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Chapter 34: Idiotic Youth Having Much Fun

Chapter 34: Idiotic Youth Having Much Fun

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“You haven’t been here for a long time. Only having Egg Fried Rice today?” the fat boss asked after telling the chef to start cooking.

Previously the fat boss had fairly good business. Although his dishes were just average and more expensive than others, his food was clean and the place was tidy. After all, the white collar workers working nearby didn’t lack that extra 1 or 2 RMB.

But recently the fat boss realized that he was getting less and less customers. The man seated in front of him used to come three times a day for his meals, now he only came occasionally. Therefore, the boss tried to find out the situation from Wu Zhou.

“Yeah, I don’t feel like eating anything else,” Wu Zhou answered perfunctorily while thinking about his good idea excitedly.

Noticing that Wu Zhou was absent-minded, the fat boss felt it inappropriate to continue asking him. Just then, the Egg Fried Rice Wu Zhou ordered came.

“16RMB in total, for the Egg Fried Rice, along with the box. The soup has already been packed inside for you as well.” The fat boss said carefully while receiving the money with a smile.

“Be careful. Don’t let the soup pour out.” The fatty boss reminded him from the back when he saw Wu Zhou leave while carrying the dish carelessly.

“Got it.”

Wu Zhou walked quickly while carrying the box. He seemed to take little notice of the fat boss’s advice.

There were not many people on the street yet. Most of the employees in nearby office buildings got off work around 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. It was barely 5:00 p.m. now. Wu Zhou muttered to himself while carrying the dish with one hand and checking the time on his mobile phone with his other hand.

“There should be some seats available now. I just don’t know if it is open yet.”


With a crash, Yuan Zhou opened the roller shutter door and stretched at the entrance. Looking left and right, he found that there were no customers waiting, thus he went back into the restaurant.

He had been exhausted these few days as more people came for meals in the limited time.

“Hummmm, when would this mission be completed?”

While thinking of that, he checked his mission status.

[Mission 2]: Since host has gotten some fame in the neighborhood, please obtain more than 1000 recognition points on the internet within 20 days.

(Mission Progress: 400 / 1000)

“It seems that I still have a long way to go. Fortunately, it has only been a few days.”

Yuan Zhou sat on his chair with one hand supporting his head and the other fiddling with the glass cup.”

“Boss Yuan, I have come to request for your help.” Noticing that there was nobody inside the restaurant, Wu Zhou then came up to Yuan Zhou while carrying the box of Egg Fried Rice.

“My rules are written on the wall. Look at it yourself.” Yuan Zhou had already been through the stage where he had to explain carefully to the customers about the rules. Therefore, he just pointed to the wall without even raising his head.

“Don’t worry, Boss Yuan. It is not about the matter of asking for extra servings,” Wu Zhou said as he stood in front of Yuan Zhou with the box in his hand.

For some affairs, words would flow out as long as you opened the mouth, for example, when borrowing money.

“What’s up?” Yuan Zhou was interested. He raised his head and looked at Wu Zhou curiously.

“Boss Yuan, I would like to eat here in your restaurant.” Upon seeing that Yuan Zhou had no reaction, Wu Zhou continued to say, “But what I intend to eat is a takeaway from another restaurant.”

“Why would you eat takeaways from other restaurants at my place?” Yuan Zhou felt this fairly absurd.

“I don’t have much money remaining. I would like to eat your dish, but I can’t afford it now. Therefore I have decided to eat the takeaway here at your restaurant, and imagine it to be the Egg Fried Rice cooked by you,” Wu Zhou told his reason while setting down the box on the table.

“Come in, please.” Yuan Zhou choked at the ridiculous reason. After quite a while, he raised his hand and made a “Please” gesture.

“It’s alright. There is still no one here yet. I’ll eat when someone orders the dish,” he said happily when he found that Yuan Zhou agreed.

“I can only use this way to obtain the same sensations of eating your tasty Egg Fried Rice,” he then added.

“Ok, sure. Please visualised as much as want later,” Yuan Zhou ridiculed.

“Do you need a bowl and a plate for the Egg Fried Rice? It would seem more alike.”

“Boss Yuan, you are so considerate. Then thank you very much,” Wu Zhou agreed with a surprised expression shown on his face.

