Grasping Evil

Chapter 411 - Chapter 411: Tai Su’s Three Questions

Chapter 411: Chapter 411: Tai Su’s Three Questions

Above the vast sky, ferocious beasts gathered like clouds. Their presence seemed to overturn heaven and earth. As soon as they appeared, they charged at Ning Fan and Hong Yi regardless of everything!

The pack of beasts consisted of ten thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts, one hundred Wild Beasts and 4 Early Void Refinement Realm beasts!

Hong Yi’s blood-red eyes revealed a bone-chilling killing intent. She conjured lightning using only her bare hands. Each of the ferocious beats which approached her was blasted to pieces by lightning one after another. Be it the Nascent Soul Realm beasts or Wild Beasts, none of them was able to withstand a single strike from her.

She took a gentle step and moved. By just making a step, she then bizarrely emerged in front of a Void Refinement Realm beast.

She pointed at the beast with her tender finger. Circles of blood-red lightning scattered in the vast sky and blasted on its gigantic body. The speed of the lightning was too fast. It did not give the beast a chance to evade at all.

In just an instant, the skin and flesh of the beast was charred. The degree of pain it experienced was difficult to describe. Then, it let out a shriek and fell from the clouds.

Hong Yi had actually put a dignified Early Void Refinement Realm beast in such a grievous condition in a matter of seconds!


The remaining three Void Refinement Realm beasts immediately realized that Hong Yi was their greatest enemy and surrounded her. Each of them let out a roar of rage which dispersed the clouds and disrupted the air current.

All of the three beasts had ten thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall bodies. They shot out black lightning rays with their mouths which transformed into one hundred thousand magic weapons and sharp blades. All the weapons were filled with distinct killing qi as they rained down upon Hong Yi in torrents.

Each of the magic weapons was comparable to a Peak Nascent Soul Realm magic treasure! In the face of one hundred thousand attacks from Nascent Soul Realm weapons, it would be difficult to parry even for an Early Void Refinement Realm cultivator. All of a sudden, the light given out by innumerable weapons filled the sky!

However, one corner of Hong Yi’s mouth curved into a contemptuous smirk. She turned her silky white palms and muttered in a cold tone.

“Sacrificial Thunder Technique, Five Imperial Thunders Palm!”

Her soft palm was so slender as if it was boneless. However, the force she exerted when she turned her palm seemed to be strong enough to topple over the entire heavens.

At this moment, Hong Yi was like the master of lightning. By just turning over her palm, the one hundred thousand magic weapons all trembled in fear. In the next second, a surge of lightning power burst from her body, breaking each and every one of the incoming magic weapons!

With just a turn of her palm, she overturned the heavens and nullified the full-powered attack of the three Void Refinement Realm beasts combined!

It was the strength of her Five Imperial Thunders Palm which was the secret technique of controlling lightning and thunder that abnormally seized the Spirit Crushing Whip from Ning Fan’s hands earlier!

After just a short while, Hong Yi had already injured one Void Refinement Realm beast and overpowered the other three of them. In spite of that, she did not feel proud at all. There was only contempt in her eyes. To her, Early Void Refinement Realm beasts were just insignificant ants which could not even withstand a single blow from her. Hence, there was not the slightest hint of joy in winning against them.

She turned to look at Ning Fan and ordered in an indifferent tone.

“You will be keeping that injured Void Refinement Realm beast occupied. As for the ten thousand Nascent Soul Realm ants, you will wipe them out.”

“You’re underestimating me, huh…?”

Ning Fan’s eyes flashed with mild cold light. What Hong Yi had let him handle was just a severely injured Void Refinement Realm beast. Despite that, she still did not think that he would be capable of killing that beast…

In Hong Yi’s eyes, the three half-completed spiritual puppets were just considered to be satisfactory in terms of their strength.

As for Ning Fan’s strength, since he had yet to attain the Void Refinement Realm, perhaps he could not even gain the slightest recognition from Hong Yi at all.

“The daughter of the thunder sovereign sure is strong and arrogant… Your insight in the aspect of spiritual puppets and magic treasures is indeed sharp. However, your understanding towards me does not seem to be as keen… Underestimating me is a wrong choice…”

Ning Fan muttered internally but he did not speak any word with his mouth. To prove one’s strength and capabilities, it did not depend on their mouths. To earn respect from others, it did not depend on debates and arguments.

Ning Fan manipulated his puppets using his spirit sense. His three Void Refinement Realm puppets instantly dashed towards the injured beast in three traces of smoke and surrounded it. They then hurled a torrent of fists at that beast harshly and ruthlessly. Their earth-shattering strikes had blasted a vast piece of earth to pieces.

