Grasping Evil

Chapter 406 - Chapter 406: Thunder Bamboo Island

Chapter 406: Chapter 406: Thunder Bamboo Island

There was only one month before the appointed day which the Ning Fan and the Six-Winged Clan had agreed.

Yue Lingkong had no choice but to stay in the secret area to treat her wounds. After she failed to achieve the breakthrough to the Mid Void Refinement Realm, the backlash was naturally not light.

As for Ning Fan, he was not anxious to leave for the Six-Winged Clan because Yue Lingkong said that she had the complete assurance to bring Ning Fan through the moon portals and arrive at the Six-Winged Clan in the shortest time possible after she recovers fully.

Now, with her original appearance and cultivation base back, Yue Lingkong seemed to have regained her confidence in the past.

Moreover, the current her even had the confidence to wipe out the Six-Winged Clan on her own.

Since her second primordial spirit was already able to fight three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets on her own, her true self would be even stronger.

If she really intends to kill her path into the Six-Winged Clan, perhaps that Xuan Yi would not be her match at all.

However, the prerequisite was that her injuries must be healed completely and she must return to her peak state.

In the secret area of the Divine Space Island, Yue Lingkong sat on a piece of large cold jade. Starlight surrounded her unclothed body.

Meanwhile, Ning Fan sat behind her in a meditative position while manipulating the power of black stars, helping her treat her wounds. However, the seriousness in his eyes grew as the process went on.

Ning Fan had condensed ninety-nine natal black stars. With the strength of his star technique, even a Life Immortal Realm being who had just comprehended an ordinary star technique would not be able to rival him.

With the star power he currently had, injuries could be healed completely and blood essence could be replenished fully but there was still something that his star power could not accomplish.

For instance, the crack on Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit. It could not be sewn up using the star power.

“Light…Danger…” The female corpse who was standing at a corner warned. She raised one of her hands and pointed at Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit which was situated at the latter’s dantian.

Even the female corpse could notice that the condition of Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit was far from good. It was somewhat dangerous.

Of course, Ning Fan had also noticed it. While healing Yue Lingkong’s injuries, he berated her with a frown on his face.

“Your primordial spirit fissures… Yue Lingkong, I really didn’t know that you are such a bold woman in the past! Do you know how dangerous it is to have a split primordial spirit?”

“Little Cucumber! Don’t think that you can criticize me as you please after helping me a few times… Argh!” Subconsciously, Yue Lingkong talked back at Ning Fan. Immediately after that, her firm buttocks were spanked by Ning Fan with force, causing her to cry out in pain.

A bright red palm imprint instantly emerged on the surface on her silky white buttocks… While feeling pain, a hint of embarrassment magnified limitless within her heart.

She actually got beaten and the person who beat her was Ning Fan! Furthermore, the area where she got beaten was her tender buttocks! Damn!

With Yue Lingkong’s irascible temperament, she would certainly chop off the adult stick of those who dare to spank her buttocks. If it were to happen in the past, she would probably have started a fight with Ning Fan and risk her life to retaliate.

This time, however, Yue Lingkong actually did not strike back. After pondering carefully, it was not unreasonable for Ning Fan to be angry.

She had devoured her second primordial spirit and attempted to break through to the Mid Void Refinement Realm without considering the consequences. Those actions were extremely risky and possibly life-threatening.

Let’s skip the danger involved in breaking through the Mid Void Refinement Realm because no matter how severe the backlash, Ning Fan would still be able to heal her.

Devouring her second primordial spirit, however… To cultivators below the Peak Void Refinement Realm, this action was extremely risk.

Now, a crack had appeared on her primordial spirit. It was the sign where her primordial spirit was about to split.

This crack was not a common injury. Thus, it could not be healed using the power of black star. It was the sequela left after Yue Lingkong fused her own primordial spirit with her second primordial spirit.

The technique of creating a second primordial spirit, just as its name had implied, allowed a cultivator to cultivate two primordial spirits within their single dantian and the two entities were independent from each other.

There were pros and cons for the two primordial spirits to have their own power and independence. The advantage was that the cultivator was able to use the both of primordial spirit at once. Especially during a fight, it was exceptionally remarkable and incomparable. As for the disadvantage…

Yue Lingkong had been betrayed by her second primordial spirit. That was one of the disadvantages.

