviting me to taste it for free?” the mustache man sat down and asked, smiling.

“Of course not. If you wanna taste, you could order one serving. But it’s impossible to provide one for free.” Yuan Zhou revealed a standard polite smile and said with a grin.

He was thinking in his heart, “What kind of international joke is that? Even me, the boss, would be charged, let alone you, the guest.”

“Then serve me one for a taste.” After considering for one minute, the mustache man opened his mouth and said.

“Ok, it’ll be served right away.”

The several people driving their cars soon arrived at the simple and quiet street.

“Monkey, you are really good at finding places to eat, it’s always in an alley every time.” While carefully parking his car, Qian Jianshe didn’t forget to speak. His actions were quick and neat. Thus he not only parked his car but also helped Yi Yuan park his.

“See the restaurant over there, the one without any signboards? That’s it. Let’s go.” Getting used to Qian Jianshe’s word, Monkey didn’t pay much attention. He just pointed ahead and showed everyone the gate.

While talking, they walked into the restaurant.

“Boss, we are here again, with some more business. Since your fried rice is so magnificent, I brought some more guests for you. So, could I have two servings tonight?” Once entering the restaurant, Monkey started to shout a long sentence. Of course, the latter part was the main point.

Seeing Monkey so honest and frank, Yuan Zhou responded with the same attitude. He answered directly and decidedly, “No, you can’t.”

Monkey, “…”

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