Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 29-Private Dining

Chapter 29-Private Dining

“Brother Ye, are you free tonight?There is a business party, and some of my business friends will be attending it.Are you interested in joining us?”

Liu Fusheng’s unique hoarse voice came from Ye xiaochen’s mobile phone.

“Ha ha,brother Fu,you have called me,so even if i don’t have time,I will make some time and come and moreover,I m’ very free now.However,will it be appropriate for me to come to your dinner party?”

Ye Xiaochen knows his personality is little introverted and doesn’t like much intersections,but now he has a farm and he must change the attitude.

In business,communication is necessary and he must learn to do it.

“Then you hurry over here, I will waiting for you in the town”

Liu Fusheng said.


After that Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone, then he returned back home and quickly changed to a more formal clothes.He got this clothes for less than 200 in a roadside stall,after putting it, he felt very hot.

On scooty,Ye Xiaochen went straight towards Taiping town.

After arriving,Ye Xiaochen parked his scooty in Qingtian supermarket,then he sat inside Liu Fusheng’s benz car.

“Brother Ye,are you not feeling hot by wearing this dress?”

Liu Fusheng asked in surprise after seeing dress of Ye Xiaochen.

“It is hot,how can’t it be hot,don’t you see me sweating heavily”

Ye Xiaochen wiped the sweat on his forehead and said “But I need to dress formally to attend your business party.”

“Ah!Actually ,it doesn’t matter if you dress casually, don’t you see that i’m in short pants and short sleeves?.”

Liu Fusheng doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When Ye Xiaochen saw Liu Fusheng in short pants and sleeves,he felt quite depressed.

After reaching the county, Liu Fusheng drove his car to a roadside specialty store and made Ye Xiaochen go in and pick an outfit.

Not long after, Ye Xiaochen’s face was in pain,he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and carrying a plastic bag in which his previous clothes were put in.

He has spent several hundreds on this T-shirts and shorts.

If he goes in a general shop,within one hundred yuan he can get it.

“Brother Fu,where are we going?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Liu Fusheng driving quite fast on streets,he turned west then east and finally entered in an old looking town, from a glance you can understand how many years this building have been standing here.

“Soon you’ll know”

Liu Fusheng smiled.

The car drove into a big yard where some other cars were parked in.

“Here we are.”

Liu Fusheng got off and said.

Ye Xiaochen thought that Liu Fusheng would take him to big hotel for dinner,unexpectedly he brought him in this kind of place,does this place has a restaurant?

Soon Ye Xiaochen got to know,this place really has a restaurant, but it is a private cooking house

Here authentic local cuisine is cooked and generally entertain only regulars. Liu Fusheng said that the chef is very famous and his ancestor has worked in private kitchen of Zheng Guofan.

(Zheng Goufan was a Chinese statesman, military general, and Confucian scholar of the late Qing dynasty.)

Ye Xiaochen was extremely surprised,he did not expect in this town there can be such powerful hidden cook,ancestors to able to cook in Zheng Guofan’s private kitchen,then the cooking skill should certainly be amazing ,even if the ancestral cooking has not been completely passed down,there should be some attainments

No wonder, Liu Fusheng didn’t go to grand hotel for dinner and instead,he came to this place.

A house with four rooms and two halls,the decoration were done very well and in each room there is a table.

In order for guest to have a better dining environment,each of the room has been remodeled,the windows have been changed to a more larger size and has been installed with ground glass,outside the balcony is filled with lots of bonsai, creating insufficient lighting in room,but at the same time allowing to enjoy outside greenery.

In all the four roms there are guests.

In one of the room there is large crimson coloured round table surrounded with six chairs.

Beside Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng there were four more people, three male and one female.

A robust fat man, who while smiling his were becoming as narrow as seam

He is called Zhao Peng,the boss of Shuang Cheng KTV.

