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Chapter 38: Surprise

Chapter 38: Surprise

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After being traumatized by the sweet lovers, Yuan Zhou decided to get up late again the next morning to ease his wounded heart.

In his dreams, Yuan Zhou transformed into the great FFF league and burned those sweet lovers to death.

Therefore, the next morning, the door of the restaurant was tightly shut again, leaving the bemoaning customers waiting outside the door. The regular customers were truly tired by the boss’s behaviors.

What kind of ridiculous restaurant is this?

Ever since they knew Yuan Zhou had overslept last time, they had planned to abandon his restaurant and let him panic a bit about losing business.

However, to their surprise, they would wake up around the time when Yuan Zhou usually opened his restaurant. Their stomachs would grumble, reminding them to have breakfast while their feet would automatically take them to Yuan Zhou’s restaurant. It was then did they realize that it was the boss Yuan Zhou who was calling the shots instead of them.

This situation lasted for a week.

Since Wu Zhou had obtained his girlfriend’s support, he had sufficient money again, thus he would definitely come for the Egg Fried Rice once per day. Meanwhile, after that first meal, his girlfriend would not only drop by on weekends, but also on Wednesdays, just for a meal in Yuan Zhou’s restaurant. Of course, Wu Zhou also benefited from his girlfriend’s frequent visits.

While the lovers were getting more and more intimate and passionate, the single boss, Yuan Zhou, felt more and more reluctant to wake up early in the morning after watching them. This made the Soup Dumplings even more precious due to their scarcity. If the customers had known it was the result of Wu Zhou showing off his relationship, he would probably deeply understand the phrase “whoever shows intimacy will meet his end quickly.”

A foodie that lost his mind would have surprisingly strong battle prowess, let alone a crowd of foodies.

“Good evening. It’s time for Meng Meng to look for delicacies again. So, does anybody have any recommendations?”

A cute girl, with her hair in a bun, dressed in suspender shorts and a round neck T-shirt with white letters printed on it, was facing her mobile phone and talking to it. She walked unsteadily, taking occasional hops while she walked backwards, looking as if she could fall anytime.

Looking more closely, the girl’s spirited and lovely face appeared even cuter and more petite on the small screen. She had a fashionable appearance of a lotita. Judging by her actions, this girl was presumably a streamer.

“Your recommendations are so unreliable. There isn’t any food around here. I want delicious dishes!” the cute girl said endearingly while wrinkling her nose. Her real name was Wang Meng and her online handle was Confused Cutey

[I’m quite jealous of your skill of walking backward without hitting the wall], from Wall Supporting Gang.

[meng Meng, hurry up and eat please. I love watching you eat. It gives me a good appetite], from Loneliness is Coming.

[Meng Meng, there’s somebody behind you…] from Time Waits for No One.

Such words flashed passed the screen. It seemed that Wang Meng was fairly popular as a streamer.

“Ok. I will take everybody to seek out tasty food right now.” When Wang Meng saw that most of the messages were requesting for delicious foods, she started to look right and left, of course, in her natural and cute style.

After that, the messages changed into applause and favorable comments.

While she was looking around, Wang Meng suddenly found Yuan Zhou’s restaurant with a few customers inside.

“Do you guys see that restaurant without a sign?” while saying that, she slightly tilted her phone upwards, then return it back to its original position. She then continued, “Based on its appearance, it must have been opened not too long ago. Let’s try that new restaurant.”

Her audiences couldn’t wait already but Wang Meng was patient. She took her own time, showing the audience the surroundings, just like an adventure.

[Meng Meng, if you keep staying at the entrance of the restaurant, the boss is going to drive you away], from Wall Supporting Gang

[I’m here to watch you eat delicious food. Hurry up, please], from Loneliness is Coming.

“Ok, fine. I’m also hungry. Since I have already exercised, I can definitely eat more today.” Wang Meng made the gesture “come on”, and then walked into Yuan Zhou’s restaurant while holding her phone.

Wang Meng was now walking forward normally, as she didn’t want to stumble at the doorway.

It was barely 5:00 in the afternoon. There were only a few customers at the moment, the regular customer Wu Hai, and three other new customers.

“Boss Yuan, you are quite unkind. Could you please just tell me if you are going to open the restaurant tomorrow morning?” After Wu Hai finished his Egg Fried Rice, he asked Yuan Zhou while rubbing his belly in an uncouth manner.

“I have no idea. Who can be certain about the affairs of tomorrow?” Yuan Zhou drank a mouthful of water, with a natural expression on his calm face.

Wu Hai felt quite helpless. “Boss Yuan, you are opening a restaurant and doing business. I’m begging you. Please give me an exact answer? It’s also acceptable if you give me your phone number.”

“No way.” Yuan Zhou continued to refuse him.

Yuan Zhou wasn’t stupid. If he gave his telephone number to Wu Hai, he would probably have a human-shaped alarm clock that would disturb his dreams every morning. Recently, Yuan Zhou had been quite satisfied with his current life as he could sleep and wake up whenever he wanted every day. Occasionally he would wake up early and prepare the Soup Dumplings for sale. The restaurant could only be opened for 6 hours a day, thus he allocated 4 hours to noontime while the remaining 2 hours were in the evening. As for the remaining time, he was preparing to learn something new to improve himself.

Of course, his condition to this easy life was that the turnover of the 6 hours per day had to be similar to those previously. It wasn’t exaggerated to say that he was raking in the dough now.

Upon entering the restaurant, Wang Meng witnessed that wonderful scene and heard them talking. Occasionally, she typed to communicate with her audience through messages.

Once there were other people around, this streamer could just stay quiet and send messages to her audience. She would then become a quiet beauty.

She went up and took a seat at the tall chair at the very middle. Then she started to adjust the angle of her phone so she could catch herself eating also recorded the scene better.”

The table was quite clean and tidy, without any other condiments like salt and vinegar which were usually prepared by other restaurants. As for the tissues, customers prepared those themselves. Therefore, there was nothing that could be use as support for the phone on the table.

Of course, as a network streamer, Wang Meng was always prepared. She had a big pocket in her suspender shorts, from which Wang Meng simply took out a small support frame, the kind that could be attached to the table.


She easily attached the support frame to the table and then put her phone on it. After adjusting the angle, she continued to take things out of her pocket.

When she found there were no tissues supplied, she reached into her pocket and took out a wet wipe to clean her hands. The seemingly small pocket was like Doraemon’s pocket. This action of making things appear out of that not very big pocket had already been a signature move of Wang Meng.

While she was still being Doraemon, Wang Meng suddenly noticed a comment that kept appearing on the screen.

[Meng Meng, hurry up and look behind you], from Time Waits for No One.

At the very beginning, it was this guy with the ID Time Waits for No One who frequently said that sort of thing. “Look at your back. There’s a ghost” and tried to scare her. Thus, Wang Meng didn’t take his words seriously. But after a little while, similar contents filled the screen.

[Gosh, I’m gasping for breath. I need a kiss from Meng Meng. Please hurry and look behind you], from Companionship of Books.

[Please tell me it’s not true. Meng Meng, please check behind of you], from Proud Rain of the Southern Palace.

[Meng Meng, there’s a huge situation behind you. Please check it right away], from Loneliness is Coming.

[Behind you. The wall behind is terribly scary], from Seven Three Seven Two One.

The series of words of “look at the wall behind you” almost scared Wang Meng. She really didn’t know what was happening behind her.

She slowly turned her head…

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