After having the experience of being turned against by her second primordial spirit, Yue Lingkong did not try to subdue her second primordial spirit again. Instead, she adopted a method which seemed brutal and ruthless by directly devouring her second primordial spirit, fusing it and her own primordial spirit into one.

The fusion of primordial spirits was something that was only possible to be accomplished by Peak Void Refinement Realm experts who were on the Absolute Void Stage. Nevertheless, even cultivators of that level did not have complete assurance to succeed.

It was already considered rare that Yue Lingkong could merge both of her primordial spirits into one even though it was not perfect in the end. It was inevitable that a crack left between the two primordial spirits.

If this crack is not eliminated, Yue Lingkong would not be able to control her own magic power as she wishes.

Besides, as the crack continued to deepen and spread, Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit would split within a single month. If that happens, her cultivation realm would regress to her previous level and it would leave a severe and irreversible wound on her own primordial spirit.

Worst case scenario, it would probably cost her life!

Ning Fan’s eyes glinted with solemnity. The crack on her primordial spirit was indeed troublesome.

If he could not heal Yue Lingkong completely and sew up the crack, she would be bound to suffer a grievous damage. No one would activate the moon portals for him to rush to the Six-Winged Clan within a month.

Seeing Ning Fan was really displeased, Yue Lingkong only rubbed her buttocks and gritted her silver teeth. In the end, she still did not retaliate.

Detestable! How dare this Little Cucumber dare to hit me?! If it wasn’t because of his sincere concern about me, I would definitely have chopped off his “cucumber” and turned it into a dressing of my salad… Fine. I will forgive him this time!”

Yue Lingkong actually suffered a loss which left her speechless this time.

After the healing process was completed, she donned her clothes. Her long, loose sleeves fluttered in the air while her waistband danced in the wind. Her moon-like eyes glowed faintly, making her look just like an Immortal Concubine of the ancient times or a fairy from the moon palace.

However, aside from the gentle and elegant disposition, there was a valiant and heroic bearing.

Although her injuries were completely recovered, the problem with her primordial spirit was still unresolved. Hence, she was not able to use her magic power, certainly much less activate the moon portals to travel across the hollow space.

Seeing Ning Fan’s brows were still tightly knitted together, not only did Yue Lingkong not retaliate at him for spanking her buttocks, she also began to behave somewhat submissively…

“Little Cucumber, don’t be angry anymore. Before I make any decision next time, I will discuss with you first, okay?”

“Remember your own words. This matter shall not be repeated! Hurry up and be prepared. The condition of your primordial spirit cannot be delayed any longer. I will find ways to get you to the Six-Winged Clan within one month. It should not be difficult to help you sew up your primordial spirit borrowing the power of the Revival Platform.” Ning Fan said firmly, giving no room for rejection.

“There’s no need to take so much trouble. I know a place which has a kind of magical item that can help me sew up my primordial spirit. Besides, that place is only one billion li* (500m per li) away from Divine Space Sea Domain. With your travelling speed to bring me to that island, it will just take ten days for us to reach there. Once I recover to my peak state, I will then open the moon portals and guide you through the hollow space. Arriving at the Six-Winged Clan is just a matter of a few blinks. There is barely anyone below the Void Fragmentation Realm who can catch up with the speed of my moon portal! As for the Revival Platform, leave it for ‘cucumber woman’ to use. Her Sea of Consciousness is yet to recover. Her condition is more pitiful than mine…”

Yue Lingkong shifted her gaze to the female corpse and her eyes were filled with a hint of pity. Anyhow, she had been spending quite some time with the female corpse and both of them had been through life-or-death situations together. Thus, they more or less had some feelings for each other.

Aside from that, Yue Lingkong was not a fool. Since she was bold enough to devour her second primordial spirit, she naturally had a way in mind in which she had confidence to stitch back her primordial spirit without leaving and sequela.

Of all the incidents that happened this time, only her action of forcefully breaking through to the Mid Void Refinement Realm was considered impulsive and reckless. In regards to her action of devouring her second primordial spirit, it was certainly a decision within her calculations.

Therefore, it was, in fact, very unfair to her to be smacked by Ning Fan in her buttocks.

