Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 37-Similar

Chapter 37-Similar


Farm, Immortal land.

Ye Xiaochen lying on a bamboo bed was using his mobile phone.

The Immortal land was very cool, and the air was exceptionally fresh.

No matter how much tired he is, after sleeping here for one-two hours he becomes energetic again.

“Wang Xinyi, can I Ask you something?”

Ye Xiaochen was chatting with Wang Xinyi on WeChat.

After these days of chat, Wang Xinyi’s heart was not closed like before, it has opened up and occasionally she says her heart’s matters.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen also has started to chat casually with her, it was not like before where he needed to think repeatedly before typing any sentence for the fear that it might be inappropriate.

“What is it?”

Wang Xinyi’s reply came.

“The plant promoting growth agent which I gave you, did you give it to someone else?”

Ye Xiaochen hesitated for a moment, but still sent the message.

After sending it he regretted, he thought that he might have asked too directly and Wang Xinyi could get different ideas.

Immediately he prepared another message.

“Yes. My nephew asked it, I didn’t think much at that time and gave him a small bottle of it.Is there any problem?”

“It’s okay, let me know if you don’t have enough.I’ll bring it to you”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly deleted his previous message and sent a new one.

He has basically determined that it was Wang Yuandong own evil intention and Wang Shuisheng was not involved in it.

He felt relieved when thought about it.

He doesn’t want to create any gap between himself and Wang Shuisheng.

After chatting for awhile, Wang Xinyi said she was going to sleep, thus the chat was stopped.

Ye Xiaochen turned off his chat.Resting his head on both his hands, he started to think how to deal with Wang Yuandong.

Since the other side knows the value of plant the promoting growth agent, they will certainly not give up.

“I guess, the best option is to patent the plant promoting growth agent, so all the intellectual property rights will be in my hands, and then I don’t have to worry about Wang Yuandong using crooked methods.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

This was the best solution.

Next morning, Ye Xiaochen started to dig the well.Suddenly, his father’s voice came from above.

“Xiaochen, your phone is ringing”

“Father, whose is it?”

Ye Xiaochen looked up and asked loudly.

“There is no name, but the number is from Shashi”

His father said.

“From Shashi?”

Ye Xiaochen immediately understood that it was Wang Yuandong’s number because yesterday also Wang Yunadong’s number was from Shashi.

“I don’t know.Don’t lift it”

Ye Xiaochen continued “It is definitely a prank call”

He was too lazy to pay attention towards Wang Yuandong.The call was surely for the matter of plant promoting growth agent which couldn’t be avoided.

He continued to dig.

The hard stones were just like tofu in front of the immortal hoe.

“Xiaochen, the phone call is coming again.I don’t think it is a prank call.You come up and answer it.” his father shouted.

“Damn!they really are persistent”

Ye Xiaochen was helpless, with the help of his father he climbed up.

The phone which just stopped ringing a moment back started to ring again.It was Wang Yuandong.

Ye Xiaochen picked the phone and said “Hey, Wang Yuandong, right now I am very busy”

“Ye Xiaochen, I and my teacher has arrived at Taiping town, where is your house?”

Wang Yuandon’s voice came from the phone.

Ye Xiaochen was completely speechless, they already have arrived at his door.They are really determined!

All right.

Since they have come near his door, he can’t ignore them any longer.He would like to see what Wang Yuandong and Zhang Keqin wants.

Ye Xiaochen told to Wang Yuandong to wait at the Taiping town for him.After finishing the call, he told to his father that he is going out.

After going back home, he took a motorcycle and headed straight towards Taiping town.

At the intersection of town’s road, Ye Xiaochen saw Wang Yuandong’s car.It was a white Porsche.

Wang Yuandong and his teacher Zhang Keqin were there waiting for him.

Previous time at Wang Shuisheng’s home, Zhang Keqin acted like an expert,but now he was acting very kind towards Ye Xiaochen.

“Professor Zhang, it is not convenient to talk here.There is a tea house nearby let’s go and talk there.”

Ye Xiaochen also didn’t want to speak rudely.

However, he wasn’t yet ready to bring Zhang Keqin and Wang Yuandong at his home.

When they reached the tea house, they asked for a room then they sat down there.

Zhang Keqin couldn’t resist, he directly went to the subject, he talked about the mysterious abilities of plant promoting growth agent, which contains great knowledge of pharmacological and plants, and has an incomparable role in natural science and medicines.

At this moment, Zhang Keqin did not behave like a scholar but was more like a religious fanatic.With full of enthusiasm, he was non stop talking.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t say anything, he just listened.

“Ye Xiaochen, my teacher is an expert on plants.If you give him the plant promoting agent for research he will surely achieve great achievement.Isn’t it better than letting it go waste?”

“Oh, Wang Yuandong, why do you think that the potion will be a waste in my hands?”

Ye Xiaochen was little annoyed with Wang Yuandong’s tone, however, he gave an indifferent smile.

“Ye Xiaochen, it is not that I look down on you.To make such potion the person must have the extremely profound knowledge, it cannot be done unilaterally, must integrate the systematic professional knowledge.”

Wang Yuandong sneered.

Although in university Ye Xiaochen’s achievement was good, he did not pursue higher studies.is it possible with self-study?

Wang Yuandong believes it is insufficient.

“Wang Yuandong, don’t talk nonsense”

Zhang Keqing hastily scolded Wang Yuandong, he didn’t want to get in bad side of Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr.Ye, don’t mind the words of my student.Actually, before I came here I had similar thoughts, but after seeing Mr.Ye personally, I can say that this plant promoting growth agent was produced by you”

When he looked at Ye Xiaochen, he always felt that he has some indescribable kind of temperament.

Previous time at Wang Shuisheng’s house, he did not feel anything from Ye Xiaochen, but now, it is different.

As if like seeing same kin, Ye Xiaochen has the same temperament as a researcher.

Wang Yuandong was astonished, it was difficult to understand with teacher’s disposition, how could he flatter Ye Xiaochen?

“Ha-ha, professor Zhang you’re overestimating me.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but laugh.

To speak truly, after obtaining Shennong system, he has read much knowledge contained in Shennong introductory guide and combined with the original knowledge of the study of plants, he verified, absorbed and merged, so his professional accomplishment is not bad, even in some aspects, he has surpassed the general experts.

There is a very strange phenomenon, his understanding and learning ability seems to increase, especially when it comes to plants as if he got some kind of enlightenment.

As a botanist and a famous professor, Zhang Keqin has the feeling of meeting with similar kind of people.

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