Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 15-Study

Chapter 15-Study

The “Shennong System Introduction Guide”. He has seen it many times and knows that it has a relation with Shennong Spirit talent +1.

(TN: i have changed Psychic to Spirit)

Unfortunately, there is no specific spirit technique in the book, otherwise it would have become easier to communicate with the Tuberose’s consciousness and can grasp the reason for the Tuberose not blooming.

Currently, the sense of communication is fuzzy, he must try all sorts of induction and analyse to figure out the real reason.

If it was before, this would be impossible, but since he now posses the Shennong System, his unique Shennong talent has awakened, he has incredible sensitivity and insight with plants.

With the two tuberoses, he interacted with the complex consciousness, he seemed to catch a very special wave, he has a strong feeling that the reason for the tuberose not blooming has a great relationship with this special fluctuation.

According to Zhang Keqin, the tuberose is entering the period of decline and will not blossom.

He did not feel like that, though it has entered the period of decline, it has a very strong vitality.

“ Exactly what is this particular wave?”

Ye Xiaochen was feeling carefully, but he did not have any clue, he has less experience and insight, even if there is a talent, it also has limitations.

At this time, Zhang Keqin has finished talking with Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng can only helplessly tell the result to his sister.

Wang Xinyi’s face is full of disappointment, it is a pity.

The Tuberoses have not bloomed and also have entered the stage of decline, which means that these two strains of tuberoses have very few years to live, they will gradually wither.

Ye Xiaochen, Zhang Keqin and the others left the yard, he still has not been able to analyze what is the special fluctuation,confused, especially seeing Wang Xinyi at a lost, he can’t wait to find out the reason.

“ No, I will be able to find out why.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Outside of the yard, at the moment he saw the weak figure of Wang Xinyi standing beside the tuberoses, having an inexplicable sadness.

Because Zhang Keqin has not left, Ye Xiaochen did not continue to stay, he said goodbye to Wang Shuisheng directly.

Wang Shuidheng did not retain him, after all, he also need to entertain Zhang Keqin, he immediately said to Wang Yuandong:

“ Yuandong, you send Ye Xiaochen instead of me”

Wang Yuandong’s heart was unhappy, but his uncle had spoken, he could not refuse, he is very afraid of his uncle.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Yuandong walked out of the door of the house.

The two people did not talk anything.

Ye Xiaochen already realized Wang Yuandong indifference to him, it was the same in university, perhaps in Wang Yuandong’s eyes, he is just taking the chance of saving Xi Bao to cling on Wang Shuisheng.

He didn’t care about it, now, he has a golden finger and Shennong System, his future prosperity is just around the corner. Perhaps, he will surpass Wang Shuisheng, it isn’t difficult by that time, what is Wang Yuandong?

What’s more, now, his most attention is on the special wave from the tuberose’s consciousness.

He must find out what this particular wave represents.

“ Is this your truck? Are you doing delivery now?”

Wang Yuandong is watching Ye Xiaochen walked to the front of the van and couldn’t help laughing.

Previously, when he came in, he was curious. How can such a truck be parked in his uncle’s villa, but now he got to know that it is Ye Xiaochen’s.

Ye Xiaochen just smiled and didn’t explain anything.

Getting into the truck, Ye Xiaochen said to Wang Yuandong, “ I’m leaving”

He started the truck, took a turn in the parking floor and left towards the exit.

Wang Yuandong saw the truck leaving, he sneered, turned back and walked into the villa.

In his view, the possibility of meeting with Ye Xiaochen is very small.

At home.

Truck parked outside the house, the parent and others were watching.

“ Xioachen child, didn’t you go search for more places, why did you rushed to buy the truck?”

Mother was very unhappy.

She was afraid that her son was cheated, the truck is not a daily necessities to install, if one is not careful, there maybe loss of tens of thousands of yuan.

“ Mom, you can rest assure that there is no loss, you guess how much is the truck costs?

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

If wang Shuisheng was not there, he would definitely had suffered a loss.

“ The car looks very new, it should cost fifty thousand or sixty thousand?”

The mother guessed.

“ Up to fifty thousand, no more.”

Dad circled around the truck and said,

“ Zhu Siya in Zhujiao also bought a second hand truck, it is said that he has to spent forty-eight thousand yuan. I also went to see, feels like the same truck.”

“ The thing in car is about the brand, Zhu Siya truck’s appearance is slightly different than this truck”

Lin Sao smiled, “ And the most important thing is about the performance of the car.”

Several other people also nodded, the appearance of the car can be repaired well and can even replace the broken parts, other ordinary people can’t find any problem with it unless they are a veteran.

There often news of someone buying a new car and spending more money on maintenance.

Even the new cars are fake, not to mention the old cars, there would be a big problem in it.

“ Sister-in-law Lin is right, the appearance is not important, the important thing is the performance, this truck is of Jiangling brand, it is a relatively well-known truck brand, if it was new, it would have costed more than one hundred thousand yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“ Well, Xiaochen, in the end, how much did it cost?”

Mom asked.

“ 30,000”

Ye Xiaochen stretched out three fingers and said.

“ 30,000?!”

Mother’s eyes widened and exclaimed.

She thought it was 40,000-50,000, now listening that it is 10,000-20,000 less, she had a strong feelings of happiness.

Dad said, ” Xiaochen, what issue does this have, this vehicle looks very good, how can it be 30,000 yuan?”

“ Yes, Xiaochen, this car is not a stolen good, right?”

Mother worriedly asked.

The stolen goods are unauthentic.

Often a brand new motorcyle, if it was bought in 1000-2000 range, it means that it is a stolen good.

“ Mom, are you kidding, the second hand goods market is very authentic, how can it be a stolen good, and the transfer formalities have already been completed.”

Ye Xiaochen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Cars without number plate are not allowed on the roads

“ Oh, that’s true”

Mother then thought and asked: “ Is the performance of the car bad?”

“ Mom, rest assured, when i bought the car, a knowledgeable acquaintance tried the car, there is no problem, before the company boss priced it at 65,000. However, after my acquaintance tested it, he immediately changed the cost.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“ Turns out to be like that, I’m so relieved.”

Mom sighed a relief.

Her idea is very simple, anyway, it is only 30,000 yuan, where can it go if they eat a loss?

The story about the vehicle ended, Ye Xiaochen drove it to the farm.

After circling around the farm, he returned back to the shed, took out the ”Shennong System Introduction Guide”. In his mind, he was still thinking about the issue of the tuberoses.

“ In this book, there is explanation on the use of a spiritual talent to communicate with plant’s consciousness and also detailed analysis of abnormal plant consciousness problems which are divided into seven categories.”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

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