Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 31-Physique

Chapter 31-Physique

“Ah!Doesn’t he look like Xiaochen?”

Chen Hao saw the back of Ye Xiaochen entering the toilet,he felt it somewhat familiar

and couldn’t help but be surprised.

“You are seeing the things.How can he have the chance to come here and eat?”

Li Yan’s mouth sank and said with disdain tone.

In the Jingxian county,all who are qualified to come here have high prestige,basically only through an acquaintance you have the chance to come here,otherwise even if you are rich,you might not be able to order a meal.

She does not believe that Ye Xiaochen a small vegetable grower can have the chance to come here and eat.

“Maybe only the back little bit resembled like him”

Chen Hao shook his head,he also doesn’t believe that figure can be of Ye Xiaochen.After all,this is Lin’s Private kitchen,even for him to have opportunity to eat is due to his relationship with father-in law.

Immediately,two people entered in another room.

After a while, Ye Xiaochen came out of the washroom.

Perhaps soaking the face in water has slightly reduced the drunkenness,now he felt himself becoming sober.When he thought of drinking again,his stomach became uncomfortable.He shook his head and entered in the room.

“Here he comes”

“Let’s drink without wasting any time”

Zhao Peng stood up and urged

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath,he took the glass and touched with others glass.He narrowed his eyes,suppressed the pungent smell of wine and poured into his mouth.

Others had long finished their glass,but it took a good while before he finished his glass of wine.


Zhao Peng once again poured wine for everyone.

Have to say, Liu Fusheng is a master veteran in the battle of wines,even after drinking few glasses of wine,he felt nothing.

Two glass,three glass,four glass…

Ye Xiaochen wanted to cry,why is he not drunk and still sober?

What more depressing thing is that the more he drinks the more sober he becomes.The dizzy feeling is still reducing.

It is already the seventh cup.

Now even Liu Fusheng eyes was slightly confused….

“Brother Ye,you told us that you do not drink, look now you are exposed.This wine holding capacity, even I at your age was far worse compared to you”

Zhao Peng curiously looked at Ye Xiaochen.

“I really don’t drink”

Ye Xiaochen wanted to cry but there was no tears.

Don’t say about drinking beer,now even after drinking 7 glass of wine,unexpectedly he is still not drunk.Damn!

“Brother Ye, I did not believe that anything like deeply hidden,so this what it is!”

Hei Lei rolled his tongue.

Xu Jiao’s face was bright red,smilingly she said:”little Lei,from what I see that you are not even comparable to Ye Xiaochen in wine capacity.!”

“Who said that!Then let’s drink,brother I haven’t drunk enough”

Hei Lei directly from the box took out six bottles of five grain wine, opened the lid and one after another put on top of table and said in heroic way: ”One bottle for each person,if someone is still not drunk even after drinking this bottle then I will admire that person”

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded.

Damn!This is extremely bad!

He saw everyone taking a bottle , Ye Xiaochen was helpless,why is he still not drunk?

Thump bang..

After Ye Xiaochen drank one bottle of five grain wine,he was surprised to find that Hei Lei and few others were lying on table and talking nonsense,especially zhao peng was lying on the ground

Ye Xiaochen was stunned and dumbfounded,he looked at the bottle he was holding in his hand,…. Why am I not drunk?

Did he drink fake wine?

However,brother Fu and other are completely drunk,it cannot be falsified

Is it because of the physical constitution that he is not drunk?

He thought of his natural Shennong talent,Anti poisonous physique+1, does this the Anti poisonous physique also has resistance to alcohol?

However,he saw the whole place was in a mess.

He doesn’t know what to do

Most importantly,he remembered Hei Lei saying that whoever wins will to pay the bill,so doesn’t this mean that I need to pay the bill?

This kind of private dining,from look can say it is expensive,who knows how much the bill will be?

Damn!It’s a big loss.

Ye Xiaochen bitterly smiled in his heart,he stood up to go and checkout.suddenly, beside lying Fusheng direct sat up.

“Brother Fu?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

“Ye Xiaochen,your alcohol capacity,i also admire”

Liu Fusheng was not drunk,he looked at Ye Xiaochen and with a smile gave thumbs up.

“Brother Fu,you are not drunk”

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I am different”

Liu Fusheng blinked his eyes:”before I opened supermarket, I used to perform magic tricks”

Performing magic?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood,it seems that Liu Fusheng faked his drink.After all, for a magic performer to switch drinks is really very simple.

“This is my secret.You mustn’t tell them and the bill i will pay it, you do not reveal to them”

Liu Fusheng said.

If other people get know he cheats during drinking then they will overturn the heavens.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to say something,but Liu Fusheng already stood up and went out.

At the end, Liu Fusheng paid more than 20,000.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t not help but shocked,this is too expensive.

Before he had planned to pay his own bill,but he didn’t have any money.

A rich man’s life is really luxurious.

Back in the room, Liu Fusheng asked the waiter to help him send Zhao Peng nearby family hotel.

After everything was finished,two people went downstairs and headed towards the car park.


In another room

Chen Hao was making a phone call standing in the balcony.

Suddenly,from the corner of his eyes,he saw a familiar figure going downstairs.


Chen Hao hurriedly looked down,although it is night,the car park was bright and were able to see things clearly.Indeed, it was Ye Xiaochen,he was coming out from the building where he was in.

He suddenly remembered the figure whose back was like Ye Xiaochen,now seeing Ye Xiaochen going downstair,he immediately linked the both incidents.

He can be hundred percent sure that the previous figure he saw was of Ye Xiaochen.

But,how did he show up in this private dining restaurant?

At this time Li Yan came to balcony,”hubby, I have been calling you for such a long time, all the dishes has been arrived”

“Wife, you look”

Chen Hao pointed below.

Li yan looked down and immediately her face revealed a touch of astonishment. “It is Ye Xiaochen, how come he is here?”

“Before didn’t I say that I saw his back.”

Chen Hao said.

“Do you think that he has the qualifications to come here and eat?”

Li Yan was still not convinced” is he not just a vegetable grower?maybe he is here to deliver the vegetables to the Lin’s Private Kitchen.”

“Even if it is to deliver vegetables,how can he get contact with Lin’s Private Kitchen?

Chen Hao asked in surprise.

Lin’s Private kitchen chef Lin is very picky about food,unless it is high quality vegetables, it will not enter into his eyes.

Is it possible tha Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are of that quality?

Li Yan thinks this is unlikely, for a while she couldn’t think the reason why Ye Xiaochen will appear here.

At this time, another figure appeared in their field of vision.The white chef attire was still not taken off and it looked like as if it he was in hurry,he followed the two people from behind.

“Is he master Lin?”

Both Li yan and Chen Hao recognized it.

Then the more shocking thing happened,do not know what did master Lin said to Ye Xiaochen,quickly the three people entered inside the black mercedes-benz.The car drove out from car park and vanished in the night.

Did master Lin just leave?

The rhythm is not right,we have eaten halfway through.

In accordance with normal practice, shouldn’t master Lin come in and ask the opinion of diners?

Hell,how could master Lin leave at this hour?

With doubts,Chen Hao and Li Yan returned to their room.

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