Grasping Evil

Chapter 3

Grasping Evil Chapter 3: Immortal Emperors Inheritance, Ning Fans Transformation!

All Pleasure Schools one hundred and seven women were all slaughtered by the old monster Han.

The ones that died to the black flames were fortunate. Those that died later suffered miserable and unbearable fates.

Old monster Hans killing was like a performance art. He didnt rape any woman, that was not his style. Plus these evil women did not value their virginity, violating them might even give them a sense of pleasure.

To the enemy, one needs to use the method that they are fear the most to kill them!

This was the first lesson that old monster Han taught to Ning Fan.

Peel the skin, cut horizontally at the waist, body dismemberment with five horses, flay the flesh, hanging, boiling alive, thousand needles punishment, bury alive, excruciating death with poison, straight clubbing, sawing them to pieces, break their spine, pour molten lead into their mouth, clawed out their intestines

Any of the killing method old monster Han could come up with, he used all of them. When the morning came, on the mountain there were a mess with minced meat in a pile along with urines and feces.

Xiao Zhihe fainted when old monster Han killed the first person. But Ning Fan bit his teeth and watched until the very end. Blood and the stench caused Ning Fan to vomit three times before adopting to this murderous scene.

Ning Fan couldnt not watch, he was not foolish. He predicted that if he couldnt handle this murderous scene and faint like Zhihe, then the old monster Han would kill him without any hesitation!

Sinister Sparrow School, Han Yuanji, this was a true old monster.

Brat, really not bad! When I was a disciple that year, my master also did the same, but this old man threw up six times

Old monster Han stared at Ning Fan with his eyes lit up.

This person is patient, a good seed for the evil cultivation.

Old monster Han didnt know that Ning Fan couldnt handle the blood. He didnt want to see block, but he had no choice, otherwise death would be the outcome.

Come, I will take you back to the Sinister Sparrow School, to formally become a disciple in my sect!

The old monster grabbed Zhihe with one hand, and Ning Fan with the other. He void stepped into the sky and left.

From beginning to end, Ning Fan didnt say any superfluous words with the old monster. He was a fish on a cutting board, and only hoped to survive. Speaking will only bring about trouble.

The old man flew with extreme speed. After one day and one night, he traveled from the west side of the Yue Country all the way to the north across thousands of miles.

He flew across the sky of several righteous sect during this trip. Whenever someone dared to stop him, the old monster immediately killed them with his cauldron.

In the north, there was a city made from ice, and was called the Seven Apricot City. The entire city was shrouded in a strange chill that was capable of freezing even the souls.

Seven Apricot City had few thousand cultivators, and even three Harmonious Spirit experts. Sensing the old man flying towards, the three experts all void stepped into the sky and saw the old man, revealing a respectful expression.

Greeting, city lord!

No need for formality, scram away for this old man!

The old monster Han made the three people leave, and looked at Ning Fan.

Ning Fan remained alert against these three people along with the Seven Apricot City. This was a good thing, entering a strange land and meeting new people, such caution was essential.

This old man is the Seven Apricot Citys lord, one of the four lords of the Sinister Sparrow School, Alchemy Lord Han! There is half a year until the apprentice ceremony for the sect. I will give you half a year, to bring your cultivation to the fifth level Vein Opening, otherwise, death!

The old man stared at the city among the ocean of clouds with a tyrannical present, yet there was a hint of sadness flashing in his eyes. This sorrow appearing in such an evil murderous monster like him was quite weird.

This is an old monster with many stories!

Ning Fan didnt dare to pry into the thoughts of old monster Han, because that would be seeking death.

Ning Fan, sixteen years old, servant of the Hai Nings Ning clan. Betrayed and sold into an Evil Sect, and separated from his little brother. Due to luck, he obtained the jade locket, and accepted an Evil Lord as his master then entered the Seven Apricot City.

Under the moonlight in this frozen land, Ning Fan reminisced about the past and held the jade locket in his palm tighter. He was captured to this city for three days now.

