Great Demon King

Chapter 920 - Despicable

Chapter 920: Despicable

After hearing Polo’s words, the godhunters marched forward with sneers on their faces. They slowly tightened the circle and surrounded Luca and his troops even more tightly.

Luca’s heart jolted. He shouted, “You dare? I’m the most trusted servant of Lord Logue. If you touch me, His Lordship won’t let you off!” Luca knew that he stood no chance against Polo and his forces and once again tried to intimidate Polo using Logue’s name.

“With all of you dead, he will have no idea who killed you. How would he find out that it’s me?” Polo put on a malevolent smirk and said, “Besides, so what if Logue finds out? Do you think Lord Han Hao would be afraid of him? Haha, my brothers, slaughter away! Leave none alive!”

Luca had said those words to mock Bollands, Gilbert, and Sanguis after surrounding them. He did not expect that in just minutes later, he would have a taste of his own medicine and be mocked by Polo by the same exact words. Luca could not be more annoyed but against Polo who was just as savage as he was, there wasn’t much that he could do about it.

Polo did not give Luca the chance for more prattling and charged at him ferociously. He engaged Luca with a late-stage highgod of thunder.

Sanguis was astounded. He looked at Gilbert puzzlingly and asked, “How would this guy who you call Han Hao command such a powerful group of experts? From what you’ve said, it doesn’t sound like he was all that strong when back in the Profound Continent. How could he recruit so many powerful followers in just a short few decades?”

“Well, how would I know?” Gilbert giggled and said, “But that guy has been a peculiar one all along. He would murder and plunder with Master and have served Master much longer than we have. Hehe, back then in the Abyss Realm, weren’t you just as weak and powerless? But look at the heights you are at now. Should it really come as a surprise to you that he, Master’s first follower, could soar in strength so rapidly?”

“That’s right. Back then, while we were in the City of Shadows building our House of Han, he was in Ronson Canyon building his godhunter faction. He was the de facto ruler of the Ronson Canyon before he left for the Fringe. It was only natural that his strength and influence have grown even greater after having stayed in the Fringe for so long,” explained Bollands who had heard a thing or two about Han Hao.

“I really wish to meet him!” muttered Sanguis.

In the House of Han, Sanguis had always been the most powerful expert after Han Shuo. Sanguis’ strength had been rapidly progressing in the past few years and his arrogance had risen in tandem. It was only natural that Sanguis, a hot-headed teenager, would like to challenge Han Hao who seemed to possess strength and prestige that surpassed his.

Bollands and Gilbert looked at Sanguis in a funny look but they did not comment about it. They both knew that although Sanguis had been rapidly progressing in strength, he would still stand no chance against Han Hao. To fight Han Hao was to smack a rock at his own feet.

If Polo, a follower of Han Hao’s, possessed late-stage highgod strength, then logically, Han Hao must possess even greater strength than Polo. Given that Sanguis could not even defeat a late-stage highgod at this point, it would be impossible for him to defeat Han Hao.

While Bollands, Gilbert, and Sanguis were chatting, those minions of Luca were being crushed by Polo’s godhunters. They suffered heavy casualties in just moments.

“Gilbert, Sanguis, look at the movement and coordination of these godhunters. Does it look familiar to you?” asked Bollands suddenly.

Sanguis and Gilbert started to carefully observe the godhunters for a moment and their faces jolted slightly.

Surprisingly, Polo’s godhunters knew how to effectively fight as a team. It was obvious from their footsteps and coordination that they had been taught demonic combat formations. Although they had not been tempered for years inside the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation and were not as well-trained as the House of Han guards, their effective combat strength was nonetheless significantly amplified under the demonic combat formation, allowing them to crush Luca’s poorly coordinated forces easily.

“That guy has indeed learned plenty from Master. Haha, no wonder he would be so accomplished among the godhunters!” remarked Gilbert smilingly after making observations.

“He is indeed extraordinary. Sanguis has met his match, it seems,” remarked Bollands after taking a glance at Sanguis.

Bollands understood that Sanguis’ temperament would change for the worse as his strength soared and he was starting to look down upon others. Bollands thought that it might be good for Sanguis to eat a humble pie.

Besides, Han Hao was also a member of the House of Han. Friendly competition would be great for tempering Sanguis.