However, what’s surprising was that she actually did not even return a slap to Ning Fan. It was just a little too incompatible with her demeanor.

Moreover, she had even given in to Ning Fan… Her brain must have gone haywire!

“Which island and what kind of magical item can heal the wounds on your primordial spirit?” Ning Fan’s brows began to loosen slightly.

“Thunder Bamboo Island, the force which affiliates to the Zhou Clan. On this island, there is a type of thunder bamboo. Its bamboo leaves have unique properties in nourishing one’s primordial spirit, according to their age. Even if it is the crack on my primordial spirit, they can also heal it without exception.”

“Thunder Bamboo…” Ning Fan’s brows were gently knitted together again whereas his face revealed a deprecating expression. He, of course, had heard of the thunder bamboo before. However, he did not think that the thunder bamboo was able to heal Yue Lingkong.

As a matter of fact, before he entered the Internal Endless Sea, he had already inquired about the Thunder Bamboo Island.

Thunder bamboo was a type of mysterious and unusual magical item of heaven and earth. It grew on the land where massive thunder power concentrated. Under the nourishment of the thunder power for a long period of time, it began to have magical effect. The bamboo leaves it produced had the nourishing property to one’s primordial spirit.

However, common thunder bamboos only had the quality of silver bamboo. They could at most nourish the primordial spirit of Divine Transformation Realm cultivators.

Without a doubt, it was certainly unsuitable for Luo You to use silver bamboo. As for the fissure on Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit, it also might not necessarily be sewn up using the thunder bamboos.

As such, Ning Fan did not think that heading to Thunder Bamboo Island could heal the wound on Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit.

Besides, the Thunder Bamboo Island was a force under the Zhou Clan. The background of the Zhou Clan was too deep and influential. Even Ning Fan was rather dreadful to mess with them.

The thunder sovereign of the Zhou Clan could still be on an equal footing with the Rain Palace even though he was already dead.

The third elder of the Zhou Clan was able to make two Void Refinement Realm beings of the Rain Palace feel extremely dreadful even without showing himself.

Ning Fan did not know about the background of the Ghost Eye Clan but he knew one thing for sure: he could not afford to mess with the Zhou Clan. If it is not necessary, he would not want to have any entanglement with them.

If it is necessary like Yue Lingkong’s case, he would not mind paying a visit to Thunder Bamboo Island once for her sake. Unfortunately, the medicinal power of the silver bamboos was too weak.

“Silver bamboos can’t cure your condition…” After pondering for quite a while, Ning Fan shook his head and said.

“Who says that I’m going to use silver bamboo to treat my problem? I am one of the ‘eight’ venerated beings of the internal sea. I have the right to use the bamboo leaf of the golden bamboo on the Thunder Bamboo Island. Don’t tell me that you aren’t aware of it? The venerated beings of the internal sea are Thunder Sovereign’s subordinates. Each of us will be granted a piece of bamboo leaf of the golden bamboo every ten years! Other than that, as long as one has enough immortal jade, one can also purchase a certain amount of golden leaves.”

Yue Lingkong’s eyes shone with a hint of pride and pleasure. She was certain that Ning Fan was not aware of the secret about the golden bamboo!

The existence of the golden bamboo was always a secret that was not declared in public. Other than the supreme beings of the internal sea, only the Void Refinement Realm beings of the Zhou Clan had the qualifications to consume the bamboo leaf of the golden bamboo.

The grade of a golden bamboo was far beyond the silver bamboo. It was able to cure the injuries of a Void Refinement Realm being’s primordial spirit. It was indeed a precious item that was hard to come by.

Yue Lingkong deliberately pronounced the word ‘eight’ with much emphasis than the rest. Her action naturally was because she was reminding Ning Fan… Anyhow, he had established his devilish reputation by killing countless in the Endless Sea and he was regarded as the eighth venerated being of the internal sea by the others. Aside from that, that title he was given was considered to have gained a tacit consent from the Zhou Clan.

In other words, Ning Fan also had the qualification to consume the golden leaves. However, since it had yet to reach the period of 10 years after he was recognized as the eighth venerated being of the internal sea, he could not obtain the golden leaf for free. Most probably, he would have to spend some immortal jade to purchase some.