The mountains and rivers on the earth crumbled just like that!

Unfortunately, his three spiritual puppets lacked an ultimate killing strike. Even though they had beaten the beast to the point where blood flowed out from its wounds in streams, it could still move. Even though they battled so vigorously that even earth shook and mountains crumbled, they were still unable to finish that beast off.

That beast which was first injured terribly by Hong Yi and then was beaten like a horrible dog by the three puppets had finally turned mad. It was filled with the wrath and hatred to fight back even if it would cost its own life.

It let out a ferocious roar and ignited its own blood veins. All of a sudden, its qi rose sharply. It shook off the three puppets from him with a move and confronted them forcefully. Even though it bled so horribly to the extent where its blood had washed over mountains and rivers, it did not intend to yield at all.

As a matter of fact, it was within Hong Yi’s estimation. Spiritual puppets were dead creatures after all. When three Void Refinement Realm spiritual puppets faced a Void Refinement Realm beast which was in a desperate state, they might not necessarily be able to finish it off.

However, she had underestimated Ning Fan!

Ning Fan had let his three puppets to deal with the injured beast.

On the other hand, he made a step forward and stood facing the ten thousand lightning spirits.

Despite his thin and feeble body, he looked like an insurmountable mountain. There was not a single ferocious beast which could get half a step past his body.

His sword sense swept across the group of beasts again and again. The ten thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts were annihilated by Ning Fan in just a matter of seconds. The roars of beasts reverberated across the sky like thunderclap and massive violent qi filled the atmosphere!

Ning Fan’s eyes were merciless and cold. That look on his face was the result of experiencing countless massacres and bloody scenes which had made his heart as cold as steel.

After one breath, there were only one hundred Wild Beasts which were one thousand zhang* (3.33m per zhang) tall left in front of him.

Ning Fan’s speed in wiping out the Nascent Soul Realm beasts had surprised Hong Yi.

“Oh? This young man’s sword sense is quite strong. He could even kill Nascent Soul Realm beasts instantly… However, there are many Divine Transformation Realm experts as well who can perform such a large-scale massacre… But he is still just an ordinary Half-Step Void Refinement Realm cultivator in my eyes, unless he is able to withstand the one hundred Wild Beasts.”

Just as her voice fell, her eyes flashed with a hint of amazement for the first time.

Ning Fan did not have the slightest trace of fear despite confronting one hundred Wild Beasts. He extended his five fingers and clawed at the vast earth. Then, a vigorous aura force suddenly spread throughout the area. The soul of the great earth was extracted. Grass and trees withered and mountains and rivers weathered away!

As for Ning Fan who had devoured the soul of the vast land, his qi shot up incredibly. With the boost of strength, his magic power had arrived at one million units. In terms of magic power alone, he was not any weaker than common cultivators at the Void Glimpse Stage at all. Unfortunately, his cultivation realm did not advance as he was still at the Half-Step Void Refinement Realm.

Even if one uses the Soul Extraction technique, the technique would not be able to let cultivators stride over the bottleneck of Void Refinement Realm.

Despite that, Hong Yi was already astonished by Ning Fan for the first time.

“The Soul Extraction technique? This young man has actually comprehended this technique. It seems like I have underestimated him…”

With the help of the secret technique, Ning Fan’s magic power skyrocketed. Looking at the one hundred Wild Beasts, his eyes became even colder.

He touched his glabella and the White Lightning Whip appeared in his hand.

As he struck using the whip, he seemed to be flogging all living creatures. His body radiated a terrifying devil prestige which no one could look straight at it!

One strike. Ten strikes. One hundred strikes!

Ning Fan had made one hundred strikes with the whip almost instantly. As soon as he finished wielding his whip, lightning flashed and an ear-splitting thunderclap reverberated across the sky.

Even though he clearly lashed the air with his whip, countless and endless blood-red lightning rays emerged in the sky and blasted on the insides of the one hundred Wild Beasts!

Moreover, since all of the one hundred Wild Beasts were lightning spirits, they were completely restrained by his White Lightning Whip.

In a flash, the demon cores of the one hundred Wild Beasts were struck by the lightning rays. To the destructive power of the White Lightning Whip, all kinds of defenses were like nothing.

Each of the demon cores which was as solid as black iron was crushed by Ning Fan’s whip. Twenty-one Wild Beasts died on the spot as their demon cores were completely destroyed!