“Let’s help them up. Haha, after all, it’s not courteous to just stand and watch!” suggested Gilbert excitedly after doing nothing for a while.

Before Bollands could speak, red lights burst from Sanguis’ eyes and he charged at the enemies as an intense reeking of blood emanated from his body. Having Han Hao as a strong competitor seemed to have motivated Sanguis. Somehow, he seemed to have obtained yet another breakthrough in his cultivation of Bloodgod Mantra.

“Holy fuck, that blood aura of his have intensified. Don’t tell me that he has obtained yet another breakthrough? Sanguis is absolutely wild!” Gilbert was familiar with Sanguis’ strength and they were standing close by. He exclaimed when he sensed that the blood aura on Sanguis had grown more intense than before.

Bollands nodded gladly and put on a prideful faint smile. He remarked, “Sanguis is indeed talented. At this speed of progress, one day, he might even exceed Han Hao in strength.”

“I’d doubt that. Haha, you have not met Han Hao before. That guy is even more terrifying and even more callous and heartless than you are. There is no way that Sanguis could progress as fast as he could in terms of realm state,” remarked Gilbert after thinking for a moment. He felt that Sanguis lacked something that Little Skeleton had.

“I can’t wait to meet him,” said Bollands. He too seemed very interested in Han Hao.

“Come, let’s kill these bastards!” cried Gilbert before charging at Luca’s minions.

Polo’s forces had the upper hand over Luca’s forces. With Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert joining the massacre, Luca’s minions perished at an even faster rate. One after another, they would let out miserable shrieks and perish after all their divine energy was drained.

In just moments, the more than a hundred midgods that Luca brought were annihilated. All that left was Luca and a few highgods who were struggling to survive. However, it was clear that they won’t be able to last for much longer.

“There’s no escape, Luca. What a fucking shame that you don’t cultivate destruction energy. Otherwise, I could have a real feast today,” said Polo haughtily as he beat up Luca with five of his godhunters.

“Don’t worry about it, Polo. Though you may not be able to absorb his energy – we can!” remarked a highgod of death as his eyes shining with ravenous, savage lights stared fixedly on Luca. Saliva overflowed from the corner of his mouth as he grinned.

Luca grew even more desperate and despaired as he listened to the godhunters discussing how to divide the divine energy in his body among themselves. Whenever he tried to use a certain item in his space ring to escape, the firepower shot at him would increase by several folds, forcing him to defend and unable to utilize the escape tool.

As the battle went on, the injuries on Luca’s body grew more and more severe. Suddenly, he noticed that his eyelids felt incredibly heavy and the cognitive ability of his divine soul was diminishing.

“Poison? You… You have complete upper hand, and yet, you use… poison?” Luca felt lethargic. He could barely lift his arms and legs as they seemed as heavy as lead. Luca stared at the sneering Polo with discontent as he strenuously yelled, “Despicable, how despicable! You… You will die horribly!”

“Hehe, we know that given your strength, we will have to suffer some losses if we were to kill you by normal means. But luckily for us, the House of Han makes medicines. Our weapons have been laced with a colorless and odorless poison called ‘Godfall’. It is said that Lord Bryan himself had produced them. Accept your fate!” replied Polo in a most treacherous smile.

Polo and his godhunters had been attacking Luca but not dealt him the killing blow as to let him have hope and not make a kamikaze attack. However, they would moderately make cuts on Luca’s body with their poisoned weapons and slowly poison him.

‘Godfall’, a poison made by Han Shuo, was not just odorless and tasteless, but it also doesn’t activate in low doses so that the victim had no idea that they were being poisoned. The poison would very slowly make its way around the victim’s divine body and penetrate every cell. When the dosage was enough; when the victim felt the effects of the poison, it would be too late.

The poison would affect both the divine body and the divine soul. No matter what they do, they won’t be able to assemble their energy. They would be incapacitated and become a sitting duck. It would be impossible to do anything, much less making a kamikaze attack.

“Wahaha… Master is indeed becoming more and more despicable! This Godfall poison is wonderful stuff! Hahaha, I must ask Master for some later. It is very damn useful for committing massacre! This is like slowly pushing the enemies off the cliff without them knowing until it’s too late! Hahah!” Gilbert called Han Shuo despicable but it seemed that he used the word not as an insult but praise. He seemed very admiring and proud of Han Shuo.

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