Gourmet Food Supplier

Chapter 40: Completing the Mission

Chapter 40: Completing the Mission

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“Each guest may only have one serving per meal. No additional servings will be allowed,” Wang Meng read aloud.

“Then forget about the set meal. Just give me a serving of Egg Fried Rice, please,” said Wang Meng.

The onlookers, Wu Hai and other customers, were smiling, anticipating the scene where the girl got mercilessly rejected.

Just as Yuan Zhou was about to refuse her request, the system suddenly responded.

The system read, “This request doesn’t break the rules.”

Yuan Zhou swallowed back his refusal abruptly. He carefully checked the characters sent by the system that were still lingering in his mind.

“No problem. Hold on, please.” Yuan Zhou nodded his head calmly, then prepared to go to kitchen and cook.

Wu Hai and the other onlookers were about to portray their glee, but then their expressions changed into looks of surprise, disbelief and incredibility.

Wu Hai leapt from his seat and asked, “Boss! What’s wrong with you? Are you gonna break your rules today?”

“That’s right. We have been here for so many times, but you have never agreed to give us another serving. This girl only asked once, and you just simply agreed. What’s the matter with you?” The other onlookers couldn’t keep calm anymore, thus they started to stand up and complain one after another.

“Boss Yuan, this is unacceptable.”

“You went against your rules just for a beauty. How could you do this?”

Just then, Wang Meng stared at them with her cute eyes and said meekly, “I didn’t order the same dish. I ordered the Egg Fried Rice this time, not the set meal. They are different dishes, aren’t they?”


The formerly noisy adults instantly froze, as if they were petrified.

“What the hell? Can that actually work?”

“Why didn’t I think of such a solution? Yes, each dish can only be ordered once. However, wouldn’t we get two servings by ordering another dish?” Wu Hai couldn’t help thinking.

“Good idea. Why didn’t I think of this method?”

“This could actually work. Every dish can be ordered once!!!”

The several customers were all ruminating over this method, astonished by the simple solution.

Not many people could accept and learn from their mistakes. Usually, they would either give excuses or blame others. For example, the current Wu Hai.

“Boss Yuan, you have been deceiving me.” Wu Hai, an adult man with a mustache, made a gesture of clutching his heart like some actress. With the flames of resentment blazing behind him, he glared at Yuan Zhou.

He acted as if Yuan Zhou had done something unforgivable, even by the heavens.

“Boss, you are so unkind. Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” another customer agreed and said with a frown.

Facing this question, Yuan Zhou answered frankly, “That is because all of you have never ordered the dishes this way.”

Actually, even Yuan Zhou himself didn’t know of this method, otherwise he would have already told everybody. While thinking of all the money that slipped out of his grasp, Yuan Zhou’s face became serious.

His reply made the customers speechless.

Eventually, it was Wu Hai who reacted first, saying anxiously, “Then I also want to order a serving of Egg Fried Rice.”

“Me, too. I also want to order a serving of that.”

The several people ordered their dishes, all talking at once. Only then did they glance at each other with a self-mocking and bitter smile. This really was a blind spot in their thinking.

Fortune’s wheel is ever turning. It was now Wang Meng’s turn to watch the fun.

Seeing the previously agitated customers being silenced by a mere response from Yuan Zhou, Wang Meng made a ‘’keep quiet’’ gesture. Then she smiled privately, covering her mouth.

[The boss sure has a personality, but Meng Meng is still the cutest….Catch my gift~], from Yteuje.

While saying that, the characters appeared on the screen again showing the gift transfer.

[The boss looks rather skillful. Meng Meng, are the dishes really that delicious?], from Direction Idiot Looking for Help.

[Meng Meng, don’t waste your time watching the others make a scene. Focus on your job and concentrate on the meal. Come on, Meng Meng], from Whipping Palace.

[The boss does have a point, thus I have nothing to say. Anyway, does anyone want to try the dish together?], from Regretful.

