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Chapter 39: Simple-minded

Chapter 39: Simple-minded

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The astonished streamer, Wang Meng, decided to follow her audience advice to look behind her.

While trembling, she turned her head slowly.

90 degrees.

Then she turned her body a 180 degrees.


“Did I misread it?”

Wang Meng screamed. She simply did not dare trust her eyes. After rubbing them, she took another look again.

It was still the same. Wang Meng’s expression was as if she saw a ghost.

What she saw was the price list of Yuan Zhou’s restaurant on the wall behind her, where the prices were clearly marked.

Egg Fried Rice: 188RMB /serving

Egg Fried Rice Set: 288RMB /seving

Soup Dumplings: 66RMB /serving

If the price list had not indicated it was in RMB, Wang Meng would have definitely thought it was in JPY. Who had ever heard of such an expensive Egg Fried Rice dish? A bowl of Egg Fried Rice here could buy 20 bowls in other restaurants.

Furthermore, there was even a note beside the prices. “Each customer may only have one serving per dish in this restaurant.”

That was funny, truly hilarious. Would anyone even order a second serving with this price?

Did he truly think that the rich were all fools?

[Meng Meng got frightened. Come into my arms for comfort], from Image of South River.

[Meng Meng, don’t be scared. You can afford it. Let me help you now], from Proud Rain of the Southern Palace. After saying that, he immediately transferred 500RMB worth of electronic currency to her.

[Take the money and eat two bowls. Go], from Proud Rain of the Southern Palace.

[Meng Meng, please hurry up and help us taste the 288RMB Egg Fried Rice Set], from Seemingly Disguise.

This kind of audience who would support her for nothing was most appreciated by Wang Meng. When she found so many people requesting for her to give it a try, she could only go for it.

Streamers were the same as authors. They had to comply with the audience or readers requests.

“Boss, what tasty dishes do you have?” Wang Meng asked directly.

“It’s all written at the back, check it yourself.”

With his sensitive hearing and sharp sight, Yuan Zhou had already figured out that this girl was a network streamer. She had been holding on to her phone and talking ceaselessly to it ever since she came in through the entrance.

“Why does everyone keep asking me to look behind today?” Wang Meng responded with a smile, as she complained silently in her heart.

[The boss rejected the acting Meng Meng’s cute act. It’s okay Meng Meng], from Lord Little Bull.

[Meng Meng, don’t forget my 288RMB Egg Fried Rice Set], from Engage.

While saying that, the two people transferred her an extra 100RMB respectively.

“Boss, please give me one Egg Fried Rice Set.” Wang Meng ordered the most expensive dish straightaway, as per her audience request.

“Ok. Hold on.”

Yuan Zhou’s voice always had a magnetic charm to it. Besides the beard, he could be said to be of the mature type. People rarely expected him to be only 24 or 25. They were more likely to think that he was 30 or so.

His magnetic voice attracted all the little girls on the other side of the screen instantly.

[Meng Meng, take a photo of the boss and show us. You haven’t recorded the appearance of the boss yet], from Proud Rain of South Palace.

[What a magnetic voice the boss has!I’m a fan of his now], from Somebody Styled.

[Show us an HD photo of the boss], from Cool Cold Ink.

While reading the messages on the screen, Wang Meng stuck out her tongue and said, “No problem. Let me take the photo for you. But don’t forget about me after you see him.”

The audience watching the live scene loved these kind of performance by Wang Meng the most. While speaking comforting words, there were many transfers given as well.

At the moment, Yuan Zhou was carrying the Egg Fried Rice to Wang Meng. Therefore, she seized the chance to turn the camera towards Yuan Zhou.

[Meng Meng, the boss is the mature type, my favourite], from Kiss the Group.

[A mature boss type! So cute! That’s awfully terrific], from Love You Forever.

[A serious and cool mature type boss along with a cute loli streamer. My mind is giving me new suggestions for a story], from Confused Extraordinariness.

Such messages appeared on the screen. It seemed that her audiences did not include only males, but also girls who enjoyed this type of gourmet programme.

