Grasping Evil

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Demoness

The auction rules First, anyone who dares to cause trouble at the grand event kill!

Second, auction items are identified and priced by me. You dont have to believe, but you cannot question it either; otherwise kill!

Third, the highest bidder wins, using cultivation to disrupt order kill!

Ning Fans bearing was steady and he simply did not resemble a young man, causing many old devils to look at him with different eyes. They didnt dare to underestimate him.

Ning Fans aura was unbelievable in the eyes of Lan Mei. She had seen many young men, but no one possessed a similar aura.

The white-robed young master standing to the side of Lan Mei begrudgingly wiped the blood on his lips as he had a chilling flash in his eyes.

Ning Fan was able to use a fifth level Vein Opening cultivation to harm him this was indeed formidable. However, daring to harm him like this, this grudge has been forged, today!

On the auction houses second floor, Wu Dongnan slightly frowned. He didnt think that Ning Fan, a fifth level Vein Opening young man, was able to harm a Harmonious Spirit.

This person is the Seven Apricot Young Lord? Hes not weak like the intelligence said. Zhihe is in his hands, ah?

Hmph, I dont know if he had touched the little girl or not. If he dared to touch my valued cauldron, even if he is Han Yuanjis disciple, I will still go to make him pay a big price!

After Ning Fan announced the rules of the auction, it had officially began. He clapped his hands and two beautiful maids as beautiful as flowers came on the crystal stage and put the auction items on top of the table to show the audience.

The first auction was a rusted bronze sword, and the scabbard was made out of wood that had decayed quite a bit. It appeared to be quite ancient.

The sword was only a low grade spirit treasure, and the scabbard was only carved from common wood with clumsy workmanship.

The Vein Opening cultivators present did not see the rusted swords value. As for the Harmonious Spirit experts on the second floor, very few of them could see through the mysteries of the sword. Only the Gold Core masters of the third floor noticed some clues, and they couldnt help but to take a cold breath of air.

The emblem pattern on the rusted sword This is not wrong! An ancient Heavenly Courts weapon! This is an ancient sword before the collapse of the heaven and earth!

The three Gold Core devils recognized the old rusted swords history, but then they immediately shook their heads.

The ancient Heavenly Court existed too long ago. If this sword was a weapon from that era, then perhaps its power had been expended a long time ago and wont have any big effects. At most, it could only sell for one hundred immortal jades.

The group looked at Ning Fan and waited to see how he would appraise this sword.

Ning Fan was the Seven Apricot Young Lord and was invited by the Godly Void Pavilion to be the auctioneer, but he didnt know the items beforehand and must determine a starting price for the items before the auction could begin.

This sword is from an ancient era and has lost all of its power. The price will not exceed 100 immortal jades, but with the bronze rust on top of the sword, at the very least, it is worth 10,000 immortal jades.

When his words came out, the entire audience was in silence. The next moment, there was an uproar with disordered debates.

10,000 immortal jades! This is enough to buy ten completely new flying swords! This copper rust is unexpectedly worth 10,000 immortal jades!? Is this Ning Fan here shouting arbitrary prices?

An ancient Heavenly Courts weapon eh? Haha, we arent collecting antiques, what is the use of buying a flying sword with no power?

But say, if the Godly Void Pavilion dares to auction this rusted sword in the first place, maybe there is really something extraordinary about it. Could it be just like the little boy said? The bronze rust on the sword has something strange about it?

On the third floor, the two Gold Core old devils kept on frowning while shaking their heads repeatedly.

10,000 immortal jades this is a high grade spirit treasures price. This sword was clearly trash, how could it be worth so much money? As for the bronze rust, they couldnt see what was so special about it. Is the little brat just spouting nonsense?

Only the third Gold Core old devil was unable to sit still. Hearing the two words bronze rust, his heart was pounding as he stared at the sword on top of the stage.

Could it be, could it be Could this sword here be the

But, what if it wasnt? This Gold Core old devil began to hesitate.