“Golden bamboo, huh…” Ning Fan nodded his head. If Thunder Bamboo Island really had the golden bamboos, it would not be a pointless trip to bring Yue Lingkong there.

The distance between the island and their current location was one billion li* (500m per li). Even so, with Ning Fan’s top speed, he could arrive at that place in just ten days.

So long as they obtain enough golden leaves and help Yue Lingkong to recover to her peak state, she could then activate the moon portals and guide Ning Fan to the Six-Winged Clan in the shortest time possible.

When the time comes, he could borrow the power of the Revival Platform to help the female corpse repair her Sea of Consciousness. Neither side was neglected or delayed.

As such, Ning Fan no longer had any objection and doubt about the trip to the Thunder Bamboo Island.

At the deepest part of the secret area where Ning Fan had stored the Xuan Wei Bloody Gourd, he set up layers upon layers of formation techniques.

Of all the layers of formations, the formation of the lowest grade was also Divine Transformation Realm formation. All the formations concealed the last whiff of qi of the bloody gourd in order to prevent any Void Fragmentation Realm experts from discovering the bloody gourd and taking it away after invading this place by accident.

Other than the handful of Void Fragmentation Realm experts in the Rain World, there were not any Void Refinement Realm beings who could pass through the moon mist and arrive at the Divine Space Island.

On the other hand, it was unlikely for Void Fragmentation Realm experts to come and take a stroll around the Divine Space Island out of boredom. Thus, no one would take away Xuan Wei Bloody Gourd by hiding it here.

Ning Fan only had to wait for the bloody wine to complete after ten years. Then, he could take the bloody gourd away and give his magic power a great boost.

When he was concealing the bloody guard, Ning Fan extended his wings outward into the sky. Holding the female corpse and Yue Lingkong in his arms, they turned into a trace of smoke and flew out of the Divine Space Island.

When they first arrived at this island, they came in haste. When they left the island now, the atmosphere was filled with desolation. The moonlight which shone upon the island became more and more gloomy and dismal.

In the next ten years, Ning Fan was not going to return to this place.

As for Yue Lingkong, she probably would never return to this land of sorrow again for the rest of her life.

The female corpse was quiet as usual whereas Yue Lingkong was absorbed in her thoughts. None of them spoke a single word when they were within Ning Fan’s embrace.

Ning Fan stole a glance at Yue Lingkong and felt astonished internally.

There are also times when this fierce and strong woman will actually be quiet…

Ning Fan felt that after he had helped Yue Lingkong regain her original body this time, their relationship seemed to have changed a little. It became somewhat ambiguous and unable to be explained clearly.

If one has to describe this change, it was that… Yue Lingkong had become a little more obedient than before.

It’s beyond my imagination…

Ten days passed by. As Ning Fan travelled above the surface of the sea, the sea waves parted for him. The speed of his purple smoke had shocked a number of cultivators along the way.

Outside the Thunder Bamboo Island, he came to a halt. He placed the two women to the ground and stood in midair.

The Thunder Bamboo Island was not in a sealed condition but the formation light of the island had been activated. The formation light was not strong but its ability to sense things had made the cultivators who come and go feel dreadful of it.

Ning Fan did not smash the grand formation recklessly and intrude the island forcefully like how he used to do it on other islands in the past.

When it was time to restrain himself, he certainly would act accordingly.

He and the two women descended on the Thunder Bamboo Island. As soon as their feet touched the ground of the island, more than ten cultivators guarding the island immediately approached them.

“Please stop! The silver bamboos on this Thunder Bamboo Island have already been sold out. If Fellow Daoist come for thunder bamboos, I urge you to leave as soon as possible!”

Strange. It’s really strange!

A frown instantly formed between Ning Fan’s brows. He had just set foot on the island but the people of the island had begun giving him an eviction order without even hearing his intention of coming.

Even though this group of cultivators of the Thunder Bamboo Island had yet to see Ning Fan’s appearance properly, they must have sensed Ning Fan’s cultivation base.

However, even though they clearly knew that Ning Fan was a Divine Transformation Realm cultivator, they still dared to chase him off. Their action was rather imperious and ignorant.

