Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 36-Intention

Chapter 36-Intention


Ye Xiaochen looked at the entrance of the well, he didn’t see the figure of his father.Immediately, with a thought, he took out the immortal hoe from the storage space.

The immortal hoe has a drawback, that is, it is too heavy.

And in this narrow hole, it was more difficult to use.

The good thing was, the tenacious stone was just like a tofu for the immortal hoe.He dug out some blocks and put it in the dustpan.

After filling the dustpan, Ye Xiaochen was tired.

He tied the rope to the dustpan and called his father.


The head of his father appeared near the entrance of the well, with the help of wooden pulley he began to pull the dustpan up.

Not long after that, father’s voice came from the top, ”Xiaochen, how can there be stones?Did you forcefully dig with the hoe? it will only damage the hoe.”

“Father, you can rest assured, it will not get damaged”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After a short rest, he continued to dig.

Despite the advantages of the immortal hoe, the speed of digging well has slowed down.It was mainly because the immortal hoe was too heavy.

The efficiency has decreased.

Previously, he could dig one meter deep in one day, but now because of stones, it is taking two-three days to dig one meter deep.


Central South University, laboratory building.

Zhang Keqin and Wang Yuandong looked at the small test tube which contained little remains of plant promoting growth agent.After days of experimental research, the consumption of plant promoting growth agent was not small.

“No doubt, this is a new kind of material, but unfortunately, to have more thorough understanding of its characteristic and structure, we need to have more plant promoting growth agent.The most important thing is that the precision of our lab devices cannot meet the requirements.”

Zhang Keqin did not have his past scholarly temperament, he looked like a mad researcher.His eyes were red and fanaticism on his face which couldn’t be described.

“Yuandong, can you get some more of potion?”

He suddenly looked at Wang Yuandong and asked hastily.

“Teacher, we can get only limited quantity from my aunt, unless we look for Ye Xiaochen.But, if he knows we are researching his potion, it would become troublesome.”

Wang Yuandong said.

“This is an issue”

Zhang Keqin knows that now the protection of intellectual property right is very strict.No matter how Ye Xiaochen got the plant promoting growth agent, their secret research is itself a violation of professional ethics.

“What if we buy all the intellectual property right of the plant promoting growth agent?”

He narrowed his eyes slightly and suddenly said.

“Well That’s one way, but teacher, I am afraid that the value of the plant promoting growth agent will not be small”

Wang Yuandaong’s eyes brightened but hesitatingly said.

“Because of its high value that we must buy it.If it can be studied thoroughly, then it doesn’t matter how much we get money, just the agent itself contains pharmacological knowledge of plant kingdom which will be an unimaginable advancement in the field of medicine”

Zhang Keqin said while suppressing his trembling voice.

The ability to delay the aging of the plant is a great breakthrough in the field of life, the effect will not only in the field of plants but also for animals and it could also have an effect on the human beings.

Longevity, which is the pursuit going on for countless years in the human history.

If there is a medicine that can delay the aging of human, then it is equivalent to have reached the point of longevity.

Although in the Southern Province, he is quite a well-known expert in the field of plant, but in the country, he can be considered ordinary, and in the world, it can only be said to be a relentless name.

Because of this plant promoting growth agent, Zhang Keqin saw himself becoming famous and standing above thousands of people, a great opportunity to leave his mark for generations to come.

This was the biggest dream of his life.

He was absolutely unwilling to miss it.


At dusk.

Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he went back home, took off his dirty clothes and had a bath in cold water.He felt better after the bath.

Now the well has been dug around 4 meters deep, the water has started to emerge, but it is only in small amounts.He needs to dig more one or two meter deep to reach the groundwater level.

According to his current speed, it might take more one or two weeks for the well to be properly constructed.After all, the deeper he digs, the harder it becomes to dig and coupled with the frequent withdrawal of water, it is wasting more time.

Ye Xiaochen was about to go to dinner just then he received an unfamiliar phone call.

When he heard a slightly familiar voice calling himself as Wang Yuandong, he was stunned.

Strange, he and Wang Yuandong didn’t exchange contacts, then how can he call me?

“Ye Xiaochen, do you have some time tomorrow?I have very important matter to talk with you.”

Wang Yuandong said.

“What’s matter?Say it on the phone.Nowadays I am very busy.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t understand why Wang Yuandong was looking for him.

Wang Yuandong is an arrogant kind of person who looks down upon his poor classmate, that’s why Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to get in touch with him.

“My teacher is interested in your plant promoting growth agent.do you any intention to sell the formulae?”

Wang Yuandong said after a moment of silence.

Originally, it was not convenient to say this on the phone, but there was no other reason to make an appointment with Ye Xiaochen.

Wang Yuandong thought over and over again, then he said.

“Plant promoting growth agent?”

Ye Xiaochen was shocked.How did Wang Yuandong come to know about it?”

He has never thought of selling this formula.This is priceless, it can’t be sold.

In fact, when he took out the medicine to treat tuberose, there was a risk of medicine getting leaking out, which would cause him unnecessary trouble.

But he couldn’t bear to see Wang Xinyi being sad and decided to use it.

He does not know how did Wang Yuandong get to know about it?Is Wang Shuisheng behind him?

This is not a malicious speculation, but a normal thought.Wang Shuisheng is a businessman, it is impossible not to see the value of plant promoting growth agent.

Although he has saved his son’s life, but sometimes in the face of profit, kindness is nothing, capital is always ruthless.

“I am sorry, I am not going to sell the plant promoting growth agent.”

Ye Xiaochen said bluntly.

He didn’t create any excuses like he doesn’t have formulae or another thing, the opposite party is not a fool, they will definitely not believe it.

“Ye Xiaochen, don’t say it like that, let’s discuss, I believe that the price will definitely satisfy you.It’s absolutely more worth than your farm”

Wang Yuandong did not back down even after Ye Xiaochen’s refusal.

“Ha-ha, you can’t afford the price”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He was unaware of the potential price of plant promoting growth agent.

On the other side when Wang Yuandong heard Ye Xiaochen’s laughter, he knew that the deal was closed.

After the phone was hung up, Wang Yuandong looked at Zhang Keqin.While frowning he said ”Teacher, purchasing the formulae will not work, unless we use extreme means”

There was a chill in his eyes.

“Yuandong, we cannot act rashly”

Zhang Keqin saw crooked thoughts of his student and immediately warned him.

He just simply wanted to study the potion, as for taking it by force, he didn’t have such thoughts.

He was afraid that Wang Yuandong will also drag him in it.

“Teacher, are we just going to give up?

Wang Yuandong was unwilling.

“Of course not”

Zhang Keqin shook his head ”To handle the matter properly, you should think first.Do you think you can use those kinds of means?”

Wang Yuandong went silent.He knew that he was little bit reckless

“You should know where Ye Xiaochen lives.let’s go and talk to him tomorrow.”

Zhang Keqin said.

“Ok teacher”

Wang Yuandong nodded his head, it is not a problem to find Ye Xiaochen’s address.

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