Great Demon King

Chapter 919 - Pleasing to the eye

Chapter 919: Pleasing to the eye

The bald highgod saw that Sanguis, Bollands, Gilbert, and their forces were much weaker than theirs and therefore planned to exterminate them altogether. If none of them could live to tell the tale, no one would know who had killed them and avenge their deaths.

As soon as the bald man coldly gave the command to attack, everyone in his gang charged forward. Bollands, Sanguis, Gilbert, and their divine guards became even more tightly surrounded. They had sealed every inch of space that they could escape from.

“Slaughter away!” commanded the bald highgod in a sneer. He and the other late-stage highgod of wind, however, did not get into action. Perhaps they thought that Bollands, Sanguis, Gilbert, and the others can easily be taken care of by his minions.

Five or six highgods and more than a hundred midgods swarmed at them. Those highgods were at early to mid-stages. Sanguis and Gilbert gritted their teeth and charged forward, each intercepting a highgod.

Bollands quickly followed behind them and unleashed his incisive flying sword. The atmosphere was filled with killing intent so intense that they had coagulated into matter. An early-stage highgod who got too close to Bollands was startled by the terrifying killing intent. Sword radiances flashed. During the split moment he lost focus, he received deep wounds across his chests.

“Sanguis, Gilbert, we will look for an opportunity to escape!” shouted Bollands as soon as he forced his opponent to retreat.

A chilling light flashed in Sanguis and Gilbert’s eyes and they started attacking their opponents more fiercely. They made powerful but risky attacks without any regard for their own lives. As their opponents were unwilling to sacrifice their own lives to kill Sanguis and Gilbert, they had no choice but to take defensive measures.

However, Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert had to face not three but six highgod. When all six of them had gathered and began attacking together, the trio immediately lost their upper hand. They would have perished in just minutes if not for their risky defensive maneuvers.

While the six highgods had surrounded Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert, the more than a hundred midgod Fringedwellers encircled the House of Han guards in chilling smirks. Then, suddenly, they simultaneously began their assault on the House of Han guards.

Although the House of Han guards were outnumbered at least two times, their team combat strength was still much greater than that of the Fringedwellers. They abruptly spread out as though a giant machete. They had not only evaded most of the attacks, they had managed to cause tremendous casualties to their enemies.

After the two forces exchanged their first blow, of the House of Han guards, five were injured and one killed. Meanwhile, of the Fringedwellers, thirty were injured and ten were killed!

Although the combatants of both forces were all in the realm of midgod and the Fringedwellers outnumbered the House of Han guards, the latter nonetheless managed to gain the upper hand with just one blow. The bald highgod’s face jolted when he observed the unusual phenomenon. Immediately, he instructed, “Divert two highgod to kill those guards!”

The six highgods who were jointly beating up Sanguis, Gilbert, and Bollands immediately realized that their minions were losing when they heard the instruction. One early-stage highgod and one mid-stage highgod dropped their attacks on the House of Han trio and charged at the guards. The two highgods had managed to immediately turn the tide of the battle. The House of Han guards went from having the upper hand to losing. Casualties were gradually mounting.

The trio of Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert immediately felt the pressure on them reduced. Originally, if Sanguis or Bollands still could not find an opening to escape in the next few minutes, they would all be doomed. But after two of the highgods were redirected away, despite being injured, the two of them now had a chance to escape.

But it appeared that the bald highgod who had only been watching wasn’t going to let the battle drag on any longer. Seeing that his minions could not destroy these members of the House of Han straightforwardly, he sneered and said, “It seems that the rumors are true. Those of the House of Han is not to be belittled! Humph, but even so, you will not escape your fate of death!”

Upon finishing those words, he along with the late-stage highgod of wind gradually approached the House of Han trio who had been surrounded. He was going to make the battle end in the shortest time possible.

“Leave now, Sanguis! Or we will never be able to!” shouted Bollands hastily when he saw that the two late-stage highgods were going to intervene.

“But, what about them?” Sanguis took a quick glance at the House of Han guards. His red eyes were filled with reluctance.

“Uff!” The split second of distraction had allowed a bone spear to pierce Sanguis’ chest. Blood immediately started flowing out from the wound.

“We need to leave in order to avenge their deaths!” Bollands got anxious when he saw that Sanguis was being indecisive. He knew that when the two late-stage highgods joined the battle, they might not even have the chance to deploy their demonic escape technique.

“Hehe, wanna escape? You can’t!” said the bald highgod in a mocking smile. as he spoke, he had raised his hand and launched an attack.

