Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 27-Defects

Chapter 27-Defects

After looking for a long time, Ye Xiaochen finally found the information he needed.

“ Indeed, as expected the plant promoting growth agent can also be used during seeding. Generally, the seed’s consciousness is not perfect because of various problem during the cultivation process. If you can improve the consciousness of the seed during the nurturing process, the seed will automatically repair its flaws and the plant promoting growth agent has this mysterious effect.”

Ye Xiaochen revealed a smile while looking at the information displayed in the Shennong System Introduction Guide.

He can definitely use the plant promoting growth agent to nurture the plants, even if there was no problem, it will have a very advantageous benefit.

Using the plant promoting growth agent to nurture the seed, the vegetable grown will be better than the previous ones and he does not have to worry about the huge consumption of the plant promoting agent which will result in a huge economic cost because the role of the plant promoting agent is only to work as a catalyst.

Thinking of it till here, Ye Xiaochen quickly used the plant promoting agent.

The previous seeds are almost ready to be sown and naturally there is no need to soak them in the catalyst.

He intended to compare this two groups of seeds as an experiment to see the effect of the plant promoting growth agent on seed germination.


Southern province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.

They are a national leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization, the Tianlong Group had established a set of scientific research in breeding, production, processing and improvement as one large scale-industry corporation in the province, selling various improved vegetables seeds.

The vegetable seeds of this company are very good and has a quite high share in the seed market of the Southern province,they have great popularity especially in the three district of the Guang Shi City’s five counties.

Currently it is evening.

In a luxurious conference room, the light was on and an emergency meeting was being held.

“ We have to call everyone to meet at this late hour because this matter is very urgent.”

The one who is sitting in the first position is the general manager He Haomin.

He was frowning and looked worried.

Other people attending the meeting are the executives and they know that conducting a meeting at this time means that the matter is not small.

“ Minister Li, would you please explain about the situation.”

He Haomin said to the nearby middle aged man.

This person is Li Quan. He is responsible for the scientific research department and he is with a scientific research background.

Li Quan nodded and standing, he said,” The newly introduced broccoli seeds, the emerald green king has a serious defect. I suggest that we recall all the seeds back.”

“ What?”

Serious defect? How is this possible? Wasn’t this project emerald green king went through examining?”

“ This is the first product of this year, how can this happen?”

“ Wasn’t the emerald green king personally approved by Zhao Hui?”

“ This may be a trouble, it will have a great impact for the company in the seed market!”

“ This is a problem, the company is preparing to go public, the impact will be very big!”


All the executives at the scene were startled.

A lot of people looked towards another person, this person is Zhao Hui. He is the director of the company and he has a very deep background in the corporation and lands…

Zhao Hui frowned.

He was eager to make an achievement so, the product was not fully tested before the product is going into the market.

Normally it should go to the market next year.

Now the problem has arised and he needs to take the blame.

“ We absolutely cannot recall the seeds back. Mr. Li, I have read your reports. In normal circumstances, it is very difficult to get that flaw, you all should know our company is planning to go public. Once the seeds are recalled, do you know how much this will affect the company?”

Zhao Hui took a deep breath.

There is no confusion.

The company is going on the market, it is a major event, there cannot be any negative reports.

If the seed is said to have a flaw and is recalled, this will become a major problem for them.

He will not allow anyone to disrupt his plans.

Li Quan looked at Zhao Hui and wanted to say something but he stopped. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh.

Although, he is the general manager of the company, sometimes he has to respect Zhao Hui’s opinion.

And for this matter of going on the market, he has to think about it.

Finally, after a unified internal discussion, they have decided to temporarily not announcing the recall of the seed and start the remedial measure by tracking the seeds and establish the emergency action mechanism.


After a busy day, Ye Xiaochen felt a little tired.

After taking a bath, he was about to move the bamboo bed to the immortal land to sleep. Then, he suddenly remembered about the compost he pit in the corner. It has been several days and he had not gone to look at it. Now, he doesn’t know how it will be?

He immediately took the flashlight and moved.

The immortal carrot leaves in the basket has changed in colour and is emitting a strange smell. It is not a pure rotten smell,the smell is not strong but a little light.

To be honest, he is not sure how to make the compost for the immortal leaves and stems.

In the immortal plants, there is an immortal aura which cannot allow the multiplication of the microorganism and it is unknown if the plant leaves will decompose.

After all, human beings cannot eat the immortal plant that contains immortal aura,otherwise it is tantamount to eating a highly poisonous things.

He doesn’t know if the microbe in this world will be able to adapt to the immortal aura?

“ Hey, does this compost have microbes?”

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit is very sharp, there is a faint sense of consciousness in the compost.

As a Shennong, he has awakened his spirit talent which is not only for plant but also for other creatures.

For a long time, Ye Xiaochen was thinking about a problem.

That is the appeal of the immortal aura to all the creatures of the world.

The immortal land has a huge attraction to the two dogs. Everyday, they stay inside and breathe the air which has a very great advantage to them.

But they don’t’ dare to eat the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot.

Or is it the immortal aura of the land which changes the immortal plants after planting?

Only the immortal aura of the land can be absorbed by any creatures?

In fact, it is very easy to understand. The oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and many others. Through the process of photosynthesis, the oxygen, hydrogen and the carbon element in the plant body turned into a new kind of material. The same material in a different plant body’s produce different material that has different effects and functions.

Does it means that similar transformation occurs when the immortal aura is absorbed by the immortal plants?

Of course, this is just Ye Xiaochen’s guess, but there is also a possibility that the concentration of the immortal aura is lower in the air so that it doesn’t affect the human body.

He don’t know how does it works for the time being.

He was surprised seeing the microbes in the compost.

Why do the microbes able to survive and multiply?

Are these microbes not afraid of the immortal aura in the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot?

“ It seems that I need to find an opportunity to study these microbes and see what happens to them”

Ye Xiaochen was able to sense the light fluctuation from the consciousness of the microorganisms through his spirit, they seems to desire the immortal stems and leaves.

If the microbes are really not afraid of the immortal aura, then, he need to find out this mystery. The significance is very big.

Ding Dong!

While Ye Xiaochen was thinking, a systematic sound suddenly came in his mind.

“ Friend message?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little bit surprised.

The friend in the Shennong System are gods!

So far he has only associated with the Goddess of the Moon.

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