Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 315 – New plan

Chapter 315 – New plan

Three Xiao empress’s efficiency was very high. A few days later, they handed a perfect formation disk to Ye Xiaochen. This formation disk was equivalent to the motherboard of the computer and belonged to the core of the immortal formation.

In addition to the formation disk, a lot of formation base materials were required.

These things were needed to be prepared by Ye Xiaochen.

In addition, Three Xiao empresses also gave a complete operational manual of the immortal formation.

When Ye Xiaochen opened the store to buy things he needed, he couldn’t help being surprised. These auxiliary materials alone added up to more than then million immortal yuan.

The formation disk cost was more in the store, without tens of millions of immortal yuan, it couldn’t be bought.

It couldn’t be helped, to upgrade the immortal land from level 5 to level 6, the requirement of formation level was too high.

It seems that he got a big favor from the Three Xiao empress.

Due to the shortage of immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen had to wait for a few days and then held an auction to raise the immortal yuan to buy materials he needed.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen began to arrange the immortal formation on the farm.

As this immortal formation was very large, it took Ye Xiaochen several days to arrange it. Other people also helped him.

After finishing, Ye Xiaochen put a piece of immortal stone on the formation disk and activated it.


An invisible force suddenly came out of the formation disk and radiated in all directions.

Immediately, all the formation bases were activated, connected, and finally transformed into a complete immortal formation.

As it was a high-level immortal formation, the immortal spirit qi of the heavenly land couldn’t fulfill its demand. Therefore, to run this immortal formation, he must use immortal stone.

That was a very big expense.

Fortunately, the output of immortal plants was high enough and the quality was good. Otherwise, Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t be able to support it.

After the activation of the immortal formation, Ye Xiaochen spent most of his time in the immortal lands and studied the changes of the immortal soil.

Since the arrangement of the immortal formation was not enough, other means must be used. Such as buying a large amount of immortal fertilizer, then sprinkling it through special means, and then casting a fattening spell.

All in all, the upgrade of immortal land was a very complicated and time-consuming matter.

In this way, more than half a month has passed.

The immortal land finally showed some sign of upgrading.

At the same time, the cultivation of demon plants in Thunder wind Valley has been greatly improved. However, there was still some distance from reaching the golden core level.

And the collision of secular forces and cultivators of the immortal world was still in deadlock.

Now the Chinese forces have occupied a large area and built numerous solid defensive circles.

The cultivation world would often carry out small-scale attacks, killing and injuring each other.

However, at this point, the advantages of science and technology were revealed.

Cultivating a Qi refining cultivator takes more than ten years and the golden core could take decades or even a hundred years.

Modern armies, on the other hand, could be trained in batches in a short period, because modern armies are mainly concerned with logistics and armaments. As long as there was a continuous supply of armaments, the number of troops could be increased continuously.

It could be said that, in the long run, the cultivation world’s fighting ability would become weaker and weaker.

The Chinese government based on this consideration, step by step, was gradually encroaching.

In the following days, Ye Xiaochen lived in seclusion and only occasionally went to the research institute.

In addition, he delivered the radiation-resistant super plants needed by the military.

Today, Ye Xiaochen had just fallen asleep, and all of a sudden, he entered that dream again.

Six tombstones stood in the valley.

Only one of the tombs was empty.

The old man was still here.

“There you are.”

He took initiative to greet.

“Hello, senior.”

Ye Xiaochen does not know the origin of the old man, but he knew that he must be extraordinary.

“Are you satisfied with the tombstone and coffin?”

The old man’s words almost made Ye Xiacohen fight him.

Damn, asking me about my coffin and tomb, how old am I?

Moreover, I am still a cultivator. I am going to be an immortal, showing me a tomb and coffin, aren’t you cursing me to die early?

“Ahem, senior, forget it. I haven’t asked your name?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a dry cough and then changed the subject.

“My name is taboo. Haha, I’ve already forgotten it. You can call me the Nameless tomb maker.”

The old man laughed and said.

“Are all these tombs built by the senior?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“Obviously, in fact, I have not only built tombs of your Shennongs but also of other gods. Let me tell you, each tomb of gods has its own characteristics. The Shennong is born to deal with plants and vegetation, so this tomb must be….”

The old man started talking and didn’t stop at all.

“Well, Senior, may I ask why I am here?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help interrupting the old man.

“What’s so strange about it? It means that you’ll soon be going through an awakening. Well, young man, I’d like to remind you, it’s difficult to become immortal and it’s more difficult to become a god. God has to go through the divine catastrophe. To be honest, I don’t want to build another god tomb by myself!”

The old man gave Ye Xiaochen a look, said a few inexplicable words, and then turned away.

Ye Xiaochen froze on the spot.

A long time passed, then Ye Xiaochen suddenly woke up.

“What did the old man mean?”

Ye Xiaochen murmured to himself.

It was already dawn.

Ye Xiaochen saw there was no one around him and immediately put on his clothes.

A month later.

In heavenly land farm.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the light purple light on the immortal land and revealed a smile.

The immortal land finally upgraded from level 5 to level 6.

Of course, the cost was enormous.

In order to continuously provide energy to the immortal formation, there was a huge consumption of immortal stone.

He basically used all the short-term immortal yuan income on the immortal stone and time acceleration.

Now the time acceleration has reached 18 fold.

A month, in reality, was equivalent to more than a year on the farm.

However, Ye Xiacohen didn’t stop the immortal formation, because he would continue upgrading the immortal land.

Of course, to upgrade from level 6 to level 7, some changes were required in the immortal formation.

In the twinkling of an eye, a year passed, but nearly 20 years passed in the heavenly land farm.

The cultivation of demon plants has been finally completed.

He could now cultivate the Golden core demon plant.

However, it was too expensive.

In order to grow a golden core demon plant, Ye Xiaochen must use an immortal stone.

And at the moment, the situation in the cultivation world was changing very fast. In the past year, several battles happened, and the Chinese base was almost destroyed.

However, the Chinese side was also very strong, in the last battle, they actually launched a nuclear bomb, due to which the cultivation world lost more than 10 Nascent soul cultivators.

The terrible nuclear radiation in the cultivation world, formed death zones one by one.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised by the Chinese side’s great actions.

According to the inside information, the Chinese officials have made a new plan to occupy the cultivation world, which was to launch a nuclear war, eliminate all the cultivation forces and then govern.

After all, China has purification grass to eliminate nuclear radiation and radiation-resistant super plants.

It was based on these two points that the Chinese side was full of confidence.

Using the nuclear bomb to clear forces, in ten years they could take the cultivation world for themselves.

He has to say, this plan is very feasible.

It was just the thing….

However, Ye Xiaochen knew that in the face of the huge interest, this was nothing.

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