Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 35-Digging well

Chapter 35-Digging well

Detecting the presence of immortal qi is not complex, a color test can be used for the detection.

Immortal Qi is sensitive to cinnabar when immortal Qi and cinnabar is mixed and heated, then the color of immortal Qi turns red.

Furthermore, cinnabar has a strong attraction towards Immortal Qi, so that’s why in spiritual world they use the same kind of principle but they instead use a cinnabar talisman.

Of course, the absorption strength of cinnabar is far less than of Spirit Cut-Off material.

Cinnabar is also known as, vermillion, red dan, mercury sulfide.It is not difficult to buy, it could be easily bought in some pharmacies

Ye Xiaochen took out a glass bottle containing scarlet powder.

He opened the cap of the bottle, poured some powder into the boiler and connected vacuum flask with the inlet.

After injecting some gas from the vacuum flask, he heated it…Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at changes in the boiler.

He slowly increased the temperature inside the container.

After a few minutes later, Ye Xiaochen finally found that space of boiler seemed to be covered with red fog.

As time went on, the red fog gradually strengthened and eventually it turned into blood red color,

It looked very strange when it was rolling inside the boiler.

“Good, really good, the Immortal qi was separated”

Ye Xiaochen was delighted when he watched the scene.

He no longer hesitated, took out red immortal qi from the boiler and again infused some transparent immortal qi, in this way he repeatedly used cinnabar to dye immortal qi.

Finally, all the immortal qi were dyed red color.

With this colored immortal qi, it will become much easier to search for the spirit cut-off material.

After all, if there is color, he will able to see the flow immortal qi clearly, and if there is spirit cut-off material near the surrounding, he can follow the flow of direction of red fog and search for it.

Though this is still like finding a needle in the haystack, he must try his best.

After all the immortal qi was dyed red, Ye Xiaochen removed the vacuum flask and pressed the release button, immediately all the red fog came out.

After the red mist was ejected, it remained uniform and didn’t scatter.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head when he watched this scene.It means there is not Spirit Cut-Off material nearby, otherwise, even if it is a hundred meters apart, the red immortal qi will be absorbed by it.

In Shennong System Introductory guide, Spirit Cut-Off material rank evaluation, the low-quality Spirit Cut-Off material can form the void scope of 100 meters.

As for High-quality Spirit Cut-Off material, it has a huge void scope.

The time passed by quickly and in twinkling of an eye, the time arrived for sowing seeds of vegetables and plants.

“Xiaochen, did you not spray herbicide last time?why are the weeds still growing? Did you buy a medicine?”

“I bought from that shop, it should not be fake”

“That’s weird”

Ye Xiaochen and his family started removing weeds.

The weed grown in the field must be cleared away one by one.

Now it was too late to use herbicide.

Ye Xiaochen also found a strange phenomenon, in the field where vegetables are grown, it was very clean, there was not even a single weed.

Is weed growing fast because of the immortal field?Then why are they only growing in vacant lands?

Or is it related to his Shennong talent?

As long as he plants vegetables in a land, then weeds won’t grow on that land.

Under the influence of Shennong talent, the planted vegetables and fruits nutrient absorption strength is stronger than that of weeds.So weeds are unable to absorb any nutrients and are in disadvantage.Hence they are not able to grow.

Of course, there can be other reason, so temporarily Ye Xiaochen didn’t jump to conclusion.

But he can do an experiment.

For example, he could intentionally leave a weed unpulled and sow a vegetable seed near it.

At last, if only the vegetable seedling survives and weed gets eliminated, then the problem could be explained.

Ye Xiaochen and his family got exhausted in order to remove so many weeds.

After a few days of busy work, all the vegetable seedling were transplanted completely.

Ye Xiaochen also had to distribute vegetables every day, using the time during delivery of vegetable, he would stroll the surrounding place to detect the Spirit Cut-Off material.

Although he didn’t find any Spirit Cut-Off material, Ye Xiaochen was not discouraged.

If it was too easy to find, then it would be very simple


Shashi, Central South University laboratory building.

Although it was the time of holiday, the place was still busy.

In one of the lab, Wang Yuandong was anxiously doing different kinds of experiments.The laboratory devices are very high-tech, the general graduate student first needs to apply before doing any kind of experiments.

Wang Yuandong has been in the lab for several days.

“How could it be possible that this plant promoting growth agents compositions could not be analyzed, the materials don’t even exist in the current system.Impossible! It should be that my database is inadequate ”

His hair was messy, eyes were red and dark circles were present around it, he looked like as if he hasn’t slept several days.

In order to study the formulae of plant promoting growth agent, he has neglected his sleep and food, almost all of the time he had been staying in the laboratory.

However he was greatly disappointed, he wasn’t even able to identify the ingredients of the potion.

Let alone find the formulae.

He knows that his level is limited.

But he didn’t have any plan to reveal about the plant promoting growth agent, He insists to research by himself.

Now, it looks like it won’t work.

And also he could no longer use the lab, the reason he was able to use and even stay in the lab for so long is that of his mentor Zhang Keqin’s help.

“Well, I need to find another way”

His red eyes showed unwillingness and determination.


Somethings have been delayed because of recent rush to transplant vegetable seedlings and search for spirit cut-off material.

Like for example, the present shed which is used for resting and sleeping is too crude.

Since he has little extra money in his hand, he definitely can’t allow to poorly treat himself.The conditions of the house must be improved.

Another is to drill a well in the farm.

Although there is a pond nearby farm which does not lack water, but a well is necessary.Later when exchanging immortal yuan with immortal spring there must require a well as the foundation.

Immortal spring does not emerge out from thin air, the Shennong system transforms the water well into immortal spring.

It is also same with an immortal land, there should be a plot of land.

In the future, there is also a need to build warehouse, fence and other things.There is no need to build the fence, he can use the existing barbed wire, but warehouse must be constructed.

Next few days, Ye Xiaochen became busier.

Regarding the construction of the well on the farm, his father didn’t understand but he didn’t say anything.

Originally Ye Xiaochen intended to invite some people for digging well, but his father said digging well is a simple job if one can’t even dig his own family well then he is not a man.

Finally, both son and father decided to do together, they borrowed a full set of tools for the construction of the well and became busy.

As for the matter of construction of the shed, Ye Xiaochen has chosen iron shed, which is simple, practical and easy to build.As long as they buy sheets of metal, they can directly build it.

As for the issue of heat during summer, he can install air conditioner to solve that.

The father and son worked day and night, it was tiring!

The location of shed well was next to shed, there was a tarpaulin to shield from sun

The temperature has been too high recently, it was too hot.

Now the well has been dug three meters deep and walls of it has been filled with concrete.

Because they did not reach the groundwater level, they must continue to dig.

Ye Xiaochen was shirtless and was only wearing shorts.Then taking out special hoe he started to dig the soil.

The well was so hot that Ye Xiaochen was sweating profusely.


While digging down, suddenly Ye Xiaochen’s hand shook, needless to say, he has already reached bedrock level.

This represents there is a rock layer below.

This mountain has many rocks, so it was normal to reach the rock layer this fast.

Generally, while digging a well when you reach rock layer, you just need to use explosives.

It is not easy to get explosives.

But Ye Xiaochen was not worried.

He has an immortal hoe.

So who needs explosives?


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