As for the remaining beasts, they suffered a different degree of severe injuries. All of their qi was greatly weakened. Besides, there were many Wild Beasts which showed signs of regressing to the Nascent Soul Realm due to the damage of their demon cores.

A deeply frightened expression filled on the Wild Beasts’ pupils.

Originally, they were never afraid of any kind of experts who were at the same level as them. However, when they met Ning Fan’s cold eyes, all of them felt their bone shiver, as if they were in a land of snow and ice!

It was as if they were not the ferocious beasts while Ning Fan was the true devil beast which emanated a monstrous and vicious aura!

The White Lightning Whip was truly horrifying! With just a strike, it had eliminated twenty-one Wild Beasts!

Ning Fan stared at the lightning whip in his hand and revealed a satisfied smile. No matter what, the White Lightning Whip which was refined and tempered by Hong Yi had eliminated the limitation of the Spirit Crushing Whip which required him to strike one’s magic treasures in order to bring its ability into effect. Now, it was a lot more convenient to crush his opponent’s primordial spirit and eliminate his enemy.


The remaining 80 Wild Beasts still surrounded Ning Fan swiftly despite their fear and delivered their full-powered lightning power attacks at him.

Strong wind appeared. Heavy rain fell. Lightning flashed and thunder crackled. They were summoned by the magic techniques which each of the Wild Beasts displayed. All the attacks of the eighty Wild Beasts combined into one. Its destructive power was frightening!

However, to Ning Fan, it was just nothing more than a Void Refinement Realm strike!

He looked at the lightning flashes and thunder clouds which covered the entire sky with an imposing and fearless expression. He raised his whip and thrashed the air of the eastern direction, killing all the twenty Wild Beasts in the east.

When their combined lightning attack blasted on Ning Fan’s body, he should also be severely wounded even though his physical body was at the Fourth Level of Jade Life Realm.

At this moment, however, ninety-nine black stars rose in the vault of heavens.

Starlight shone upon Ning Fan. His eyes were like a cluster of stars and his body was like that of a devilish god. No matter how the lightning bombarded his body, his long hair gently danced in the air while his body did not suffer any injuries at all.

No. He was not unscathed! It was just that the speed of the combined attack from just a group of Wild Beasts damaging his body was a lot slower than the healing speed of his starlight!

“Star Healing Technique!!”

Hong Yi’s blood-red eyes were filled with surprise. She had never expected that Ning Fan would actually possess such a heaven-defying divine ability.

In regards to the Soul Extraction Technique which Ning Fan displayed earlier, Hong Yi found it just a little astonishing because she also knew that technique.

As for the Star Healing Technique, however… It was the truly supreme secret technique. Even if one reaches the Void Fragmentation Realm, they certainly still could not learn this technique. On top of that, even a Life Immortal Realm being might not necessarily be able to comprehend it!

But Ning Fan actually knew this kind of secret technique. It really shocked Hong Yi.

“This time, I have really underestimated him… Ninety-nine natal stars. He might not be able to kill a Void Refinement Realm being, but there is probably also no cultivator at the Void Glimpse Stage can kill him with so many stars protecting him!”

Finally, Hong Yi began to regard Ning Fan with respect!

Ning Fan still did not know about all this. Meanwhile, he turned his head facing the eastern direction. The killing intent in his look was enough to drown the twenty Wild Beast in the east!


The roars of the Wild Beasts were filled with fear!

They could not understand! They could not understand at all why Ning Fan could withstand the combined attack from the eighty of them while his physical body remained unscathed and indestructible!

Unfortunately, how could they understand since they were just beasts?!

Ning Fan had condensed ninety-nine natal stars in total. Even if he takes a barrage of attacks from a group of Divine Transformation Realm experts, he would definitely also remain undefeatable and invincible!

“Only forty Wild Beasts are left…”

Ning Fan glanced sideways at the injured Void Refinement Realm beast. Even though it was on the brink of death, it managed to damage one of his Void Refinement Realm puppets after it ignited its blood to make its final struggle.

Half-completed spiritual puppets are indeed very weak compared to the others which are of the same level…

Ning Fan knew that if the fight continued to drag on a little longer, there was a possibility that the Void Refinement Realm would take one of the puppets with it to perish together. If that happens, Ning Fan’s loss would outweigh his gains.

He kept his lightning whip and looked at the last forty Wild Beasts in the surroundings. His eyes flashed coldly.

“Five Graves of Dragon Burial Technique!”

“When the five dragons die, the black dragon shall rise! When the five elements vanish, the five graves shall emerge!”

