Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 38-Communication

Chapter 38-Communication


“Mr.Ye, actually I planned to buy the formulae of plant promoting growth agent mainly because I was interested.I really wanted to study it in depth.But, now, it seems unlikely.However, I hope that you can share some of your insights on botany, especially on the principle of slowing the aging of plants.I sincerely ask Mr.Ye to give the advice”

Zhang Keqin said.He thinks that Ye Xiaochen is a hidden expert and does not want to reveal himself.Naturally, he didn’t want to give up.

From his tone, it could be considered that he regarded Ye Xiaochen as a person with equal footing as him.

At the same time, Wang Yuandong who was sitting beside was startled, he did not know why his teacher was behaving in this manner towards Ye Xiaochen.He believes that Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have such profound knowledge.

Ye Xiaochen felt a headache from Zhang Keqin’s perseverance.

Such expert researchers are usually stubborn, otherwise, it would be difficult to have achievement in their professional fields.

“Professor Zhang, let me ask you a question.”

Ye Xiaochen said after a moment of thought.

“Please, Mr.Ye”

Zhang Keqin Said.When he saw Ye Xiaochen has softened his tone, his heart was immediately filled with happiness.

“Do you think plants have consciousness?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Consciousness of plants?”

Zhang Keqin was little surprised, he apparently didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen would ask such metaphysical question.It was same as asking view of science about the soul.

“How can plants have consciousness?Don’t you know the definition of consciousness?”Let me give you, according to the modern psychology the consciousness is divided into two parts: one is P-consciousness and other is A-consciousness.The P-consciousness concept determines that consciousness is the general psychological phenomenon that gives the reality, it is simply the raw experience of a person which manifest with the combination of knowledge, emotion, and meaning. The A-consciousness concept refers to people’s awareness and attention to outside world and themselves”

Wang Yuandong could not see his teacher giving so much attention to Ye Xiaochen, he couldn’t help but say in a sarcastic tone.

It is true that now the current definition of consciousness mainly refers to the being who has wisdom.The animals don’t come under this definition let alone plants.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Yuandong, he didn’t say anything, just gave a smile.

The current society’s definition of consciousness is too limited which is even affecting the development of natural sciences.

Can you imagine about an intelligent immortal beast that can speak, thinks like a human and even has formed its own racial civilization?

Can you imagine of an ancient immortal tree that has lived for countless years which can walk on earth and spread wisdom and civilization?

Can you imagine of a rock that can breed immortal embryo which can control natural forces and has superior wisdom?

You might not see it on earth, but it is possible in the strange world beyond earth.

When Ye Xiaochen saw those records from Shennong introductory system he was shocked.The current humanity is just a bird in the cage, they simply wouldn’t be able to imagine the greatness and vastness of the outside world.

“Mr.Ye, i really don’t know anything about the plant’s consciousness.”

Zhang Keqin said.

It was not that he was ignorant, it was just the research and study of modern science in the field of life was only limited to the physical level.

Just like when a person falls sick, they could only check for various symptoms of the physical body.

There is still one way through which consciousness could be found, that is using modern psychology which could find person’s inner world and explore deeper mysteries, but it has the various limitation, so it could be only considered superficial.

“Well, in my opinion, the definition of consciousness according to botany is insufficient and that’s why it difficult to have great progress”

After taking a sip of tea, Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Yuandong almost sprayed tea out due to laugh, he felt that at now Ye Xiaochen was just pretending to be an expert.

Zhang Keqin thought something for a moment, then he said: “I ask Mr.Ye to please enlighten me”

Ye Xiaochen saw Zhank Keqin behaving just like an obedient student.He secretly sighed in his heart, it seems that he need show his skill, otherwise it would be very difficult to handle.

“Let’s take an example, now humans get the disease, some are related to physical body and other spiritual.Some physical disease is also related to spiritual, so during treatment must follow different methods.Plants are also same if the plant is without consciousness it only needed to be cultivated according to the research-based situation.But, once the plant has consciousness, it becomes more complicated.There are many problems which can not be explained by current science…”

Ye Xiaochen began the discussion.

But who would have thought, he would not stop once he started talking.

All along this time, he has been studying on his own, he felt alone.Now, there is plant expert in front of him which is a good opportunity for him.

Zhang Keqin was not able to fully digest all the novel ideas of Ye Xiaochen, but it felt refreshing.so he couldn’t help but get interested.

Wang Yuandong couldn’t hold anymore and said “Ye Xiaochen before saying this thing you have to make sure that plant consciousness exist”

Zhang Keqin was little dissatisfied with Wang Yuandong’s interruption, he glared at him.

However, he also was having doubts about the problem of plant’s consciousness

“I can’t confirm”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulders

Unless someone has same psychic talent as him or is a practitioner who can read thoughts, it is not possible to determine the existence of plants consciousness.

Of course, modern science might also detect the existence of plant consciousness.

But presently it was not possible.

Ye Xiaochen was helpless, he could clearly determine the existence of plants, but doesn’ have any substantial evidence to produce

“What you have just said can only be considered an assumption, there is no scientific evidence to back it, it can only be said as pseudoscience” Wang Yuandong sneered.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t say anything, he was too lazy to deal with him.Wang Yuandong thinks that he has found the flaw, but he is just a frog in the well.

Zhang Keqin was pondering about the possibility Ye Xiaochen mentioned.

To not able to confirm the existence of plant consciousness doesn’t mean that the plant consciousness does not exist.It is just may be the modern science technology has not reached that level.

It is just like several hundred years ago, humans know that they won’t be able to go in space.

But now?

So, as a botanist, he always had a perception, that is bold hypothesis should carefully be observed.

Moreover, from various views of Ye Xiaochen, he was able to determine that Ye Xiaochen’s expertise in botany was not weak, instead, it was very deep.Though Ye Xiaochen didn’t do any systematic and comprehensive study, so it is a little bit messy but some questions essence he pointed out perfectly conforms to his appetite.

He even thought that Ye Xiaochen might really have found a way to prove the existence of plants consciousness.

But was actually remaining silent and doesn’t want to talk about it.


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