Yun Xiu knew the origin of this rusted sword; it was explained by the lord of the Godly Void Pavilion. He also priced it around 10,000 immortal jades. The lord was sure that unless the person was a Nascent Soul old devil, they would not be able to see the mysteries of the bronze rust.

However, Ning Fan was able to determine the same price as the lord and saw through the extraordinary property of the bronze rust. This person had a sinisterly insightful vision. Not a Nascent Soul old devil yet was still able to see through the bronze rust!

Yun Xiu was polite to Ning Fan, before, because the pavilion lord commanded to not snub the people from Seven Apricot City.

Now, he was genuinely respecting Ning Fan. Just Ning Fans insight alone was enough for him to not be underestimated!

Ah, 10,000 immortal jades! To buy a rusted sword! No need to ask, this is Ning Fan randomly naming a price! The white-robed young master standing next to Lan Mei suddenly shouted.

His voice carried a Harmonious Spirit momentum and immediately overshadowed the noises in the stage as it went to everyones ears.

There were many people already questioning the price of the rusted sword so after the white-robed young master spoke, suddenly, there were a number of old devils taking one side, blaming Ning Fan for randomly pricing, and they blamed the Godly Void Pavilion for picking the wrong auctioneer.

There were several more grumpy old monsters who directly threatened for Ning Fan to roll down from the stage and let Yun Xiu preside over the auction, instead.

Suddenly, the situation was a bit out of control. The voices pressing for Ning Fan to leave the stage was increasing. Seeing this, the white-robed young master had a hint of pleasure in his eyes.

Ning Fan injured him so he immediately shamed Ning Fan and borrowed the crowds momentum to chase Ning Fan out of here!

Older Brother, you shouldnt forget, this place is Seven Apricot City. You standing here and provoking the Seven Apricot Young Lord, is this okay? Lan Mei frowned to the side and cautioned with a vaguely displeased expression.

She also did not think that the rusted sword could sell for 10,000 immortal jades, but she didnt like the white-robed young masters action even more.

If Ning Fan was the auctioneer, everyone should give him a certain level of respect. He priced it at 10,000 immortal jades, then it must be this price because if it was too high, no one would bid. Then, this item would just be flowing to the back.

If they actually chased Ning Fan, the Seven Apricot Young Lord, out of the auction stage, then this would only end badly. Chasing the young lord away on his own territory Were these peoples brains kicked by a donkey or something? Causing this type of trouble, are they not afraid of the revenge of Ning Fans master, Old Monster Han?

Oh? You all feel that my valuation is too high? Ning Fan slightly knitted his brows and exuded his aura a little bit, causing the stage to suddenly quiet down by a lot.

Even though he was a cultivation rookie, he inherited the Immortal Emperors memories. He could faintly see that this sword was extraordinary. 10,000 immortal jades valuation was definitely not a high price.

I, on the other hand, still feel that 10,000 is a low price. Everyone can rest assured. If no one bids on this sword during this auction, I will use my Seven Apricot Young Lords status to buy this sword! Now, you all can trust that this Ning Fan did not name a random price just now? Ning Fang spoke again.

When Ning Fans words came out, the stage went silent for the second time. If this sword didnt sell, then Ning Fan would personally use his own pocket money to buy it Could it be that this sword really had some amazing property?

The disturbance caused by the white-robed young man was was immediately subsided by Ning Fans two sentences.

To be able to handle such a large scene, this was ability.

To be able to agree to take out 10,000 immortal jades to buy the sword, this was resolution.

Lan Meis expression flashed with a strange light. Even a Gold Core old devil would not have 10,000 immortal jades to waste. However, Ning Fan opened his mouth and immediately promised 10,000 immortal jades. This was the first time Lan Mei had seen a young man with such boldness.

Wait a minute! This sword, this old man is a bit interested A voice carrying a Gold Core momentum suddenly appeared from the third floor. In a flash, the stage began to discuss once again.