The tombstones which did not belong to any of the five elements specially restrained the five elements of heaven and earth. As for these Wild Beasts, all of them were lightning spirits at first and their beast bodies were purely transformed from the gold element, which was one of the elements that was restrained by the five tombstones!


Ning Fan’s fingers moved rapidly as he formed a series of hand seals. He rotated his magic power vigorously and five tombstones of black dragon which were one thousand zhang* (3.33 m per zhang) tall appeared in the sky. When Ning Fan willed it, they split into countless tombstones and crashed into the Wild Beasts.

One of those falling tombstones was just like a Mount Tai falling from the sky!

As soon as the countless tombstones crashed into the ground, a ghastly scene of death appeared and blood flowed out in streams!

With just a few breaths, the remaining forty Wild Beasts had been turned into a chunk of splattered meat under the five tombstones!

The one hundred demon cores from the Wild Beasts which were filled with strong lightning power were, of course, taken away by Ning Fan as the trophy of the battle.

The depletion of his magic power was rather serious. He consumed a few Spirit Recovering Pills and rapidly digested them. Then, he made a step forward with the tip of his foot and charged at the injured Void Refinement Realm beast.

In an arrogant manner, he appeared directly in front of the beast. Under the protection of the starlight, he hurled his fists. Each of his punches landed on the body of the beast without miss!

Even though the beast had already ignited its blood, it was yet to arrive at the Mid Void Refinement Realm after all. Its attacks might be strong and the injuries it caused on Ning Fan was severe, but he healed himself almost instantly using his Black Star Healing Technique.

As for Ning Fan’s attacks, they landed firmly and directly on the body of the beast, causing the innumerable wounds on its body to crack and worsen drastically.

Aside from that, while the beast was busy handling Ning Fan’s forceful attacks, the three puppets aimed at its vital points regardless of everything. After the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, the beast had already exhausted its strength and it was no longer to fend for himself. Eventually, it died!

Ning Fan was the one delivered the final strike by pointing his finger at the beast!

A current of purple mist spread into the air. That ethereal golden purple mist covered the vast sky.

The mist contained a terrifying power which could make everything fall to bits!

It literally caused the beast to be disintegrated!

Ning Fan did not use the Myriad Sword Style. After all, the Zhou Clan seemed to be on a bad term with the Rain Palace. Thus, it was unwise to recklessly use the sword technique from Yun Tianjue.

He also did not use the Star Punishing Bow technique as the power of drawing a single arrow would completely use up his magic power, causing him to fall into a weak state temporarily.

He deliberately used the Wind Mist Finger because Hong Yi had said that she had set her eyes upon that technique and she would require his help using that technique.

As such, Ning Fan did not mind displaying the Wind Mist Technique again to let her witness clearly how strong this technique was. It could fortify the value for her to befriend Ning Fan and also avoid her behaving erratically.

After killing that Void Refinement Realm beast, Ning Fan obtained a Void Refinement Realm demon core and kept it into his storage pouch. Then, a cold and arrogant voice of a lady was heard from his back.

“Pretty excellent strength… You are the first Divine Transformation Realm junior who could gain my respect and attention.”

The person who spoke was none other than Hong Yi.

Ning Fan had wiped out ten thousand Nascent Soul Realm beasts, one hundred Wild Beasts and on Void Refinement Realm beast. Hong Yi had also eliminated the three Void Refinement Realm beasts.

“You have overpraised me, Miss. I could only kill a Void Refinement Realm beast with much effort and the help of my three puppets. On the other hand, you have killed three Void Refinement Realm beasts on your own. You are truly the person whom I admired.” Ning Fan had to admit that Hong Yi was indeed very strong. She was even fiercer than Yue Lingkong.

“Humph! Are you telling me that I don’t even have the strength of killing three Early Void Refinement Realm beasts in your eyes? Are you making a sarcastic remark on me?!”

After hearing Ning Fan’s compliment, Hong Yi actually expressed displeasure. Her temperament sure was strange and hard to accommodate.

Even though her eyes were filled with discontentment, she did not express her anger at Ning Fan. She just waved one of her bloody hands and tossed three Void Refinement Realm demon cores which were still dripping with blood to Ning Fan.

“For me?’ Ning Fan felt stunned. Even though Hong Yi was using him, she was really generous as she gave him the three Void Refinement Realm demon cores without hesitation.

“Since you are serving for me, I certainly will not treat you less. Besides, these demon cores are just thrash. They aren’t a precious thing. You don’t have to refuse!”

Translated by Tommy, edited by Roel

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