Grasping Evil

Chapter 407 - Chapter 407: A Mysterious Lady

Chapter 407: Chapter 407: A Mysterious Lady

Ning Fan concealed all his qi as he activated the Heaven Deceiving Cloak to its maximum power. When he and his two women sneaked into the Thunder Bamboo Island, no one actually sensed their intrusion!

A Profound Divinity Spiritual Equipment was an equipment of the Void Fragmentation Realm. In terms of the ability of camouflage alone, Ning Fan could really be considered to be unrivalled among the experts under the Void Fragmentation Realm in the Rain World.

Ning Fan brushed past the arms of each of the cultivators of the Thunder Bamboo Island but no one was aware of his presence.

The four Void Refinement Realm spirit sense scanned across the entire island like a lighthouse. However, none of them was able to discover Ning Fan.

Within an area of ten thousand li* (500m per li) situated at the central region of the Thunder Bamboo Island, thunder rumbled and countless lightning flashed in the sky which was supposed to be clear and bright.

Beneath the lightning flashes and thunderclap, thousands of silver-colored thunder bamboos grew sparsely on the ground. The branches of the bamboo were nearly leafless. There were not many silver leaves.

Most of the silver leaves had already been plucked and consumed by cultivators.

Now, the bamboo leaves were scarce and scattered. In the bamboo forest which extended into the area of ten thousand li* (500m per li), there were only ten thousand plus pieces of silver leaves.

Since Ning Fan’s intention was to steal things, he thought that he might as well take all the silver leaves with him.

However, after taking a tour in the bamboo forest, he could not find a single spot where golden bamboo grew at all.

Within the area of ten thousand li* (500m per li), there were only pieces of glittering silver bamboo leaves. From above, it looked completely like a silver ocean of bamboo. There was not the slightest shadow of a golden bamboo.

“There isn’t a golden bamboo on the island?” Ning Fan could not understand and he asked using telepathy.

“I don’t know… Usually, no outsider is allowed to enter the bamboo forest of the Thunder Bamboo Island. Besides, there is a grand formation which prevents anyone from spying into this area. In the past, when the seven venerated beings of the internal sea came to ask for the golden leaves, someone would obtain the golden leaves on their behalf most of the time. Hence, even I don’t have any idea where the golden bamboos grow at. But I am sure that there are certainly golden bamboos on this island!” Yue Lingkong said with certainty.

“Is that so…?” Ning Fan sounded half-hearted, as if he was in the middle of thinking of something.

If the golden bamboos are not on this island, where else can it be?

Could it be that this Thunder Bamboo Island has a secret area that is hidden from the outside world like Divine Space Island?

A conjecture rose in his mind. However, before he began to look for the hidden secret area, the female corpse gently lifted her slim, tender finger beneath the cloak and pointed at a huge bamboo situated at the center of the bamboo forest.

“Light… En…trance…” The female corpse actually knew that there was a secret area within this place and she could even spot its entrance at first glance!

Ning Fan was inwardly astonished. As the spiritual intelligence of the female corpse recovered gradually, her techniques seemed to be more complex than before.

At least, Ning Fan knew that he would not be able to find the entrance to the secret area in such a massive bamboo forest so easily even if he uses his Fu Li Eye.

Yue Lingkong was even more shocked. The female corpse who was always slow and seemingly foolish actually had such a keen eyesight which allowed her to see through the hidden secret area at first sight.

Ning Fan activated his Fu Li Eye and took a closer look at the direction where the female corpse was pointing at. Indeed, that huge bamboo which stood out in the middle of the forest was an entrance to another heavenly dwelling.

From that entrance, he could vaguely feel a trace of gold qi…

There must be a large number of golden bamboos growing inside that area!

“Not bad, Weiliang. You have improved. You are getting stronger and stronger.” Ning Fan stroked the female corpse’s hair and praised her without reservation.

After receiving Ning Fan’s compliment, the female corpse’s eyes flashed with a hint of happiness. She opened her small mouth and bit Ning Fan’s arm. Her sharp fangs left two tiny puncture wounds on his arm.

Her complexion was filled with a tinge of pink but she did not seem to feel shy or embarrassed.