Someone actually wanted this sword that was selling for 10,000 immortal jades, and it was even a Gold Core old devil! It seemed that this Seven Apricot Young Lord did not name a wrong price ah

On the third floor, the Gold Core old devil hesitated for a long time, be he still lifted the curtain then leaped down from the third floor to land on the auction stage, where he clasped his hands to greet Ning Fan.

People then recognized the identity of this Gold Cold old devil. This was naturally another of the ten Yue Countrys ten grand master, Qin Ziyu Old Devil Qin!

Young Friend Ning, you said that the bronze rust on this sword is extraordinary and is worth 10,000 immortal jades, any basis for this? Haha, I have doubts in my mind and beseech Young Friend to answer. If Young Friend can give this old man a satisfactory answer, I will surely give thanks!

Was this a joke? The always stingy Old Devil Qin would actually give someone a honorarium!?

Was this rusted sword so important to him!? In order to ask a question, he even let go of his bad stingy habit and even his status as a Gold Core ancestor to give a present to a Vein Opening junior!?

Ordinary Vein Opening cultivators, when facing a Gold Core old devil, would definitely be frightened by the Gold Core aura. Ning Fan, with his Immortal Emperors memories, was not afraid of Old Devil Qins aura and immediately answered his question.

This sword is from an ancient age and had lost all of its power not worth mentioning. However, the bronze rust on this sword is quite mysterious. It is not true bronze, but the blood of ancient cultivators that died to the sword. It was also basked in the pure Yang energy for countless years before finally turning into Yang blood rust! Containing a hint of pure Yang sword energy, this bronze rust is naturally extraordinary.

Siii (sound of air sucked between the teeth, indicating hesitation or thinking over)

Ning Fan had just finished speaking, and countless sounds of deep breaths occurred amidst the stage.

Yang blood rust! This is actually pure Yang sword energy accumulated in the Yang blood rust! Is this true!?

This old man had seen it in ancient texts, but this is still the first time seeing it! This is the ultimate treasure for sword cultivators ah!

If it really is that item, then 10,000 is absolutely not expensive!

The two Gold Core old devils, who were indifferent towards the rusted sword earlier, had burning eyes at this moment. Of course, the most excited as still Old Devil Qin.

It truly is Yang blood rust!? Little Friends appraisal is not wrong? Old Devil Qin was overjoyed. He had found the item after searching for so long. Combined with his merit law, he had a glimmer of hope to break through to the Nascent Soul realm in this lifetime!

This junior is confident that I didnt judge it incorrectly; to believe it or not is Predecessors decision.

Good! This sword, 10,000 immortal jades, this old man wants it! Haha!

Wait a minute! Little Friend Ning said 10,000 this was only the starting price. The auction has not started yet you already thought about buying it? Youre kidding! 12,000 this old man wants this sword! I am also a sword cultivator, and there will be benefits from having this sword! On the third floor, one of the two Gold Core old devils excitedly exclaimed.

14,000! This old man is not a sword cultivator, but the people behind me has someone who has a deep understanding of the Sword Dao. This sword, this old man also must have! Another Gold Core competed.




Old Devil Qin became angry. He didnt even have the chance to speak yet the price of the rusted sword has been raised by the two other old devils to 20,000 immortal jades, and the trend still seemed to be continuing.

This was the Yang blood rust that he had been searching for for many years. Even if he lost all of his wealth, today, he would still want to get this item, and no one could compete with him!

21,000! The first Gold Core said.

23,000! The second Gold Core replied.

30,000! Then Old Devil Qin angrily exclaimed.

31,000! So the first Gold Core continued.

33,000! And answered by the second Gold Core.

40,000! Old Devil Qin was too angry as his heart was bleeding. A cheapskate like him This was the first time using such a high price to buy item.

After the rusted swords price went up to 40,000, the other two Gold Core old devils finally became silent and were unwilling to continue bidding for this sword.

Eventually, Old Devil Qin used the high price of 40,000 immortal jades to buy this rusty sword, but he no longer had enough money to compete for the Dao Fruit.

Gold Core Dao Fruit! This was the finale of the auction. The vast majority of the old devils were here for this item!