Besides, the people who were chased out of the island were not just Ning Fan alone. Countless Gold Core Realm cultivators, Nascent Soul Realm cultivators and even Divine Transformation Realm old monsters were asked to leave the Thunder Bamboo Island. No one actually dared to disobey their request because the Zhou Clan was strong and influential.

“The reason I have come here isn’t for silver bamboo. I’m here for the golden bamboo…” Ning Fan clasped his hands behind his back and uttered indifferently.

“Golden bamboo?!”

Just as they heard Ning Fan’s words, the expressions of the group of cultivators from the Thunder Bamboo Island instantly changed. They began to look carefully over Ning Fan’s face.

As soon as they took a closer look, all of their hearts were filled with horror. When they turned their gaze to Yue Lingkong, their faces turned pale at once.

“The Venerated Eight of the Internal Sea! Venerated Ming[1] and Venerated Moon! This junior spoke impertinently earlier without minding my own manners. Venerated Ming and Venerated Moon, please forgive me for my sin!”

Fear filled each and every one of their faces when they recognized Ning Fan and Yue Lingkong identities as the venerated beings of the internal sea.

However, even though they were stricken with fear, they still blocked Ning Fan’s path. They were not showing any sign of letting Ning Fan’s group advance.

“Venerated Ming and Venerated Moon, please allow me to explain. My Thunder Bamboo Island is having some important matters to handle at the moment. The island needs to be sealed for a year. With Venerated Ming and Venerated Moon’s identities, both of you certainly have the qualifications to obtain the golden leaf. But we are facing special circumstances. I have to ask both supreme beings to leave and return to the island again one year later. These juniors will certainly prepare the golden leaves well to wait for your arrival!”


Ning Fan’s eyes widened slightly with surprise. This group of cultivators still ask them to leave even after recognizing his and Yue Lingkong’s identities. Evidently, the timing he arrived at the Thunder Bamboo Island was indeed a little bad.

The reason that made the Zhou Clan decide to seal off the island even at the risk of offending Ning Fan was perhaps somewhat significant.

However, it was really making things difficult for Ning Fan to let him wait for a year in order to get the golden leaf.

Besides, he might be able to wait for a year but Yue Lingkong could not. If she does not have the golden leaf, her primordial spirit would not be able to hold on any longer and it would split in another 20 days.

“What should we do now?” Yue Lingkong’s brows were knitted together. Her expression was filled with worry. She was eager to get the golden leaf but she could also notice the special situation that the Thunder Bamboo Island was experiencing.

Since we can’t enter or intrude the island openly, the only option we have is to sneak into it…

Ning Fan did not say anything and turned around to walk away. He could faintly feel that there were four traces of Void Refinement Realm spirit sense were anxiously locking on him. There was even a Mid Void Refinement Realm spirit sense among the four of them.

These Void Refinement Realm Beings without a doubt were the experts of the Zhou Clan. Furthermore, they were definitely aware that Ning Fan possessed three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets. Thus, they were worried that the latter would lose his temper and intrude the Thunder Bamboo Island with force.

If that happens, the four of them would definitely reveal themselves and assault Ning Fan!

Ning Fan’s countenance remained unchanged, as if he had never sensed the auras of those Void Refinement Realm beings at all. He did not want to publicly offend the Zhou Clan but he had a way to sneak into the Thunder Bamboo Island.

The Heaven Deceiving Cloak!

With this item, he could pretend to leave first and then draped the cloak over him and his two women to enter the island stealthily, just as the saying goes, cross the sea by a trick. Of all cultivators below the Void Fragmentation Realm, who could find out that he has paid a visit before?

Seeing that Ning Fan turned to leave after being asked by the cultivators of the island, the four Void Refinement Realm experts of the Zhou Clan who were hidden in the dark heaved a sigh of relief. If it isn’t necessary, they would not be willing to mess with Ning Fan as well.

The female corpse’s eyes still remained as tranquil as always but Yue Lingkong’s eyes had a hint of disappointment.

She had seen Ning Fan flip out for too many women. However, when it was her turn, he behaved so calmly. Since they were unable to enter the island, then he decided not to do so and turned around to leave without hesitation.

It was as if he could completely forget about her life and death to avoid offending the Zhou Clan.