Next to the windows sill was a manual, Seven Apricot Notes. This manual was written by an evil woman of the Seven Apricot City, not a cultivation method, but only an introduction to the cultivation world and the evil dao.

When this old man gave this manual to Ning Fan, his eyes looked as if it wanted to devour people.

I will hand this book to you. Within half a year, if this book is damaged, you will pay for it with your life!

In this book was a method to open the vein channels. Cultivation required taking the essences of the world to ingest energy, and it required vein channels.

These vein channels were not the veins of ordinary humans, but they were immortal veins.

Immortal veins were divided into yin and yang. The righteous factions immortal veins were called yang vein. The evil factions immortal veins were called yin vein.

The first realm of cultivation, Vein Opening, did not require any special methods. Many mortals have even heard of these incantations to open the veins.

But to be able to do it successfully, not even one within ten thousands people could be successful. Only the favored child of the heaven and earth would have chance to step into the immortal dao!

Ning Fan closed his eyes and immersed his mind. He felt a strand of heat moving next to his dantian moving in a strange singular path. This path was the yin vein in his body.

But faintly, Ning Fan felt that next to the yin vein, there was a hidden and light yang vein. Only he could feel it, others simply were not aware.

This situation was called Immemorial Evil Vein by the Seven Apricot Notes. In the legends, in the ancient era, there was an immortal emperor that cultivated both the righteous and evil dao. All of the Heavenly Immortals in the world worshipped him, and called him the Lord Emperor! Countless immortals and devils kneeled in front of the Lord Emperors door, to listen to his Dao Scripture!

The method to open the Immemorial Evil Vein had soon been lost. From the rumors, many ancient powerful techniques were gone, and they needed the Immemorial Evil Vein to activate.

Opening one vein was the first level of Vein Opening.

Opening four veins was the second level of Vein Opening. And so on, when old monster Han required him to reach fifth level Vein Opening in half a year, this meant that he needed twenty five opened veins.

The Ning Clan in Hai Ning was a cultivation clan, but Ning Fan was only a servant, and didnt have the chance to cultivate, let alone opening an Immemorial Evil Vein!

Ning Fan faintly sensed that his Immemorial Evil Veins first opening was due to the jade locket.

Zhihe, I wonder how she is doing

Holding the jade locket, Ning Fan lamented. He was lucky to be alive and obtained this mysterious treasure all because of Zhihe.

She was a kind girl.

For a long time, Ning Fan then recovered his stray thoughts and looked at the jade locket in silence. His physique was weak but he was patient and smart. After experiencing a great disaster, his heart had become shrewd and deep.

He was aware of a problem. This jade locket helped him open an Immemorial Evil Vein, so if others knew that he had this treasure, it would surely lead to a disaster!

I should hide this jade locket, but where

Ning Fan was lost in his thought, but suddenly the jade locket exuded a faint red light along with a soft and charming voice of a woman.

Awakened, finally awakened husband, no need to be troubled, how about hiding this jade locket inside your dantian?

The sound slowly disappeared, and the jade locket turned into a red light and shot into Ning Fans dantian. In a flash, he felt his lower body hot like fire, with a raging s.e.xual desire without a vent.

Who are you, what is this jade locket!?

Nin Fengs expression sank. He felt a jade locket appearing in his dantian, but he couldnt take it out. And his body became hotter and hotter after the jade locket came inside.

Hihi, this locket is Yin Yang Locket, a treasure from the Xuan Yin World. If you could get it to accept you as an owner, and obtain the inheritance, not mentioning fifth level Vein Opening, you could even reach Harmonious Spirit in just half a year, this is a small matter. Even if the Sinister Sparrow Schools God Child Sparrow descends, he still wouldnt be able to harm you.

Why is my body so hot?

