Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 5- Opportunity

Chapter 5- Opportunity

Frowning, Liu Fusheng hung up his phone. The usual supply of vegetables was always provided by Sheep, a large scale farm.

Now, that farm is facing an issue. There is an excessive amount of pesticide residues in the vegetables.

This is a very serious issue,the vegetable are not qualified to be sold in the market.

You cannot play around with customers life like this.

Not only tomorrow, but it is estimated that the next few days, they will experience a shortage in the vegetable supply. The consequences are very serious, the reputation of Qingtian Supermarket which was established over the years is now at stake.

New temporary suppliers must be found as soon as possible.

Liu Fusheng was about to make a phone call, when suddenly a young man walked over, “Excuse me, are you the Qingtian Supermarket’s owner, Liu?”

Now engaged in self-employed standard policies, as long as funds reach a certain level,he can make sure that the company will get a concession in the tax rates. Therefore the full title of Qingtian Supermarket is ‘Qingtian limited liability company’.Naturally this Liu Fusheng is a first level manager.

“I am, and what brings you here?”

Liu Fusheng looked at Ye Xiaochen and nodded.

“Mr. Liu, please give me a few minutes of time, let me introduce myself. My name is Ye Xiaochen, coming from Taiping town, Yufeng village, I run a farm and planted a lot of seasonal vegetables. I just overheard you and got to know that there are few problems in the supply of vegetables, I think I may be of some help for you.”

Ye Xiaochen then took out a pack of Furong Wang cigarettes and offered one to Liu Fusheng.

Liu Fusheng gave back a hand signal showing he does not smoke and then said “We do have a problem with the supply of vegetables in the supermarket. But we always have a secure backup, so I am sorry.”

He was not convinced of unknown origin.

In the matter of vegetables, there should not be any problem.

Even the farm which provides vegetables to his supermarket goes through a strict inspection over the quality by staff sent by Liu Fusheng.

He knows that if there is even one single problem, the consequences could be devastating.

It is because of his strict and careful measures over the years, that, the Qingtian Supermarket was able to develop so smoothly.

When Ye Xiaochen heard Liu Fusheng rejecting, could not help but feel disappointed.


Ye Xiaochen wanted to say more, but Liu fusheng did not give him the opportunity.He directly went out of the supermarket, towards an Audi car where it was parked.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing this, estimated the attitude of Liu Fusheng.

He sighed heavily. His heart felt heavy. ‘The road of entrepreneurship, why is it so difficult?’ he thought.

“It’s ok, I can do it, I have golden fingers. I will be able to succeed.”

Ye Xiaochen cheered himself and regained his confidence.

He walked back to his parked motorcycle and was about to leave.Not far from there, the audi car windows rolled down, and Liu Fusheng suddenly said “Young man,well give me your mobile phone number, if I want your vegetables, I’ll give you a call.”

Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled, he was pleasantly surprised. Although Liu Fusheng did not say directly about the vegetables, asking for his phone number meant there was still hope.

He wondered why Liu Fusheng changed his mind so suddenly.He hurriedly took out a business card from his pants’ pocket. it was very simple, which says Yu Feng Vegetables and Fruit planting base, below which were his name and phone number.

“Young man, next time you sell a product, remember to offer the business card first”

Liu Fusheng took the business card, gave a quick glance and threw it to the box next to the hand brake

He did not wait for Ye Xiaochen to reply and started the car.

Him asking Ye Xiaochen’s number was not a sudden decision. He has been boss of management in the supermarket field for over ten years and knows the importance of controlling the initiative.

Now he is in a dire need of supply of vegetables,if he becomes too eager it will certainly create advantageous opportunities for other people.

Now, he treated Ye Xiaochen Coldly at first, then he took his phone number which will only make Ye Xiaochen feel grateful, so that at the time of supply he can bargain easily.

This is the art of doing business.

Unfortunately, a feather(young) boy like Ye Xiaochen has not thought of this point and fell in Li Fusheng’s vicious circle.

Even if Ye Xiaochen saw through this, he can do nothing about it, after all he needs Liu Fusheng’s market, but Liu Fusheng may not necessarily need him.

After going back home, he was waiting for the call. He was feeling restless.

He has no mood to do anything.

After dinner, it is six in the evening already and the light outside is still very bright.

(TN:villagers have dinner early)

Ye Xiaochen’s heart still felt heavy.

If Liu Fusheng needs his vegetables, he should have already called him. The more the delay, the more he is feeling nervous and, after all, picking the vegetables require some time.

“I’m going to the farm.”

Ye Xiaochen told to his mother and father who are watching TV.

“Take care of yourself”

Mother said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded. He goes to the farm every night. Such a large farm needs to be taken care of properly.

Reaching the tin shed in the farm, Ye Xiaochen used mosquito repellent incense. At night, mosquitoes are many. If one does not take care, they will start feeding on him/her.

He already put up temporary electric wires so that there is light not only in the shed but also in the several greenhouses.

Ye xiaochen played with his phone for a while, quickly got bored, thought of the book given by the system. He quickly pulled out from the space storage.

He doesn’t know of what material the book is made of. It is very light and thin like cicada wings, and the text written on pages is emitting a faint light.

On the cover of the book, it is written with simplified texts ‘Shen Nong System Basic Guide.’

This book uses simple characters. Ye Xiaochen is not surprised since it was bestowed by the system, certainly to be understood easily easily. Otherwise, what’s the use of the book having a complex which needs to be deciphered.

He skimmed through, mainly in the Shen Nong System Basic Guide, there is a massive foundation knowledge on planting, such as how to communicate with a plant, which is the basics of planting technique. To plant a good plant, first he must know about plant’s condition.

Just like how a doctor treat an illness, first he must inquire about the physical state of the patient, then judge, and give an antidote for the disease.

However, plants are not human, they are unable to speak.Even still, every life has consciousness. The plants also have their own consciousness, so as long as you can communicate with a plant’s consciousness, you can master and monitor the plant’s growth properly.

The guide book itself seemed quite magical. Although the appearance is similar to a regular book, it is like a Pocket PC. Tapping the text link above with your fingers, you can enter a new page, it is very convenient.

Ye Xiaochen was deeply attracted by the knowledge written in the book, he was immersed in it completely.

He didn’t not know for how long he was immersed, suddenly, his cell phone rang.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly pulled out to take a look, looking at the number it seem to be a local number.

Is this a phone call from Liu Fusheng of Qingtian Supermarket?

It should be.

Yes, certainly it is.

Ye Xiacohen’s heart pounded.

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