“Wait a moment.” Yuan Zhou took a look at the box filled with Egg Fried Rice.

The plates here were too small for such a large amount of Egg Fried Rice, therefore, Yuan Zhou prepared a bigger one and a middle-sized white porcelain bowl, then passed them to Wu Zhou.

Wu Zhou delightedly poured his Egg Fried Rice and seaweed soup from the box to the plate and bowl. Then threw the remains into the trash can near the entrance.

During this process, customers had entered the restaurant. All other seats had been occupied except for Wu Zhou’s place. Then the customers started to order their meals one after another.

“Boss Yuan, Egg Fried Rice Set.”

“Egg Fried Rice……….”

Wu Zhou went up to take his seat and did not start to eat. He just waited for Yuan Zhou to finish cooking

In no more than 5 or 6 minutes, Yuan Zhou finished preparing the Egg Fried Rice and carried them out to the customers.

“Here is your Egg Fried Rice and the set meal.”

“Thank you, Boss Yuan.”

“Boss Yuan, your Egg Fried Rice is simply magical. I can’t live a single day without it,” a man seated beside Wu Zhou said while eating in a barbaric way. He was dressed in a suit and wore a tie. When he stretched his arm, one could see a watch on his wrist. He seemed like a well-groomed man.

Seeing that all the dishes had arrived, Wu Zhou also started to have his meal.

Meanwhile, Yuan Zhou was looking at the scene with interest from inside the kitchen.

It was usually very quiet when everyone enjoyed their own food. They were reluctant to talk and not likely to look around, either. Therefore, Wu Zhou’s behavior was quite obvious.

He first scooped up a spoonful of his own Egg Fried Rice, turned and looked at the Egg Fried Rice in his neighbor’s bowl, then only taking a bite. After repeating the same action several times, the well-groomed man nearby moved his plate along with his side dishes inwards as if to protect his food, and carried on eating.

Wu Zhou didn’t care, he just continued staring. When the well-groomed man drank a sip of soup, he did the same. When the well-groomed man ate a pickled radish, he followed. With such a content expression on his face, others would actually believe that he was eating the Egg Fried Rice cooked by Yuan Zhou.

Looking at the scene while standing at the side, Yuan Zhou couldn’t help laughing. When he saw the well-groomed man eating faster and faster, the desire to laugh just got stronger.

Just when Yuan Zhou thought Wu Zhou would finish his meal like that, the well-groomed man finally couldn’t bear it anymore. He raised his head and looked at Wu Zhou in anger. “What are you doing? We can only have one serving each here, so I definitely will not give my meal to you,” while saying that, he moved his plate again.

“Wait, wait. Why is your plate bigger than mine? And also you have more soup and more pickled radish than me. Boss Yuan, you have larger servings now?” the well-groomed man asked in surprise when he lowered his head and found that Wu Zhou had a much bigger plate and an obviously bigger bowl.

“No, I have only a standard serving. As for the reason why he has bigger plate and bowl, let him say it himself.” Once Yuan Zhou found that the well-groomed man had discovered the difference, he signaled Wu Zhou, allowing him to tell the story while he himself pretended to cover his mouth, smiling silently.

“Hehe, I’m not eating the Egg Fried Rice cooked by Boss Yuan. It’s from other restaurants,” Wu Zhou said frankly.

“How do you have the nerve to savour dishes from other restaurants here in Boss Yuan’s restaurant?” the well-groomed man asked in surprise.

“I ran out of money, but I still wanted to eat the fried rice cooked by Boss Yuan. Now when I observe all of you eating food cooked by Boss Yuan, I feel I’m also eating it, although it isn’t true,” Wu Zhou said in a natural and unashamed manner.


How idiotic could this person be to do such a silly and embarrassing thing?

Nevertheless, looking on the other side of things, it just showed how tasty the Egg Fried Rice cooked by Yuan Zhou was. However, this was definitely the first time someone had tried to do something like this.

The well-groomed man suddenly felt enlightened at the stupidity of mankind. He thought to himself. This guy is truly idiotic. Well, as long as he dosen’t have any intention of stealing my fried rice, I don’t really care.

Thus he brought his attention back to his the Egg Fried Rice, ignoring Wu Zhou.

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