Why? Didnt this big sister already said it? The Yin Yang Locket wants to accept you as its owner, and since it is a Supreme Evil Treasure, you became the owner when it went inside your dantian. However, since your cultivation isnt enough, you are facing a qi deviation. This deviation is evil lust, as long as you find a girl to have s.e.x with, you could escape this fate. Otherwise, you will die ah~

Finished her statement, the mysterious woman let out a few cheerful laughters, and became silent.

Ning Fan was suffering, he fell down on the small bed as the flame of lust tormented him. Not to mention he was unwilling, even if he wanted to, in this Seven Apricot City where the evil is rampant, where would a woman be that was willing to share a bed with him?

Xuanyin Treasure, Yin Yang Locket, take the heaven as ones wife, and the earth as ones concubine. Take the mundane life as ones cauldron, the grand road of the Yin and Yang, Dual Cultivation. Lock the yin of death from the heaven, suppress the yang of fate, seize the lust of the sky, give birth to the evil dao. But during intercourse, one must not be lost in the lust. One bow to the Lord Emperor, an eternal path to immortality.

Inside Ning Fans head were many mysterious phrases, causing his body to be even hotter and intolerable.

His face became red, and flesh was burning, not far from death.

In a second however, Ning Fan felt that there was a soft and cold as ice body falling into his arms.

And his body, incited by lust, immediately found an outlet to satiate this desire.

After one night, warm bed and pleasant heart. In the morning, Ning Fan opened his eyes, and found a soft body lying next to him. His face sank down like water.

Next to him, Zhihes slender body filled with traces of ravages done by him. Among the silk blankets and pillows, there was a trace of blood, like a seven apricot flower in the snow.

Her tiny face still carried tears, like raindrops on a pear blossom, lovely and touching. Her lips were dry and cracking, and her two breasts were covered by bloody bruises.

Her lower body was a mess.

Ning Fan ah Ning Fan, what have you done, she.. She is still too young ah

Ning Fan bitterly smiled.

Big brother, dont die, Zhihe is here to save you

Zhihe whispered in her sleep. She unconsciously turned her body, and it touched her wounds so she frowned in pain.

This dream was definitely not sweet.

Ning Fan struggled to get up and watched Zhihe in pity and guilt. He motioned his hand, wanting to wipe away her tears.

But suddenly, he had an unbearable pain in his head, causing him to nearly faint.

What is this headache, what evil thing is happening again!

With grief and anger in his heart, he snappily asked the mysterious girl inside the Yin Yang Locket!

Husband, dont be hasty. The Yin Yang Locket had accepted you as its master, so there wont be anymore qi deviation. The headache this time is actually a good thing Yin Yang Locket is an item of an Immortal Emperor, so it will have the Immortal Emperors inheritance as its master, you will be able to get them. That year, this big sister was ignorant and foolish, and wanted the Yin Yang Locket to accept me as the master. But because I didnt prepare enough, I was devoured by the evil heart and trapped inside the locket. You on the other hand was lucky, with my help, so you inadvertently gain the memory of the Immortal Emperor

Immortal Emperors memory! What is an Immortal Emperor?

Ning Fan was shocked. In the Rain World that he was living in, the highest cultivation was only old monsters of the Void Fragmentation realm, but even these old monsters wouldnt dare to call themselves Immortal Emperors.

What kind of person would be worthy of the Immortal Emperor title!? The memory of an Immortal Emperor, wouldnt this greatly exceed these Void Fragmentation old monsters!?

Accompanied by headaches, chains of memories continuously poured into Ning Fans head.

I am the Ancient Chaos Grand Emperor, taught under the door of the Lord Emperor to learn about the Yin Yang grand dao. I did not have any children my whole life. As I was becoming the dao, I created this immortal treasure and left it with three of my memoriess for the future generation! The Lord Emperor once said: Outside of the Heavenly Dao first cycle, the other dao was not easily passed on, so this Emperor leaving behind these techniques, they will be limited inside the first cycle.

My first memory contained the knowledge within my life. If you could obtain it, then within the Heavenly Dao first cycle, someone as knowledgeable as you would be exceedingly rare!

