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Chapter 23: Small Restaurant on the Right Track

Chapter 23: Small Restaurant on the Right Track

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“Have a taste, then you will know.” After setting down the tray, Yuan Zhou urged Yin Ya to try the set meal first.

“Ok. Then I’ll start now.” Having nodded her head, Yin Ya took a spoon and started to eat.

In an instant, the expression on her face became similar to the other two beside her. They had almost finished, yet each had a blissful appearance and could not stop eating. Of course, there was a subtle difference between them and Yin Ya, that is, they, who had almost finished their food, started to knit their brows.

“Boss, please give me another bowl of seaweed soup and pickled radish!”

“Boss, another bowl of seaweed soup and pickled radish please!”

Gao Ying and the small mustache man, Wu Hai, said at the same time.

The two people first looked at each other, then turned their heads back to stare at Yuan Zhou, as if nothing had happened, and waited for his answer.

Yuan Zhou hadn’t expected the two people who just finished their meal would have such tacit understanding. He looked amused while the other two got a little embarrassed.

“I’m sorry. Every customer in my restaurant may only have one serving, as written on the wall.”, said Yuan Zhou.

“Boss, I am not ordering another serving, just requesting a little more soup and pickled radish. They are provided for free and without limits in other restaurants. Boss, you are not so stingy, are you?” Of course, Wu Hai knew the rules here. However in his opinion, refilling the side dishes shouldn’t be a problem. For such delicious side dishes, Wu Hai could eat 8 or 10 bowls even without the Egg Fried Rice. It was merely a piece of cake to him.

“That’s right, boss. Just a bowl of soup is also acceptable for me.” At that side, Gao Ying said seriously with a taut face, as well.

“Providing only one serving means no refills.” Yuan Zhou remained the same, refusing them coldly and mercilessly.

“Moreover, the rules in other restaurants have nothing to do with me.” After thinking for a while, Yuan Zhou added.

What a joke! A restaurant with the Master Chef System was simply incomparable to other restaurants.

Gao Ying was speechless. She turned around and found there was indeed a signboard on the wall stating the words Yuan Zhou just spoke. Taking a deep look at Yuan Zhou, she picked up her handbag and left the restaurant.

Yuan Zhou felt that her gaze contained great animosity and discontent. He felt that if Gao Ying hadn’t seen him prepare the set meal, she might have already kicked him. Not allowing people to eat their fill was terrible but it was even worse if a woman wasn’t allowed to eat her fill.

Yuan Zhou just stood there in a calm manner, his arms folded across his chest.

“Boss, you are so unkind. How about just offering me a small plate of pickled radish?” Looking at his empty bowl and plate, Wu Hai continued to persuade Yuan Zhou hopefully.

“Oh, really?” Yuan Zhou said peacefully, without being affected at all.

“Fine, you win. I’ll come by in the evening. But I think the soup is too little, the pickled radish is also not enough, not to mention the Egg Fried Rice dish. Add a little more, ok?” Wu Hai had to take the second best option. He had expected to succeed in this way.

With his eyebrows raised, Yuan Zhou said indifferently.

“Every serving I provide is equal. It is extremely precise. You can verify with a ruler if you don’t trust me.”

Verify with a ruler…


Wu Hai couldn’t say anything anymore. He could do nothing but leave the restaurant.

The several guests who were watching the scene then started to order their meals after the show ended. Of course, they also ordered the new dish, Egg Fried Rice Set.

After watching the scene, they understood how the new dish scored in the taste section.

As for watching the scene in amusement, these few people were honestly not to blame. Almost every new guest would ask for another serving. When they saw the boss Yuan Zhou mercilessly refuse those requests just like how he did to them previously, the previous frustration of being refused was relieved. All guests here now had gotten into that “good habit”.

Five servings of Egg Fried Rice were not a big deal for Yuan Zhou now that he had gotten used to cooking. The dishes were done and served to each guest within 10 minutes. At that moment, Yin Ya, who had been concentrating on the set meal had just finished her lunch.


Having sighed with emotion, Yin Ya stared at Yuan Zhou with a pitiful look and said, “Boss Yuan, how could you intentionally do this.” Her manner of speaking was resentful while her expression was filled with sorrow, as if Yuan Zhou was the lover that betrayed her.

