Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 3- Immortal Land

Chapter 3- Immortal Land

“Nothing changed?”

Ye Xiaochen entered the greenhouse, it was still the same as before,he had placed the land here but he couldn’t see any difference.

The only strange thing was when he stood above the immortal land, the air he was breathing felt more fresh and comfortable than before. The two dogs that were laying on the soil, they were unwilling to move, and their eyes showed an expression of comfort.

He crouched down, tried to pull out a handful of soil, only to find that the soil was hard like iron.

He tried once again,but the results were still the same.

“What’s the matter, how soil could be this hard?” he thought to himself.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised, he hurriedly walked to the place where there was no immortal soil, then he took another handful of soil, and pinched with his fingers and saw the soil to be completely normal.

In other words, after placing the field, a kind of strangeness crept into the soil, and it turned as hard as iron.

“ I feel so dizzy, if it has become so hard, then how can I still dig?”

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded

He thought for a moment, grabbed his umbrella, he hurried back to the tin house and brought back the hoe.

He rubbed his hands and then started digging.


Ye Xiaochen felt like the hoe hit an iron wall, the hoe’s nail broke directly.

Ye Xiaochen’s wrist went numb. Looking at the collapsed hoe head, he was stunned.

It’s really harder than iron!

“If I am unable to clear the land, dig a few small holes, how can I grow plants?” he thought to himself.

Suddenly, he remembered something, the system presented a gift package, “didn’t it contain immortal hoe?”

“Can’t it be used to plow this immortal field?”

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen moved hurriedly. From the system’s storage space he brought out the immortal hoe.

The storage space contained a total of nine boxes, each box is capable of storing a particular thing, there is no limit to the number, i.e, he could altogether store nine types of goods.

The immortal hoe materialized in his hands, it is very heavy, approximately 20-30 jin.

Carrying such a heavy hoe to dig is very hard.

But Ye Xiaochen, holding that immortal hoe, was very curious about it. He rubbed the hoe’s handle, he didn’t know what materials it was made of , but it felt extremely comfortable.

His hands holding the immortal hoe, he raised it’s head and then tried digging the land.

There is no resistance, the hoe directly pierced into the soil easily.

“Fuck, it is really designed to plow the immortal land!”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, “This hoe is a good thing, it can easily dig into the hard soil, like digging tofu.” he exclaimed.

The things of gods are not the same as the ones which we use.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen fell in love with the immortal hoe.

With high spirits he began digging, after a few minutes however, the immortal hoe started feeling heavier and he couldn’t raise it.

Sitting on the ground, Ye Xiaochen felt exhausted and was drenched in his sweat.

Taking a good look at the amount of soil he dug, he estimated that he had dug about 1/10th of land.

Strangely enough, while relaxing, he felt his strength returning at a very rapid pace.

Under any normal, situation it would have taken quarter of an hour at least, to regain his strength.

Most peculiar thing is ,standing on the immortal field, although the greenhouse’s thin shield is blocking the sun’s rays, it is still it very sunny, but, the surroundings and his own body were cool.

“Very comfortable.” he thought.

“Is this the effect of immortal land?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered in his heart.

He started to work again

“Erhuang,Rhubarb, move aside”

Ye Xiaochen wanted dug where those were lying.

He urged several times, but the two dogs were too lazy to move, they were just laying down, their bellies flat on the ground.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes,

So after dozen of times of digging and resting, Ye Xiaochen finally dug the whole immortal land.

Of course, at left corner two dogs were lying down, they didn’t want to move, with no solution at hand, Ye Xiaochen can only leave them.

Immortal land looks very smooth,soil block size seems very symmetrical.

Because of the soil’s speciality there will be no issue of soil deformation

“Not bad, worthy of immortal land!”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied with the results

“Now, these immortal carrot seed can be planted, but this is immortal, not a mortal type, I do not know whether ordinary planting methods can be used?”

Ye Xiaochen was wondering,he focused his mind on the carrots in the storage space.

“Hey, does it also comes with planting method?”

Ye Xiaochen was astonished.

Immortal carrot was cultivated by the first generation of Shen Nong, strengthening the ordinary carrot, enhanced nutrition, and contains certain amount of immortal qi, it is used as raw material during Immortal treasure.Also some, herbivorous animals like to eat food, such as rabbits.(note-this immortal plants need to be avoided eating by mortals)

Ordinary people can’t eat?

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed, he thought after Immortal carrots grows, he could eat them at the very least.

However, he thought, if he has immortal yuan, can’t he purchase the cultivation method from the store in order to become immortal?

When he becomes an immortal, at that time, he can eat them whenever he wants.

Thinking of this, he planted the seeds, with a very strong desire to earn.

Ye Xiaochen continued to look at the introduction of immortal carrot seed.

Immortal carrot seed planting method is almost same as the ordinary carrot method, needed to grow in immortal soil, need to prevent damage,need immortal water for growth and immortal fertilizer.

Immortal spring?immortal fertilizer?

He does not have any of these,to construct an immortal spring, one hundred immortal yuan is required, immortal fertilizer also should be bought from the store using immortal yuan.

It appears that with this pathetic condition, he cannot carelessly hope to grow the seeds.

Thinking this , Ye Xiaochen made small pits with the hoe and placed some carrots seed into the soil, and then covered the soil.

Out of 100 carrot seed he planted 50 carrot seeds.

He dared not plant all, for if something goes wrong, he can try again, but if he lost all his seeds he would have to cry.

After planting immortal carrot seeds, he felt he achieved something, he needed to wait for a few days.

However, after planting , Ye Xiaochen was somewhat worried, because several vegetables in other greenhouses are ready to be picked up, such as green peas, spinach, cucumber, Indian rorippa, seasonal vegetable types, if not picked up fast, they will get aged,and he won’t be able to sell them and he would have a huge loss.

Although he obtained the shennong system now, and can plant the immortal plant, it aids him slowly and immensely but does not help much in an emergency.

He was having a shortage of money.

It seems like, he needs to go to country to run a few things.

Ye Xiaochen had a land of more than 10 acres of fruits and vegetables, if you cannot find a market, the things will rot in the field.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen kept immortal hoe and carrot seeds in the space storage, for that was the most secure place.

As for the two dogs, they didn’t even move yet.

“So hot!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

Originally, in the immortal land he felt the fresh cool air, now suddenly leaving the land, he feels as if he is in a furnace.

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