As his head was pierced by the memories, even his soul was in pain. Ordinary Harmonious cultivators wouldnt necessary be able to endure such a pain. But Ning Fan had experienced a great change, his will was like the evil ocean; he bit his teeth and patiently endured. But the memories he obtained made him feel that this pain was not worth mentioning.

The content of the memories were vast, and it made Ning Fan feel apprehensive.

Comprehensive medicinal studies, hundreds of classics, pill creation and treasure refinment, poetry and music, everything was covered! The content inside if known by the Rain World would be heaven frightening and earth shattering!

Without any warning, the second memory was coming. This time, the pain was like an iron blade scrubbing his head. Even a Gold Core practitioner wouldnt be able to handle this pain.

Ning Fan started bleeding from his mouth and nose. This blood inspired the stubbornness in his heart. With the inheritance from the Immortal Emperor, he could stand proud in this world, able to rebel against the heaven and change his own fate. This was an opportunity that he could not let go of!

Pain, so what!

He roared and endured the pain.

My second memory recorded the profound understanding of the nine ranks. As long as you understand, you will be able to cultivate the nine ranks like a fish in the water, without meeting any bottlenecks!

These memories contained the ancient era cultivation techniques, along with a completely different system for cultivation. The ancient era had nine cultivation ranks, but right now there were only seven. With this knowledge, Ning Fans cultivation would not only rise, but also have a deeper understanding than even the Void Fragmentation old monsters! Before Void Fragmentation, he would have no bottleneck!

He wiped the blood from this mouth and nose, and his eyes flashed with happiness. This pain was worth it, too worth it!

But then, he was caught off guard again and the third memory finally came soaring in. Ning Fan pitifully bellowed, and almost went into a stupor.

The memory this time was like the ten thousand fruits of the heavenly dao, and it almost minced his soul. He was faint like a piece of paper, and his life was threatened. But after seeing the figure of the girl next to him, and seeing the pain on her face, it seemed like his pain was so trivial.

The physical pain of the flesh, how can it ever compare to the pain of ones soul!

He remembered the humiliation of that night, and he bit his lips and kept on enduring.

After the third memory passage was complete, he couldnt even lift a single finger from the pain.

My third memory is named Yin Yang Transformation. This is a s.e.xual secret cultivation, dual cultivation between men and women to increase ones cultivation. Once completed, fighting the dragons and resisting the phoenixes would still be as easy as the turning of ones hand.

This memory contained the technique to go along with the Yin Yang Locket, followed by countless techniques on the bed. These techniques were useless in the eyes of the gentlemen and the virtuous, but to Ning Fan, it was the quickest way for cultivation.

After the passing of the third memory was completed, the faint will of the Immortal Emperor inside the Yin Yang Locket dissipated, as if it never existed in the first place.

Ning Fan lost all strength in his body and fell on top of Zhihes soft body. He couldnt move and was meticulously polishing the Immortal Emperors inheritances in his head.

With this inheritance, even though his cultivation was only the first level of the Vein Opening realm, but with his knowledge, even a Void Fragmentation expert of the Rain Immortal World could not dare to compete with him!

His gaze slowly calmed down. Obtaining such a fortune, he absolutely couldnt let anyone else know. At the very least, he couldnt let this old monster Han find out. He was not certain that the old monster Han wouldnt kill him after finding out.

At this moment, the girl inside the locket was no longer mysterious to him.

You are a peak Void Fragmentation cultivator? But it seemed like you are wounded, or your cultivation would not just be at this level.

Ning Fang calmly said.

How do you know!? Could it be that you have successfully obtained the Immortal Emperors inheritance?

The woman inside the locket exclaimed in disbelief.

At this moment, Ning Fan gave her a feeling not like a young junior, but an old monster that had lived for millions of years.

This matter was indeed strange.

This Immortal Emperors inheritance, which heavenly daos cycle was it that it is so magical? To be able to increase the sight of an ordinary human to the level of a Void Fragmentation master?

Could it be that this is the third cycle of the heavenly dao in the legends?

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