Yuan Zhou felt that the look was hilarious and also gave him an inexplicable sense of happiness.

“Cough Cough”

Yuan Zhou cleared his throat and then asked, “What’s the matter? What do you mean by saying ‘intentionally’?”

“Your set meal is so tasty. What shall I do in future? I can’t afford it with my salary. Don’t you think you are intentionally making me suffer?” With her beautiful almond-shaped eyes open wide, Yin Ya stared straight at Yuan Zhou and said.

“Never mind. You can come occasionally.” Yuan Zhou answered without any hesitation.

“Pu Chi”

The short-haired girl with brow-skimming bangs burst out laughing, being unable to hold herself back any longer, when she found that Yuan Zhou didn’t understand. Yin Ya, on the other hand, was ashamed and annoyed, she immediately said, “Never mind, never mind. It’s mainly because the dishes are so delicious.”

“Hurry up with your meal if it’s tasty. If you can’t finish, I can help you drink up the soup.” Yin Ya’s face suddenly said in a threatening tone as her face turned crimson.

“No thanks. The amount is not much. I can do it by myself.” The short-haired girl covered her dishes and slightly moved away from Yin Ya, making Yin Ya speechless.

While ignoring her, Yin Ya turned her head and asked Yuan Zhou, “Boss Yuan, since we are so familiar with each other, could you add some soup for me?”

Facing such a tiny request from a pretty girl, Yuan Zhou would have already agreed immediately if it was before, but now……

“No, I can’t. This is the rule of my restaurant.” Although Yuan Zhou refused her directly and decisively, he complained in the heart and couldn’t help asking the system.

“System, can’t the soup be provided separately?”

The system read, “Host, please work hard to upgrade your level.”


Ok, it’s fine. It was the standard and official answer. Judging by his appearance, Yuan Zhou seemed inflexible and serious, but only he himself knew the actual situation in his heart.

“Boss Yuan, if you act that way, you’ll probably lose me as a client.” Yin Ya was truly annoyed this time.

No matter what, she was still a pretty girl wooed by many men. Even men who didn’t know her would hesitate to reject her request, not to mention she frequently came here for meals. Furthermore, she also helped bring about so many guests. Although they came because of the tasty Egg Fried Rice, she felt she also made some contributions.

However, Yuan Zhou’s current decisive refusal made Yin Ya feel that he was a super demon, just like the one with the surname Grandet (Eugenie Grandet by Honore de Balzac).

Yuan Zhou couldn’t say anything facing such situation, merely looking at Yin Ya silently.

When Yin Ya found Yuan Zhou didn’t answer her, instead staring at herself in silence, she could only retreat in defeat.

“Hum!!! I’m leaving”, said she.

Then she took her handbag and left, not even waiting for her colleagues that came along with her.

“Boss Yuan, only you could have done it! You can even refuse a pretty girl’s request and remain calm. Really cool.” A young man with a pair of glasses sitting at the very end made a thumb-up gesture to Yuan Zhou and said in an admirable tone.

“You still dare to say that to Boss Yuan. Why didn’t you go up and try to please her just now?” A slightly older man in a suit said sneeringly, pointing at the young man’s very clean soup bowl.

“Aha, I am offering an opportunity to Boss Yuan to show off in front of the beautiful girl.” The young man with glasses spoke shamelessly.

“Ok, everybody, let’s leave quickly. You see, many people are waiting for the seats.” After drinking the last spoonful of soup, the short-haired girl said.

Indeed, as it was the rush hour, the three available seats had already been taken by others while other guests had to wait outside.

This was almost an impossible occurrence in reality. A small restaurant which served only Egg Fried Rice, and with only 8 seats, furthermore with two flower racks taking up space that could have been used to add more seats, a small restaurant that didn’t provide take-aways, even if you brought a bowl yourself; moreover, this small restaurant refused all the customers’ request for another serving, finally, under all these circumstances, the Egg Fried Rice here was sold at a surprising 188 RMB per serving.

Gradually, Yuan Zhou’s small nameless restaurant received some fame around the neighborhood. Just at that time, Yuan Zhou received his 3rd mission.

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