Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 26-Surveying Seeds

Chapter 26-Surveying Seeds

After more than half an hour, Ye Xiaochen date was finished and he drove the truck with his aunt towards home.

“ Xiaochen, it was really a big negligence of mine this time, I had not inquired properly, if I had known earlier that this girl had epilepsy, your aunt would never introduce you to her.”

The aunt sitting inside the truck said to Ye Xiaochen.

She really is regretting it right now, if not for the girl showing the symptoms of epilepsy during the date, they would have married unknowingly and it would implicate his nephew’s whole life.

Ye Xiaochen actually didn’t care much about it, he didn’t has any plans from the start. The girl is very beautiful, her figure is good and her family condition is also better, the bride’s family did not have any demand for the groom to have a car, they are even willing to use their own house in the county as the dowry.

Well, how can there be such good things?

The girls nowadays, has put very high standards even if they are just average,don’t know how many families have taken debts for marriage.

It is a pity, they are even giving a house.

If it was before, perhaps Ye Xiaochen would really have been enchanted.

Who would have thought that the girl would have an epilepsy, directly ending their blind date.

“ It’s nothing, the bride side must have concealed the truth and it would have been difficult to enquire about it.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

After dropping his aunt home, Ye Xiaochen drove towards the seed market in the county.

Right now, the farm is going on the right track. It’s time to prepare for the next batch of fruits and vegetables so as to have a continuation

Purchasing seeds is also a skill.

Now there are varieties of seeds, even with the same type of seed, the difference is very large. So, Ye Xiaochen need to judge them by himself.

It’s a test of a person’s vision and experience.

He arrived at the shop from where he bought his seed last time

Ye Xiaochen has become an acquaintance with the shop owner as it is not the first time he has bought seeds from here and there is plenty of room for a long-term relationship now.

“ Brother Ye, there is a new variety of broccoli seeds which have just arrived, it is called emerald green king, it’s color and output are very good.”

The shop owner recommended Ye Xiaochen a new variation of seed.

After looking at the detailed introduction of the broccoli seed, Ye Xiaochen didn’t agree immediately, after all the selection of seed is very crucial, especially if it is new products. Without the cultivation of a broad masses of farmer, if a problem appears, the influence of it will be very big.

Often, during the use of new variation of seed, there will be a huge loss to the farmer because of the seeds having some flaw.

For a new variation of vegetable seed to be launched in the market, it must go through strict and long-term experiment as planted as seed in the process of germination, not only do we have to check the problem of output quality, but it also need to have insect resistance, as well as adaptability with soil and light.

It is a disaster if anything goes wrong.

On this introduction pamphlet of broccoli seed, there are various successful examples of it has been given.

Ye Xiaochen gently picked up a seed and used his psychic talent to sense the faint consciousness of the seed.

The consciousness of the seed is sleeping and must be planted to rouse its consciousness, allowing the seed to function.

But he can still sense a lot of thing from the sleeping seed by using his psychic talent.

“ The consciousness of the seed is too weak.”

Ye Xiaochen checked it carefully, although he can sense it, it is still very faint.

In the Shennong Introduction System,there is a special technique to measure the quality of the seed.

After getting some understanding of this batch of seed, he put it down.

Generally, the seed can be considered good but there seems to be a problem which he was unable to determine. He can only identify it completely after planting the seed and the root start to germinate.

After that, he tested several other seeds,these seeds are established seeds, they have gone through long test and if there were any problem they have already been solved.

Only this broccoli seed which Ye Xiaochen has not get a complete grasp.

Finally, he chose several other types of seed, as for the new variation broccoli seed emerald green king, he just took a packet, saying that it is only for an experiment. The shop owner also knows that Ye Xiaochen is a very cautious farmer. So, he didn’t say any useless words.

Returning back home, Ye Xiaochen told his parents about the blind date. After listening, his mother rejoiced. If his son married to a girl with an epilepsy, it would be a big trouble.

Not saying, much, Ye Xiaochen went to his farm and directly began to work.

The sowing of seeds is not simple, it is a complicated process.

First, is seed treatment. He must remove small, flat, shriveled grains and insect particles. The seeds which a regular company sells will have some inferior seeds mixed in, especially some black heart business agents who intentionally dope the inferior seed.

The next step is planting, this is a very important step as it has great effect on the seed germination rate.

The general peasants usually disperses the seed, they will frequently have situation where the seed does not germinate. After all, directly seeding the seeds into the soil has a very big influence on cognition.

While, more formal farmers naturally have a mature process.

The seeding of different seed is not the same. It took several hours for Ye Xiaochen to complete this process.

He also dealt with the new variation of broccoli seeds.

The entire germination process takes one to two days and with the help of The Shennong Talent, it could be reduced, but he cannot be idle during this period. He must frequently check the humidity and the temperature which is essential during the seeds germination period.

Therefore, he must use his psychic talent to observe the changes in the seed consciousness during the process of seed’s growth.

It’s already more than eight in the evening,

Ye Xiaochen is busy with work in a crude room.

“ Well, there seems to be some changes in those broccoli seeds’ consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen is very sensitive and his ability has promoted due to his regular practices these days.

Every time there is a change, he will record it in a small book.

This is his habit.

Since he has started managing his farm, he has recorded his experiences one by one.

“ Yes, it seems because of this factor,there is a disorder, the change of consciousness is also the process of the seed awakening and becoming active.”

Ye Xiaochen finally realized where the difference is.

“ Indeed, there is a flaw in the broccoli seed.”

“ This flaw may not be obvious. However, when encountering a specific situation, it will enlarge, forming a vicious circle that will eventually lead to the problem of the production quality of the broccoli, where it may not even bloom.”

“ Do not know if the seed company has discovered this situation? Supposedly, there will be a strict mechanism for elimination of defective seeds during the experimental cultivation, how can it have such a large flaw?” However, it is difficult to find out. If it were not for my psychic talent, perhaps, in a normal experimental circumstances, this flaw will not have any impact.”

Ye Xiaochen frowned.

He was thinking of a solution.

In the Shennong System Introduction Guide, there is a solution, such as the special improvement medicine, it is sold in the store, but is very expensive. As for Ye Xiaochen to make it, he doesn’t have that ability.

“ If I remember it correctly, there is another effect of the plant promoting growth agent that would be able to solve this problem.”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s mind moved, he hurriedly took out the Shennong System Introduction Guide and started to read.

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