Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 24-Shocked

Chapter 24-Shocked

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaochen slowly woke up, he picked up the glass to fill the water as he was feeling thirsty.


After drinking the glass of water, he released a breath. Then, putting down the glass, he hold the phone charger and put the charger in the plug.

“ Well?”

Ye Xiaochen saw that there were a few missed calls and messages in Wechat.

It was from Wang Xinyi.

Ye Xiaochen was a little curious, why did she call during late night?

Then, he understood the matter after he looked at the WeChat, finally, there was the growth of small buds on those two strains of tuberoses.

Growing of buds means that the two tuberoses have entered into the bud period.

“ This is a good news.”

“ Haha, it seems that the effect of the plant promotion growth agent is really good!”

Ye Xiaochen is now filled with a sense of accomplishment.

After a little thinking, he hurriedly replied to Wang Xinyi and sent a message in the Wechat. He wrote that he was in a deep sleep yesterday so he did not saw the phone and messages in Wechat.

He waited for sometime but Wang Xinyi didn’t send any reply.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he went to wash after putting on his clothes.


Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

“ Hey, how come today Xinyi still didn’t get up?”

Wang Shuisheng sitting on a rattan was having breakfast and at the same time is reading a newspaper.

Under normal circumstances, the younger sister would already wake up and have breakfast.

“ I will call aunt.”

Xibao jumped off from the chair and ran towards the courtyard.

“ Xibao, run slowly.”

Zhu Qingqing said from behind.

After not a long time, Xibao returned followed by Wang Xinyi. Today, there was a touch of happiness on Wang Xinyi’s face, but only around the eyes has black circles, apparently she has not rested properly.

“ Xinyi, you didn’t have a good sleep?”

Wang Shuisheng put down the newspaper, seeing the appearance of his sister, he was a little distressed.

He thought that his sister is still sad because of the tuberose.

Wang Xinyi made some signs.

“ What, you are saying that you saw the buds growing on the tuberos and therefore did not rest for the whole night?”

After Wang Shuisheng looked, he hurriedly communicated with Wang Xinyi in sign language, but he was startled, did Ye Xiaochen really cured this tuberose?

These days, he has not inquired about this matter,

Wang Xinyi nodded and continued the movement.

“ Ye Xiaochen used some medicine and just within three days time, it let’s the growth of bud on the tuberose?”

After Wang Shuisheng seeing the sign language of his sister, he finally believed that this tuberose was cured by Ye Xiaochen.

He is very shocked, it can be imagined that even Zhang Keqin, a well known botanist was also helpless against this problem, but unexpectedly it was solved by Ye xiaochen.

It is incredible, right?

And according to his sister, Ye Xiaochen had used some kind of a special medicine.

What medicine could it be?

Did Ye Xiaochen made it by himself?

No matter what, seeing his sister’s happy look, his heart also became relaxed. These days, his sister had became thin and more silent, her face had also turned pale and did not had the past healthy color.

“ Haha, it seems Ye Xiaochen is really the lucky star of our Wang family!”

Wang Shuisheng said to his wife, Zhu Qingqing with a smile.

Zhu Qingqing doesn’t know what to say. First, saving her precious son. Now, curing the tuberose and lifting the worry in her sister-in-law’s heart. Ye Xiaochen’s kindness to their family had become bigger and bigger.

Wang Shuisheng deliberately turned down some meetings and didn’t go out as he wait at home to meet with Ye Xiaochen.

“ Brother Ye, you really are a sage hidden in human, having a really great skill.”

Wang Shuisheng said with a sigh.

“ Haha, I’m just lucky, it is just that I knew the prescription for the recuperation of plant aging. I did not had full assurance, it seems that the effect is good. However, brother Wang, this prescription can only delay the aging of the plant, it cannot completely cure it, it needed to use the plant growth promoting agent I have prepared for a long time.”

Ye Xiaochen scratched his head and said.

“ Can delay is already good, brother Ye, how long does it need to use?”

Wang Shuisheng can understand, can cure the plant aging is the same as preserving youth and has gone against heaven’s will.