After all, a corpse devil would never feel that way. Neither would they have any physiological response. Rumor has it that when a corpse devil’s face turned red, it usually was a sign that it was hungry.

If it captures someone it likes, it would normally devour that person in a single bite.

The female corpse liked Ning Fan. Thus, she had the urge of devouring Ning Fan, even though she faintly understood that he was very important to her and she must not eat him. At most, she could just take a bite on him.

After being bitten by the female corpse, Ning Fan did not know whether to laugh or cry. The way how a corpse devil expressed its liking was rather unique.

The mild wounds on his arm were not a problem at all. They were instantly healed using the power of the black stars.

Similarly, a tiny bit of corpse venom was not an issue as well. Moreover, since Ning Fan had already cultivated the Corpse Devil Record and turned his body into that of a corpse devil, the corpse venom was nothing to be afraid of.

However, he was not aware that the most crucial thing was the trace of blood qi that spread into the air.

Fortunately, there was not anyone else in this place and he had already stopped the bleeding at once. Hence, there was nothing much to worry whether anyone would sense that scattered blood qi.

Ning Fan’s gaze locked on the giant bamboo and pondered carefully. Although they had found the entrance to the secret area, this heavenly dwelling was rather unique. They could not directly enter the heavenly dwelling as the method of entering the place was somewhat complicated.

The gigantic bamboo had the width of three people hugging together. It emanated a dazzling silver light and lightning flashed around it.

Ning Fan scrutinized the giant bamboo and gently formed a hand seal with his fingers, trying out a few hand seals to open a secret area. Unfortunately, none of them gave them access to this heavenly dwelling.

All of this took place just within an instance. The smell of his blood had just dispersed into the air.

At the next moment, an unexpected red figure emerged beside the giant bamboo in a flash. That person gave out the Void Refinement Realm aura!

The red figure seemed to be a lady in red robes. When Ning Fan looked more closely, his expression was filled with surprise.

The appearance of that lady actually shares a seventy to eighty percent resemblance to a woman whom Ning Fan met in the past.

The lady in the Demon Sinister Forest – Ning Honghong!

However, there were still some differences between this lady in front of his eyes and Ning Honghong. The latter was nothing more than a Gold Core Realm ghost whereas this lady was an Early Void Refinement Realm expert.

Even though Ning Honghong was a fierce ghost, the people she killed were not a lot. This lady in red robes, however, vaguely emanated a trace of baleful qi which actually made Ning Fan feel startled.

The expression on his face changed.

This number of lives that this lady in red robes has taken in her entire lifetime is certainly much more than mine!

Despite being just an Early Void Refinement Realm being, the sense of danger which this lady gave Ning Fan was far beyond the one that he felt from Yue Lingkong’s second primordial spirit!

Who is… this lady?! Could she be an expert of the Zhou Clan?!

“Blood… Who’s over there? Show yourself!”

The lady in red robes raised her hands and both of her eyes seemed to be dyed with blood. Her presence gave off a forceful rush of baleful qi.

Both the female corpse and Yue Lingkong were actually unable to withstand this lady’s baleful qi, even though the former had the corpse devil body while the latter had her original body back. They were just a hair’s breadth away from revealing themselves.

At the most critical moment, Ning Fan channeled his magic power into the two women’s bodies. Meanwhile, he released his own baleful qi to resist the incoming rush of baleful qi from the lady.

Under the pressure of the red-robed lady’s baleful qi, the trio managed to avoid being shaken out of their camouflage or exposing a single trace of their qi.

Perhaps it was because the lady was very confident in her own baleful qi. After scanning all directions with her cold piercing eyes, she no longer probed the surroundings.

There should be no outsider in this place. I think that trace of blood smell is probably mixed with the sea breeze and blown here along.

Well, if there is anyone hiding in this place, they would be forced to reveal themselves, even if they were Void Refinement Realm beings. She had that much confidence in herself.

“Humph! Was it just an illusion?”

The lady moved her fingers so quickly that the shadows of her fingers were flying, forming a series of thunder seals. Then, arcs of silver-colored electricity appeared on the tips of her fingers.