Unfortunately, unfortunately, he had no money for the Gold Core Dao Fruit. Staying behind was useless, so he could leave.

As a result, after buying the rusted sword, Old Devil Qin clasped his hand towards Ning Fan and turned around to leave.

Wait, I explained it for Predecessor, and Predecessor promised this junior a gift? Are you not ready to give it to this junior yet? Ning Fans expression stayed the same as Old Devil Qins eyes were evading as if he wanted to leave and didnt want to thank him with a gift.

This was Old Devil Qin, himself, promising a gift, now is this him wanting to renege on a debt yah?

Haha, my memories, I was too excited and forgot to give Young Friend a gift. Old Devil Qin was laughing externally but, on the inside, he was cursing Ning Fan for being too smart.

He spent 40,000 to buy this rusted sword this was already bleeding blood. With his stingy character, he didnt actually wanted to give Ning Fan a gift.

Troublesome, so troublesome! He was too excited before and promised to give Ning Fan a gift in the spur of the moment. If he didnt give it now, then he would lose too much face.

Old Devil Qins gaze suddenly fell onto the rusted sword and its wooden scabbard. He let out a strange laugh before took down the scabbard and threw it to Ning Fan.

Hehe, this old man spent 40,000 to buy this sword, so this scabbard at least would be worth one or two thousand. I will give it to Little Brother, farewell!

Old Devil Qin let out a wretched smile, then he left the Auction Palace. After he was gone, booing sounds started to spring up everywhere.

Truly Old Devil Qin renowned for being stingy; he actually used a rotten wooden scabbard as a gift. Such a shameful matter could only be done by Old Devil Qin.

After the shock came a feeling of expectation.

No one thought that the first item of this auction would be sold for a high price of 40,000. Everyone wondered if there were other good items later on.

All the cultivators present were looking forward to the ongoing auction, and they no longer doubted Ning Fans insight as an auctioneer.

He didnt have the wrong price The white-robed young masters expression seemed as if it was burnt by fire. Earlier, he took the lead in booing, but at this moment, he lost all face.

The truth proved that Ning Fans 10,000 starting price was really not high, there was even someone wanting it at a high 40,000

That Old Devil Qin was truly stingy, to actually use this one rotten wooden scabbard to fool me Ning Fan held the scabbard in his hand and laughed with a deep expression.

There was something Ning Fan hid from everyone.

For the first auction of the Godly Void Pavilion, the rusty sword itself was not worth anything; the thing of value was the Yang sword rust.

However, compared to the Yang sword rust, the rotten wooden scabbard excited Ning Fan even more.

Others couldnt see the awesomeness of the scabbard, but Ning Fan with his Immortal Emperors insight could faintly see that the scabbard was extraordinary.

If Ning Fans perception was correct, then this scabbard hid a strand of sword intent across the eons, and it unexpected had not disappeared.

The sword was rusted, but the sword intent was not lost in the years, how powerful was this sword intent!

This scabbard was absolutely not a common item! That Old Devil Qin didnt know his stuff and naturally thought that the scabbard was trash so he gave it to me. This was indeed somewhat buying a wooden box but returning the pearls inside.

Next, the second item for auction Ning Fan put away the scabbard into his sleeve and continued to preside over the auction.

On the third floor, the black dress girl covered by a veil suddenly smiled slyly as she watched Ning Fan with her beautiful eyes. Her gaze slightly brightened and confirmed something.

Hee hee, a young boy on the cultivation road yet able to recognize the Yang blood rust and seemed to notice the scabbards power. The Yin Yang Locket has to be on your body? Others dont know the Yin Yang Locket, but my Godly Void Pavilion unstands it the best. Ancient Chaoss heritage, how would it compare to my Godly Void Heritage? If you are really Ancient Chaoss inheritor, there will be a chance for you and me to compete

She was Seven Apricot Citys Godly Void Pavilion Lord. Her subordinates also referred to her as the demoness. Ning Fan didnt know that he was being watched by the demoness from the darkness.

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