[Meng Meng’s expression was so joyful just now. I want to see her eat again. Of course, she’s also cute when she smiles], from Good Person Lacking the Moon.

“Don’t worry, everybody. The Egg Fried Rice is here now. Have a good look at the dish this time before I eat,” Wang Meng said while raising the freshly fried Egg Fried Rice, just like presenting a treasure.

While saying that, she moved close to the camera.

The God Tier Egg Fried Rice prepared by Yuan Zhou did not merely have excellent taste, but also had a great appearance. It encompassed all the features that a delicacy should have. These include color, flavor, taste, shape and meaning. Placed under the camera lens, the dish was like a work of art.

It was totally different from the other so-called delicacies which had to go through elaborate beautification, lighting and angle selection. Yuan Zhou’s dish gave off the same effect as those delicacies, even though Wang Meng just casually shoved it onto the camera screen.

[Woah, my goodness. Meng Meng, did you just casually take that? It is far better than those pictures of famous cuisines], from Yteuje.

[I don’t know why, but I almost bit the screen just now. It must be an illusion. This is a photo, right?], from Thief of Cuisine.

[Meng Meng, wait for me. I’m so hungry that I need another packet of instant noodles], from Dark Cloud in the Blue Sky.

“I know you guys want to eat it too. But for now, Meng Meng is going to help all of you savor it first.” After saying that, Wang Meng picked up her spoon and started to taste the dish. Meanwhile, gifts filled the screen, which made Wang Meng eat even more happily and carefully.

“I feel like I am finally full for the first time in my life. This second serving of Egg Fried Rice is really too difficult to obtain.” Wu Ha’s occupation involved artistic creativity, thus he was quite emotional in his daily life. If not for fear of affecting the taste of the Egg Fried Rice, he would have already held the dish and cried.

“It really wasn’t easy. Boss Yuan deserves the nickname of Compass. He is principled, but yet so deceptive.” It was another customer who had begun crying over the second dish.

“Wonderful Egg Fried Rice! I can finally have two bowls for each meal. Life is so good now.” Another person started to devour his dish fervently with chopsticks.

“However, you don’t have enough money to afford that.” A cold ridicule came from the neighboring person.

“Don’t worry. I can work hard to get promoted and increase my salary. The goal is to have 6 servings of Egg Fried Rice every day.” the hard-working customer insisted.

Upon hearing this, Yuan Zhou raised his eyebrows. He never thought that his Egg Fried Rice could have such an effect.

“Thank you, boss. I’m leaving now.” Wang Meng turned off the live broadcast, then said goodbye politely to Yuan Zhou.

“You are welcome. Take care.” Yuan Zhou sent off his final customer Wang Meng.

With a loud “Peng”, Yuan Zhou shut down the door of the restaurant.

Afterwards, Yuan Zhou started his daily routine of chucking the plates into the advanced dishwasher. He didn’t have to do anything himself.

The system read, “Mission completed. The reward can be claimed now.”

Yuan Zhou was climbing the stairs at this moment. He halted for a second, then quickened his footsteps.

He pounded up the stairs so fast that each step gave off a loud “Dong Dong” sound.

He threw open the door and quickly entered his room. After tossing his phone on his quilt, he sat down and tapped open the mission status.

[Mission 2]: Since host has gotten some fame in the neighborhood, please obtain more than 1000 recognition points on the internet within 20 days.

(Mission status: 1000/1000 completed)

[Mission reward]: Clear Soup Noodle (Available to obtain)

“How did I complete the mission so fast?” After asking that, Yuan Zhou realized what a dumb question it was. The reason must be because of the live broadcast.

Of course, the system ignored Yuan Zhou’s question.

After receiving the Clear Soup Noodle, the cooking method swiftly emerged in Yuan Zhou’s mind. Not until then did he realize how different the noodles in his Clear Soup Noodle were compared to ordinary ones.

Now, the Clear Soup Noodle was finally in his grasp!

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