After completing the abstruse and repetitive hand seals, the lady circled the giant bamboo for three rounds. Upon completing the three rounds, she looked up into the sky to check the current time of the day. She chose the direction of the “Chen [1](辰) hour” and entered the giant bamboo with a single step.

At the next moment, she was already inside the concealed heavenly dwelling.

“Little Cucumber, remember those hand seals. That’s the method to enter the secret heavenly dwelling.” Yue Lingkong reminded quietly.

“Mm. I have already learnt the method. Let’s wait for a while. When this lady goes further away, only then we enter.” Ning Fan said cautiously. Even though they now had the concealment under the Heaven Deceiving Cloak, it was better to wait for that lady to travel faraway first before they enter within the giant bamboo to assure their safety.

After approximately four hours, Ning Fan thought that the red-robed lady should have been far away. He then made the same hand seals as what he had seen just now, imitating the lady in red robes without missing out any one of the thunder seals. Upon completion, arcs of blood-red lightning began to coil around his fingers.

Then, he also walked three rounds circling the giant bamboo. After he raised his head to look at the time of the day, he did not choose to enter the direction of the “Chen hour” like that lady did just now. Instead, he chose the direction of the “Wu[2] (午) hour”.

“The direction is wrong!” Yue Lingkong spoke with a surprise tone. She had clearly seen that the lady in red robes headed to the direction of the “Chen hour”.

“It isn’t wrong. This heavenly dwelling is established with three layers of Mortal Void Realm formations for concealment. The first layer of formation needs unique thunder seals to break. The second layer of formation requires one to circle the bamboo for three rounds. It’s a circle formation. As for the third one, it is a ‘formation of seasons’. It is considered to be a type of heavenly formation which is related to astronomical phenomenon. The time when that lady entered the formation was during the Chen hour. As such, she went in the direction of the Chen hour. As for now, it’s already the Wu hour.”

Ning Fan did not speak anymore. Since he had explained to this extent, Yue Lingkong naturally would understand him.

The latter’s eyes were filled with amazement.

Little Cucumber’s cultivation level in the Dao of Formation seems to be a little too terrifying.

He actually saw through the three layers of Mortal Void Realm formations that were set up on this place. He is really a monster.

If it was not because Ning Fan did not know the unique thunder seal that was used to unlock the first layer of the formations, perhaps he would have already broken through the formations and entered the secret heaven dwelling directly before the red-robed lady arrived.

“Let’s go… We have to be careful in every aspect. That lady is a little strong. We must not expose ourselves. If there are any changes within the secret area, I will keep the both of you into my Cauldron Ring. I will flee on my own to ensure your safety. Of course, there won’t be any changes normally.

Ning Fan was still quite confident in the Heaven Deceiving Cloak. Besides, he also had a Void Fragmentation Realm strike from the Stele of Sun and Moon under his sleeve. When one has strong enough trump cards, they would naturally be more courageous.

He conjectured that the lady in red robes might be at the Early Void Refinement Realm, but her strength was probably comparable to the Mid Void Refinement Realm already.

However, she was still unable to block the single strike of his Stele of Sun and Moon. Hence, there was no need to worry about her much.

As soon as they made up their minds, Ning Fan took a step towards the direction of the Wu hour and entered the heavenly dwelling inside the giant bamboo.

Inside the secret dwelling of the giant bamboo, the light in the vast sky flickered gently. Then, it became tranquil and peaceful again.

Even though they had entered the secret dwelling, it could not compel Ning Fan to reveal himself. The Heaven Deceiving Cloak sure was useful.

Cautiously, Ning Fan spread out his spirit sense. After discovering that there was no sign of the lady in red robes within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li), he felt a little relieved.

He gazed into the distance and saw that there were at least several ten million li* (500m per li) vast within this secret dwelling of the giant bamboo.

In the boundless heaven, there was a sea of golden lightning flashes flickering.

On the vast earth, large golden bamboos grew. Each of the golden bamboo was at least ten thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall and it occupied a few mu* (666.67 square meter per mu). They stood up tall and straight, as if their sharp tips pierced through the heavens.

On the golden bamboos, it was rare to find any golden leaves. Apparently, they had already been plucked by others.

Within the vicinity of one hundred thousand li* (500m per li), there were only a dozen golden leaves left. By calculating in that manner, there were at most a few thousand golden leaves in this land which was several ten million li* (500m per li) vast.