This is simply impossible. As for delaying aging, although it is magical but at least it is acceptable.

“ It need to be observed for some time,first, I will look at the situation of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

When Wang Xinyi knew that Ye Xiaochen came, she quickly came out to greet him,she is now very grateful to Ye Xiaochen,her pretty face is filled with smile.

Wang Shuisheng looking at his sister’s appearance and can’t help but secretly sigh. He has not seen his sister being so happy for a long time.

In the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives, the two strains of tuberoses have become lush. A bud had just emerged in one of the branches and it is estimated that it can bloom at night soon.

In front of several people’s eyes, Ye Xiaochen walked towards the tuberoses and gently touch it with his hand as he communicated with the consciousness of the tuberoses.

This time, the consciousness of the plant is different from last time and it seems to desire the promoting chemicals into the plant.

Yes, this is the case, Ye Xiaochen understood quickly, it seems the tuberose requires the plant promoting growth agent.

In other words, it is time to water it with the plant promoting growth agent.

Ye Xiaochen calculated the time, it seems it needs the plant promoting growth agent once four or five days.

Of course, now is the initial period, as with the long time usage, the number of frequency will increase.

It needs 20 ml. It is required to pour five or six times in one month, that is, 100 ml. Before, Ye Xiaochen while configuring the agent, he has probably made more that 1000 ml, which can guarantee for more than a year, the cost is around five thousand or six thousand yuan.

Ye Xiaochen is slightly relieved, it is still within the range.

While leaving, Ye Xiaochen left a small bottle of 100 ml of plant promoting growth agent for Wang Xinyi, it is enough to use for a month.

Wang Shuisheng actually wanted to retain him for lunch, however, Ye Xiaochen received a call from his aunt, the dating things have been arranged, so he left quickly.

Originally, it was agreed two days before,but later, the woman postponed and it was dragged to today.

After Ye Xiaochen left, Wang Shuisheng returned to his sister’s courtyard.

“ Xinyi, give me a little of this plant promoting growth agent, there is a little problem in the potted flower in my office, I want to try it.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi did not suspect him and gave a small portion of the plant promoting growth agent to Wang Shuisheng

“ Xinyi, remember do not say anything about this to Ye Xiaochen.”

Wang Shuisheng said this sentence while leaving.

Wang Xinyi nodded, she did not think of other matter, for her she is already very happy that the two strains of tuberoses can bloom.

“ Hubby, what do you want to do?”

Zhu Qingqing curiously asked when she saw her husband taking a small portion of the plant promoting growth agent.

“ Ha-ha, Qingqing, what do you think about the plant promoting growth agent?”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

“ It is very mysterious.”

Zhu Qingqing is also a smart woman, she soon understood, ” husband, do you think that the plant promoting growth agent will have a high market value?”

She rarely interferes with her husband’s business, she is a proper housewife but she is also a smart person, she naturally thought of this point.

“ Well, what if these plant promoting growth agent is used on the expensive flowers and plants? These precious flowers will one day suffer through aging, if it can delay the plant’s aging, don’t you think its value will be high?”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

He is businessman and is most sensitive towards opportunities, after seeing the mysterious effect of the plant promoting growth agent, he first thought of these things.

“ Husband, do you want to analysis the component to find out its original prescription? Then…”

Zhu Qingqing immediately understood her husband’s intentions.

If you can grasp the original prescription,then surely it can create astonishing profits.

But in this ways, if used the plant promoting growth agent for oneself, isn’t it returning kindness with ingratitude evil?

Zhu Qingqing felt a little hard to accept it.

“ Oh, Qingqing, it is not as you think. If it was someone else, I will definitely do it. Harming others to benefit oneself, this is the common method in business, but I, Wang Shuisheng will not return someone’s kindness with ingratitude evil. These days, I have been thinking, how to pay Ye Xiaochen’s gratitude? It was very difficult, but now, seeing this plant promoting growth agent, I have finally decided.”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

Zhu Qingqing feels slightly relaxed, she faintly understood her husband’s intention.

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