He didn’t even argue or quarrel with those cultivators from the Thunder Bamboo Island…

It’s so hilarious… Why am I disappointed? By what reason should I feel disappointed? The Zhou Clan is so strong and influential. It’s reasonable that Little Cucumber does not want to offend the Zhou Clan. After all, I have only slept with him once. I am not anyone important to him. What right do I have to feel disappointed?

She wore a self-mocking smirk and followed behind Ning Fan to leave. Her heart, however, gradually became cold and icy.

She kept following Ning Fan until they were one million li* (500m per li) away from the Thunder Bamboo Island. Only then did she stop and coldly uttered.

“I, Yue Lingkong, will forever remember your help to recover the Divine Space Island. The high mountains and long rivers never perish. I’m sure we’ll meet again someday in this world.”


She turned around composedly and she actually wanted to bid her farewell to Ning Fan.

Ning Fan gave her a weird and incomprehensible look. He reached out his hand and pulled Yue Lingkong’s wrist. Well, it was impossible for him to let her go.

“Are you planning to leave? Where do you want to go?”

“Does it f***ing have anything to do with you?!” Yue Lingkong cursed.

“Why doesn’t it have anything to do with me? Besides, I am prepared to bring you to the Thunder Bamboo Palace to steal some bamboo leaves… Why? Don’t you want to heal your primordial spirit anymore?”

Ning Fan was rather speechless. He could sense a sour smell from Yue Lingkong. It was even more sour than the old mature vinegar.

The more heroic a woman was, the more terrifying she would be when she was jealous.

“Stealing the bamboo leaf? What are you talking about, Little Cucumber? I don’t understand…” Yue Lingkong was stunned for a moment. Before she could figure out what Ning Fan meant, she saw him summon a black-colored cloak with his will. Then, he pulled her and the female corpse into his arms and covered all of them beneath the cloak.

All of a sudden, their figures vanished into thin air above the sky!

“T-This is… a Profound Divinity Camouflage Spiritual Equipment! It’s a camouflage spiritual equipment that only Void Fragmentation Realm old monsters can refine! What are you planning to do? You want to sneak into the Thunder Bamboo Island to steal the bamboo leaves? You’re crazy! What if the Zhou Clan finds out about us….?”

Yue Lingkong and her little buddy were dazed. No. As Yue Lingkong’s little buddy, the female corpse was always looking blank and confused.

‘Who can find out about us?!” Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with confidence. He still had a sentence which he had yet to speak.

So what if they find out?!

He was just reluctant to make the Zhou Clan his enemy. However, if he has no other choice, he would also not necessarily be afraid of them.

“Next time, don’t be worried blindly and overthink. I will never cast your aside without rescuing you. Besides, being jealous isn’t a good thing, you know?”

Travelling in a flash of light which was extremely obscure, Ning Fan and his group secretly flew back in the direction of Thunder Bamboo Island.

Amidst the sky where nothing could be seen, the voice of a woman could be heard. It was sharp and it was filled with disbelief.

“Being jealous? Do you think that I will be jealous because of you, Little Cucumber?” You have overvalued yourself! You should be the one who will eat vinegar[2]. Your entire family are vinegar-pickled little cucumbers!”

After lashing out at Ning Fan, Yue Lingkong’s mood became much calmer.

However, at the next moment, she began to worry.

Little Cucumber is gambling his life in this… Stealing the bamboo leaves. Once the Void Refinement Realm beings on the island finds out about us, we will certainly be pursued by four Void Refinement Realm beings.

Currently, Yue Lingkong was still unable to use her magic power. She was not sure whether Ning Fan and his three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets could withstand the four experts of the Thunder Bamboo Island if they are found stealing.

It’s risky…

Yue Lingkong was feeling a little nervous.

However, she felt a hint of delight deep inside her heart somehow.

At least, Little Cucumber did not cast her aside… He still dared to steal the items of the Zhou Clan for her.

Hmm. This Little Cucumber is getting more and more pleasing to the eye.

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

[1] “Venerated Ming” is the title for MC in the Endless Sea. “Revered Ming” is a title for MC when he is regarded as a member of the Rain Palace.

[2] Eat vinegar is a literal translation of 吃醋 chī cù which means being jealous.

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