“Please take your time and enjoy,” Yuan Zhou said the customary words as he set down the tray.

“Boss Yuan, since you won’t tell me if your are going to be opened for breakfast tomorrow morning, I have to eat more the usual today in case I get hungry by then,” Wu Hai requested in an innocent manner.

“This request is fairly reasonable,” Yuan Zhou said earnestly as he went up to Wu Hai and the other regular customers.

“See?Never give up! Look, I finally succeed!” Wu Hai shook his neighbor excitedly.

“Boss Yuan, I want another one, too. I have never eaten my fill, thus every night, I wake up due to hunger,” the one being shaken said in a miserable tone while trying to get rid of Wu Hai.

“I haven’t’ finished speaking.” With his hands folded across his chest, Yuan Zhou looked at the excited Wu Hai and then continued, “It’s a fairly reasonable request, but I refuse.”


Once he spoke those words, besides Yuan Zhou and Wang Meng, the other five customers froze immediately.

Yuan Zhou was the culprit while Wang Meng was being conquered by the delightful Egg Fried Rice Set. She had almost forgotten about her live broadcast, proving how superb the taste of the set meal was.

If Wang Meng had to pretend on her previous broadcasts and show an intoxicated expression while eating those food, it was completely unnecessary now. This dish was far too delicious.

This could be seen from the numerous messages on the screen

That blissful expression while savouring her meal made the audience on the other side of the screen hungry. Even those that had just eaten were not exempted.

“Baji Baji”

Only after chewing and swallowing the last mouthful did Wang Meng started to speak again. “My goodness, it’s super delicious, absolutely delicious. This restaurant is the best one that I have ever visited. Those exotic and rare foods cannot even hold a candle to this bowl of Egg Fried Rice.”

“Yes, delicious, this kind of delicacy cannot be fully described by words.”

After praising it, Wang Meng found numerous messages on the screen asking for her to eat another bowl and also for the address of the restaurant.

[I strongly implore Meng Meng to inform us of the restaurant’s address. The money has been paid to you], from Image of South River.

[Meng Meng, please share your location. Your expression is so blissful while eating, that I couldn’t help finishing three packs of sunflower seeds], from Robolan119.

[I just finished eating another bowl of the instant noodles as well, since I almost starved while looking at the screen. I have decided to taste the 288RMB Egg Fried Rice Set. Please give the address of the restaurant], from Dark Cloud in the Blue Sky.

[Doesn’t anyone want to watch Meng Meng eat another bowl of Egg Fried Rice? The meal expense has been paid for. Please order another serving], Seemingly Disguise rewarded her with another 300RMB.

[Meng Meng, the way you eat is super cute. Please order another serving and share with us the location of the restaurant], from Night City and Desert Smoke.


“You guys are so merciless. You would abandon me just for a dish!” said Wang Meng while pretending to be sad.

Only after she found that the messages started to revolve around her again did she praise Yuan Zhou’s small restaurant. She was quite good at interacting with her audience.

“The address has been shared. Maybe you’ll get a chance to have a live broadcast together with me.”

“But in all seriousness, this restaurant serves really good food. I will definitely order another serving.” Wang Meng said while smiling, with a seemingly dazed, honest and sweet expression on her face.

Wang Meng raised her head and looked at Yuan Zhou eagerly, saying, “Boss, please give me with another serving of the Egg Fried Rice Set.”

“Beauty, the rules of the restaurant are written on the wall. Please take a look behind you.” Yuan Zhou refused her mercilessly while pointing to the wall behind Wang Meng.

“Each guest may only have one serving per meal. Request for more is not acceptable.” Wang Meng uttered aloud subconsciously.

Those words were glaringly obvious in contrast with the white wall.

Wu Hai and the rest were already preparing to watch the show. They expected the little girl to be defeated by Yuan Zhou’s rules and leave with a heavy heart. However the words she uttered next completely took them by surprise.

Even Yuan Zhou didn’t expect it…

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