If all the golden bamboos in this place were fully grown with bamboo leaves, the total number of leaves were naturally not just a few thousand. The current quantity of golden leaves was just like a drop in the ocean as compared to the quantity during the flourishing season of the bamboo forest.

Even so, using thousands of golden leaves to treat Yue Lingkong’s wound was completely more than enough.

No. Why would she even need a few thousands golden leaves?

Originally, Yue Lingkong just planned to request ten pieces of golden leaves from the Thunder Bamboo Island to heal her wound and that’s it!

If Ning Fan obtains all the golden leaves in this place, he could treat the wound of Yue Lingkong’s primordial spirit with some of them and use the rest to help Luo You recover her cultivation base!

Unfortunately, the medicinal power of a golden leaf was too strong. Each of the golden leaves would need to be harmonized with more than ten types of ten-thousand-year-old spiritual medicine.

With the remaining ten-thousand-year-old spiritual medicine that Ning Fan had, they were at the very most be enough to harmonize one hundred pieces of golden leaves. Even if he has the will to help Luo You, he probably did not have the capabilities of doing so.

“How many are you planning to steal?!” Yue Lingkong was moved by the scene before her eyes and straightforwardly expressed her intention. Her words were brief but the meaning was clear and concise.

Since they came to steal and they would not be discovered by others, it was, of course, the more they could steal the better.

“All of them… Are you satisfied with it?” Ning Fan smiled.

“Hell yeah! Little Cucumber, this old grandmother really did not make a wrong choice of choosing you! We’ll split them fifty-fifty!” Yue Lingkong gave him a thumbs up with both of her hands.

“Split them fifty-fifty…”

Ning Fan was suddenly rendered speechless.

This Yue Lingkong really opens her lion’s mouth [3]this time.

She still has the idea of sharing them fifty-fifty with me after stealing all of them away…

“It’s too dangerous to steal all of them away. There’s a possibility that the lady will discover us. Besides, the spiritual medicine that I have right now is only enough to harmonize one hundred pieces of golden leaves. It’s useless to get too many of them. If you really want to steal all of them away, we still have plenty of chances to sneak into this place again in the future. As for the ‘fifty-fifty sharing’… I have some plans for the remaining golden leaves. Other than the portion for you to treat your wound, I want to keep the rest of them.”

“Are you sure that you are going to use them?”

“Yes, I am.”

“Alright then. I will believe you once. You can take all of the remaining golden leaves. However, you will owe me a favor. You must remember this.”

“…” Ning Fan was at a loss for words again. He was the one who helped Yue Lingkong sneak into this place to steal golden leaves. Why would he still be the one who owes her a favor in the end?

“The favor you owe me has to be repaid using your body!” Yue Lingkong added.

“Fine…” Ning Fan no longer argued with Yue Lingkong.

Repaying with my body, huh?

Well, he was not at a loss to owe Yue Lingkong such a favor, wasn’t it?

Travelling across the bamboo forest filled with gigantic golden bamboos, Ning Fan reached out his hands from time to time and got quite a number of golden leaves.

The number of leaves he had gathered was nearly one hundred. It was about time to leave this place. If they continue to linger around and cause some problem, it would not be worthwhile!

However, beyond his expectation, a lady in red robes who was also in camouflage was witnessing the strange disappearance of the golden leaves. Eventually, her face turned cold from looking stunned when she first saw the strange phenomenon.

She was already certain that someone had followed her into this place.

However, she was not sure the identities of the intruders. Thus, she did not expose Ning Fan and his group.

“What cultivation base is that intruder?! This individual seems to be a little different.”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

[1] Chen (辰) is one of the twelve Earthly Branches which are a Chinese ordering system for time, directions, seasons and zodiac. In this case, the elements related are the time and direction. Chen (辰) is the fifth of the twelve. It is the hour between 7am to 9am and its direction is 120°

[2] Wu hour (午) is the seventh of the twelve Earthly Branches. It is the hour between 11am to 1pm and its direction is 180°.

[3] “Open her lion’s mouth” is a literal translation of a Chinese expression which means that the person has revealed their greedy intention.

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