When his deadly attack was about to land on Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert, a peal of loud, macho laughter suddenly sounded and a majestic figure fell between the trio. He raised a hand and the energy of destruction formed a greyish shield and intercepted the attacks of the bald highgod.

“Polo?” exclaimed the bald highgod and he immediately frowned. He coldly groaned and threatened, “You better not mess with my business, or don’t blame me for messing you up!”

“Nice attempt at intimidation, Luca. But I wouldn’t have shown up if I’m afraid of you!” Polo then gestured and shouted, “Brothers! Step forward!”

After hearing Polo’s cry, hundreds of figures wearing sinister faces revealed themselves from the shadows and surrounded the bald highgod and his forces in an instant.

The bald highgod named Luca looked around him and saw that Polo had brought more than three hundred experts and twice as many highgods as he had!

Luca’s heart jolted. He stopped taking an offensive posture at the House of Han trio but glared at Polo as he said, “Polo, you should know who I serve. You dare offend Lord Logue? You should know the consequences of doing so!”

“Don’t you fucking try to intimidate me using Logue. I ain’t afraid of him!” Polo laughed arrogantly before he said, “Oh Luca, haven’t you realized that the Fringe now is no longer the same? The Sovereigns aren’t the only ones who wield true powers. You are well-informed in the Fringe. Do you not know who I now serve?”

After hearing those words, the bald highgod’s face yet again jolted as though he had recalled a recent intel, that every godhunter in the Fringe had been united by a powerful existence. As Logue’s trusted aide, Luca was very much aware of how close that person was to Han Shuo.

“You serve Han Hao?” Luca’s face turned grave and his attitude was no longer as arrogant.

“Haha, so you do know about it. Now you better shoo the fuck off and leave these people from the House of Han alone. I will consult my Chief later on what to do about your transgression, but you may go free for today,” said Polo disdainfully in a smug smirk.

“They may claim to be from the House of Han, but how would you know if it’s true?” Luca complained, “There has been a shit ton of people traveling to the Omphalos claiming themselves to be members from the House of Han. Hell, even a goddamn monkey would claim itself to be related to the House of Han when in trouble. If we are to let everyone off, how would we keep our businesses going?”

“I don’t care, that’s not my problem. Let them go or I will make you be gone!” threatened Polo arrogantly, not bothering to argue with Luca.

Luca wore an angered face as he considered his options. He understood that he was in no position to fight but if he were to let Gilbert and the others free, when they returned to Han Shuo, he and his Sovereign might get into trouble. Therefore, he hesitated and did not know which choice to take.

Gilbert suddenly went to Polo with a smirk on his face and said, “Hey, you. You said you serve Han Hao?”

Polo took a glance at Gilbert out from the corners of his eyes before he replied in an annoyed voice, “Yes. What business is it of yours?”

Gilbert was stunned. He did not expect Polo to be so arrogant towards him. Immediately, he frowned and shouted at Polo, “Fucking hell, I have known Han Hao since way back in Profound Continent. You are just his servant but you dare speak to me like that? Where are your manners?”

Polo jolted upon hearing those words. He then took a careful look at Gilbert, Bollands, and Sanguis, and found that the auras emanated by the trio were vaguely similar to that of Han Hao. With that, Polo asked, “You really are members of the House of Han?”

“What the fuck? So you are deliberately messing with us, Polo?” Luca the bald highgod immediately realized that Polo had shown up just to look for trouble.

Polo put on a mischievous smirk and replied, “Hehe, just as you’ve said, there are just too many outsiders traveling to the Omphalos claiming that they are from the House of Han. I couldn’t tell if they are lying either!”

As Polo spoke, he took out a magical mirror. He then turned to Gilbert and asked, “What’s your name? I need to report to my Chief.”

“Tell him it’s Gilbert the Dark Dragon. Although it’s been a while, I’m sure that he still remembers me!” replied Gilbert, beaming ear to ear.

Polo nodded and went to a corner. His minions had surrounded him before he activated the magical mirror and communicated with his master.

Gradually, Han Hao’s figure appeared in the magical mirror. After listening to Polo’s narration, he gave Polo a straightforward command.

Polo nodded and the call was disconnected. The smile on his face vanished and he returned to Gilbert with a dark, murderous demeanor.

“What? Don’t tell me that he had forgotten about me?” Gilbert panicked when he saw the murderous look on Polo’s face.

“Kill them all! Leave none alive!” commanded Polo in a chilling voice.

“Kill who?” asked Polo’s rather confused followers.

“Idiots, Luca of course! Isn’t it fucking obvious? Why would I kill someone as pleasing to the eye as Gilbert?”

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