Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 34-Seperation

Chapter 34-Seperation

Outside Wang family’s villa.

Wang Yuandong got off from a silver BMW car.He was feeling very good and was whistling, he opened the trunk and took out two flower pots from it.

In the pot, there were two seedlings of tuberose.

He is a considerate man, these days he saw aunt Wang Xinyi has been depressed and her figure has become more haggard.

So, he asked the people around for reason, and finally, he purchased two rare varieties of tuberose seedlings, he is confident that this two tuberose seedlings will certainly make aunt happy.

“Yuandong, what is this for?”

Zhu Qingqing saw nephew Wang Yuandong coming and even was carrying two flower pots with him, she couldn’t help but curiously asked.

“I bought this two tuberose especially for aunt”

Wang Yuandong hurriedly said.

“Yuandong, you might as well take it back, your aunt doesn’t need it now”

Zhu Qingqing didn’t know about this nephews plot, she couldn’t help but smilingly say.

“Not needed?Aunt, i heard that aunt Wang Xinyi has become more thin and pale,although this two strains of tuberose are not particularly expensive, it might help solve her hearts knot, perhaps after seeing this two seedlings of tuberose, her attention will be diverted.”

Wang Yuandong asked with doubt.

“I guess you still don’t know, your aunt’s both tuberose has blossomed again” Zhu Qinqing couldn’t hold her laugh.

“Blossomed?how can this be possible?”

Wang Yuandong was not able to believe at all.

Even his graduate teacher Zhang Keqin who is a famous professor and great botanist at the Central South University said that there were no means to help.

“Ha-ha, if I hadn’t seen it personally, I also would not able to believe it either.The reason why tuberose was cured and even blossomed once again is that of your university classmate Ye Xiaochen.”

Zhu Qingqing said with a smile.

Wang Yuandong mind was confused,what?that country bumpkin Ye Xiaochen cured aunt’s two strains of tuberous?

How is this possible?

In his heart, Ye Xiaoachen is nothing more but a country bumpkin who is trying to climb the status with the help of favor he showed to the family.How could he even have the capability to cure those two strains of tuberose which already has entered the stage of decline?

This is completely impossible!

“After you look at it, you will believe”

Zhu Qinqing said, she knew that Wang Yuandong did not believe her.

Carrying his two flowerpots Wang Yuandong hurriedly rushed towards the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

He was stunned when he saw those two strains of tuberose full of buds.

Are these two tuberoses really blooming again?

After some time he calmed down and accepted the reality, then after asking from Zhu Qingqing he got to know that Ye Xiaochen prepared some special medical potion, and using it he cured this two strains of tuberose.

“Plant promoting growth agent?”

Wang Yuandong became curious about this magical potion.

He does not think that Ye Xiaochen could actually prepare it, he might have gotten it from somewhere else.

“This boy was lucky enough to get such a good thing, if I study the formulae of this potion?”

Wang Yuandong could see more use of this potion

His graduate subject is about plant cultivation, he knew the preciousness of this potion, if this is real, then this potion is absolutely priceless.

“This is absolutely a big opportunity that has knocked my door, if I can study this potion thoroughly then I will certainly have a great achievement in the field of botany, and more importantly if this formula is used in mass production then there will be amazing business opportunities “

Wang Yuandong’s heart was excited.

In the market, there is absolutely no such thing that can delay the aging of plans and promote the growth of plants.

Once he can find out the formulae of this potion, then all this astonishing achievement will completely fall on him.

“I must need to get the potion first”

Wang Yuandong’s eyes gleamed, he turned back and returned to Wang Xinyi’s courtyard.

Not long after that, holding a small bottle of plant promoting growth agent he walked out, he made some excuse and asked Wang Xinyi the potion.

Wang Xinyi was simple, she did not have any suspicion and gave a small bottle to him directly.

“This is the plant promoting growth agent, is it really amazing?”

Returning back to the car, Wang Yuandong looked at the small glass bottle, the liquid looked like green amber and was clear, he couldn’t help but narrowed his eyes.


In the farm shed.

“There is a characteristic of immortal qi, that is when it reaches a certain temperature it sublimates into the gaseous state.”

Ye Xiaochen took out the boiler which he previously used for preparing the plant promoting growth agent.

He was preparing to separate immortal qi.

He chopped an immortal carrot into pieces and put it inside the boiler.

This immortal carrot is the only one left after the previous transaction with the goddess of the moon, as it was cut by him he didn’t trade, from then it has been in the storage space.

Now it’s finally time to use it.

He ignited the gas and suddenly the lines on the boiler’ shell started shining.

The temperature in the container was increasing, with the help of the glass, he was able to see the carrot fragments inside the container drying at the speed visible to naked eyes.

After a few minutes later, all the carrot fragments turned completely into a deep red powder.

At this point, Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath and closed the outlet of the boiler.

In this way, the boiler has become similar to a super pressure cooker.

According to pressure settings, he can easily control the temperature of boiler effectively.

Has to say, the special boiler he bought from the store is completely multipurpose.

The temperature was steadily rising.

Ye Xiaochen could see that the scarlet red powder inside the container has started to change.

This represents the material structure of immortal carrot which is beginning to get destroyed at high temperature.

After ten minutes later, the pressure in the boiler has reached a very terrible point, if he didn’t know that the boiler was purchased from the Store and the quality is absolutely good, he might have worried about the explosion of the boiler.

At this moment, the scarlet red powder inside boiler turned faint yellow, then orange next turned to pale black and finally it became a lump of black coke.

“In accordance with normal conditions, all the moisture in the boiler has been drained, now remaining should be some residue and gaseous immortal qi.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered while touching his chin.

Of course, he was completely not sure if immortal qi has really been separated.

He took out a vacuum flask which he purchased from the internet and then connected the vacuum flask to the air outlet pipe of the boiler.

As he pressed the release button, all the air from container sprayed out and entered into the vacuum flask from the outlet.

Of course, the release button has control over exhaustion speed rate, otherwise, because of too much high pressure, it will lead to separation of the flask from the outlet.

In the mouth of the pipe there is a net to block the residue powder, so the residue will not get ejected with the gas.

When all the pressure in the boiler was released, Ye Xiaochen closed the vacuum flask.

He opened the boiler and immediately burning smell was emanating from it.

However, there was not even a trace of damage inside the boiler, need to say this boiler is really made of good quality.

Next, he must examine the gas in the vacuum flask. Whether it contains immortal qi or not.

He took a deep breath.

He was feeling a little nervous.

TN- Wang Yuandong and Zhang Keqin first appeared in Chapter 14-Tuberose.

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