A skinny middle aged man,whose pair of eyes were giving gloomy feelings,but he likes to say adult jokes.He is called Hei Lei,the boss of Longyou coal mine

A serious man,with a quite young face,he has large scale furniture industry in city.

The woman’s name is Xu Jiao,she is more than 40 years old and owner of Wanfu jewellery store.

Beside ye xiaochen, all five people present here are businees owner of worth more than 10 million.

They didn’t seem surprised at Ye Xiaochen’s arrival but instead they all were very enthusiastic

At beginning, Ye Xiaochen wasn’t able to adapt as he had never attended like this kind of party and had no common topic with them.

He could only listen them discussing and on top of it it was all about business.

“Brother Ye,come let us have another glass”

The fat man Zhao Peng raised his glass towards Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen seldomly drinks, but he knows that when attending like this kind of dinner party,being a non-drinker obviously will not be good,and it would become very difficult to integrate in their small circle.

He drank few more cups.

Obviously,it was beer.

He certainly won’t be able to hold white wine.

Ye Xiaochen felt uncomfortable after drinking few glass of beer on empty stomach.The alcohol in his stomach was surging,he felt like vomiting and his head also felt very heavy.

“Old Zhao,the dishes hasn’t come,you should not be in hurry”

Liu Fusheng said.

“Brother Ye,you cannot be like this,you must practice your alcohol drinking capacity,in business the drinks are common at dinner party”

Zho Peng also saw Ye Xiaochen cannot hold anymore drinks and proudly said.

Ye Xiaochen gratefully looked at Liu Fusheng

Finally the dishes were served.

When the aroma of dishes was stimulated, Ye Xiaochen felt his head becoming lighter.

“Brother Ye, eat little more,we all will be drinking together and not going home until we are drunk”

He Lei pressed the steam pork with chopsticks,the meat was fat,bright red, tender and at the some time it was not greasy.

Although it was a common dish,but it was very delicious to eat.

Ye Xiaochen secretly complained of hardship,if he knew earlier he would had not come.

However,his attention quickly turned towards dishes on the table.

Steamed pork,rice flour pork ribs,cooked vegetables,fried duck…the dishes that are generally served at banquet.

Being cooked by the chef of Lin privates kitchen made it far more delicious compared to other exotic delicacies.

When Ye Xiaochen ate such delicious food,he almost swallowed his tongue.

Midway through eating,the door of the room was pushed open,and an elderly man dressed in chef attire walked in.

“Master Lin has come”

When they saw chef coming in, Liu Fusheng and others who were drinking and eating the food stood up.

They showed very deep respect towards chef.

Ye Xiaochen looked at master Lin,and felt some what familiar as if he had seen him somewhere, but couldn’t remember it.

“Everyone, are dishes are to your liking?”

Old man master Lin smilingly asked.

Everytime he cooks dishes for a table,he waits till guest have eaten half way through,then goes to ask opinion of diners.

He doesn’t pretend,but he really wants the diners to find out some mistakes,so next time he can improve his ideas.

This also has become a big characteristics of Lin private kitchen.

“Master Lin,I’ll just say,the rice flour in steamed pork chop tastes little sticky”

Zhao Peng took the lead.

“Well ,rice flour is sticky.”

The assistant beside Mr.Lin hurriedly recorded with pen and paper.

Once an individual raised problem then others also started saying the problems.Liu Fusheng and other five people finished saying.

Finally it was turn of Ye Xiaochen.

This is the usual practice,normally one person will say one mistake,of course this is not mandatory,but the regular customers know that Master Lin likes when other criticise his dish.

It was first time for Ye Xiaochen eating such delicious dishes.

How can he say what defects are there,Ah!

If he asks how delicious the dishes are,he absolutely can speak big words.

“Hey,is that you?”

Master Lin’s eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen’s figure,first he was surprised then was shocked,he excitedly walked over and asked, “Young man,aren’t you the person who was selling vegetables in town?”

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