Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 30-Esteem

Chapter 30-Esteem


Ye Xiaochen was little surprised,then nodded.

He did sell vegetables,but how did master Lin got to know about this?

Suddenly, a light flashed inside his mind,he suddenly remembered.No wonder, why he felt so familiar, wasn’t this master Lin was the first customer when he was selling vegetables on market?

At that time master Lin was also holding a child.

He thought of him as only an ordinary old man ,but didn’t expect him turn out to be a chef with amazing cooking skills!

“Good,you finally remembered?”

Master Lin saw Ye Xiaochen’s astonished expression and immediately knew that he has found the right person.He hurriedly said: “Young man, the vegetables that I purchased from you were extremely good,I had never seen such quality of vegetables,but unfortunately after that time I never saw you selling vegetables there ”

At that time he was deeply regretting.

But he didn’t expect that at his own private restaurant he would finally meet the boy who was selling vegetables, his heart was in excitement!

He always wanted to use that kind of vegetables in his cooking.He is sure that if he use that kind of vegetables,his cooking will further upgrade by one step.

Liu Fusheng and others were somewhat ignorant,they didn’t know why master Lin was so excited?isn’t it just vegetables?

They also felt strange about the fact of Ye Xiaochen going to market to sell vegetables.

Only, Liu Fusheng knew the fact that before cooperating with him Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables couldn’t find any sales ,so going to market to sell vegetables was not at all surprising.

However,he was startled by the thing ,why does master Lin think highly of Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables?

Although he knews that the taste of Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are good and also has very good reputation among the customers, but afterwards he ended the cooperation with Ye Xiaochen and replaced it with the original vegetable sales channel.Many customers become somewhat dissatisfied and often asked the reason for vegetables not becoming tasty.

But at that time he didn’t care much about it.

Now, it seems that Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are really extraordinary!

“Well,afterwards I didn’t go anymore to market for selling vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen honestly said.

“So that why! oh, by the way young man,do you have more vegetables?I want to use your vegetables for my Lin’s Private Kitchen.And the price will be ten time more than the market price.”

Master lin said hurriedly.

Ten times the market price?

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, is Master Lin joking with me?

“If you feel it low,you can speak your own price.”

Master Lin is a famous chef,so his requirement of ingredients is also very high.

Now he has encountered high quality vegetables,naturally he is unwilling to miss it.

As for speaking of price being expensive, it doesn’t matter,his Lin’s Private Kitchen dishes compared with other restaurants are ten times more expensive.

“Master Lin, I don’t mean it like that, I feel it is too high and furthermore……”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“No, it’s not at all high,your vegetables are totally worth the price”

Master Lin waved his hand and said ”Young man, as long as you supply vegetables to my Lin’s Private Kitchen, you can come here to eat at any time and no need to wait for ordering in future.Furthermore, I will even give you discount”

Nearby, Liu Fusheng and other people were stupefied when they heard, and was very envious.

They are considered to be regular customer ,but who has gotten this kind of treatment?

Even if county’s high officials come here,they also need to to order the food in advance.

“Master Lin,roughly how much vegetables do you need?

Ye Xiaochen felt himself surrounded by happiness.

Ten times the price!

Damn! Was I selling too cheap to restaurant and supermarket?

The thought flashed in his head,but soon he dispelled it,one cannot forget one’s root.It is because of these supermarket and restaurant that he was able to come out of from difficult position and did not had to worry about sales. However, through Mr.Lin’s reminder,het got a new idea through which he could sell the quality vegetables.

There are specialize people like master Lin who will buy in such high price.

“Not much,taking all kind of vegetables ,it not surpass more than 100 kg”

Master lin said.

“That’s not a problem”

Ye Xiaochen nodded,squeezing out 100 kg of vegetables is not a problem for him.

Soon, the two people exchanged their contact details

“Everyone,I have troubled you”

After master Lin departed,another waiter sent a plate of pickled cabbage.

This pickled cabbage is a major characteristic of Lin’s Private Kitchen,it is prepared with utmost care and taste extraordinarily delicious, for many it is the most favourite dish.

Unfortunately, for every table there will be only one plate of pickled cabbage.

Liu Fusheng and other people know, to be able to eat second plate of pickled vegetables is clearly because of Ye Xiaochen’s face

One plate of pickled vegetables. People’s eyes turned red,everyone wanted to snatch it to eat, others picked their chopsticks, ye xiaochen also picked up his chopsticks ,and quickly one plate of pickled vegetables were robbed.

“Thanks to brother Ye,today i was able to satisfy my craving of pickled vegetables, it was really good!”

Zhao Peng said with satisfaction.

“Yes, normally old man Lin is very stingy,he will not send more than one plate of pickled vegetables”

Hei lei nodded

“Ye Xiaochen, your elder sister also wants to buy the vegetables,I don’t know if have such luck?”

Xu jiao rolled her eyes and suddenly said.

“Sister Xu, what do you mean by buying! Doesnt this mean your not giving me face?the consumption of vegetables is not much,so it will not be a problem,when times come I will deliver to you”

Ye Xiaochen said with smile.

This is the chance to make good relationship with Xu.

“Then its ok, when the time comes where you want to buy some gold or jewelry, directly look for this sister, i will give you the lowest price”

Xu Jiao smilingly said.

Ye Xiaochen naturally cannot favour one and discriminate others,he promised everybody to deliver some vegetables,the people present at scene were beaming with joy.

Liu Fusheng has eaten Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables and he misses it,so naturally, he will not refuse.

After this,the atmosphere at wine table became more good.

The relationship between Xe Xiaochen and others were not as unfamiliar like before,but has become more close;speaking ,laughing , there was not much uncomfortably like before.

Ye Xiaochen knew that he was slowly integrating into their circle.

In future, as long as he engage properly,he will have more contacts and then these people will become his relationship network.

People in this world without connection is difficult to work,everywhere there are obstacles,it makes people helpless.

After all this is human society.

Food has been eaten and alcohol also must need to have.

Although Ye Xiaochen tried to drink as little as possible,but nevertheless he has poured many cups.

“Brother Ye, why are you drinking only beer? men should drink white wine,don’t you see sister Xu instead of being a woman she is drinking white wine,you cannot be defeated by a woman”

Hei lei saw Ye Xiaochen drinking beers in glass,then hurriedly poured a five grain alcohol in the cup.

The strong flavour of wine stimulate Ye Xiaochen’s stomach to churn and made him feel more drunk.

“What do you mean by defeated by woman?Little lei, should we compete?”

Xu Jiao stared at Hei Lei and said.

“Let’s compete,I am not afraid of you! Old rules, the winner should pay the bill”

Hei lei loosened his collar.

“Then it is settled”

Xi jiao also was not outdone.

The glass of six people was filled with five garin liquor.

“Brother Fu, do I also need to drink?

Ye xiaochen smelling alcohol felt that he may pass out at any time,seeing the full glass of alcohol,his head was becoming more heavy.

“”It doesn’t matter,drink until you are drunk,when time come naturally someone will help you settle down”…

Liu Fusheng said with a smile.

It’s the custom of their dinner,

Ye Xiaochen also has no choice but to endure,

However win,the bill will not pay.

“I ‘ll go to to washroom first”

Ye Xiaochen felt the urge to urinate,he quickly got up and said.

“”Brother Ye ,you cannot slip way, we will be waiting for you”

Zhao Peng said.

Ye Xiaochen really had the idea,he cannot help but smile “Certainly not”.

Leaving the room,he hurriedly asked the waiter the way to toilet and hurriedly went towards it.

At that moment two people were coming from the door of hall.

It was Chen Hao and Li Yan.

(Tl:Chen Hao is the cousin of ye xiaochen.

Li Yan is wife of Chen Hao)

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